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The Keeper of Names.

The Identity Stone is an item that allows players to change their character's name. Players can change names by taking this item to the Keeper of Names in northeast Archosaur (571 686). The Identity Stone can be bought from the Boutique or obtained with Charge Rewards points.

Name Change Conditions[edit | edit source]

  • Players can use names of deleted characters as those names are no longer taken.
  • Players cannot use names of existing characters.
  • There is no limit to how many times the player can change their character's name.
  • When a player uses an Identity Stone, their old character's name becomes permanently unavailable and cannot be recovered.

Name Change Process[edit | edit source]

Identity Stone window.

After obtaining an Identity Stone, the player has to talk to the Keeper of Names in northeast Archosaur (571 686). If the name they are trying to pick is unavailable, they will receive the appropriate warning. If the name they are trying to pick is available, the character will disconnect from the server. Next time the player logs in, the character will have their new name.

When a player changes their character's name, a system announcement will be made in Faction chat. Players in the character's Friend's List will also receive a system announcement of the change. The character's new name will be replaced everywhere except on manufactured gear which will retain the old name.

Checking Name Availability[edit | edit source]

PWI does now have any proper means of checking a name's availability, but there are a couple of tricks that can help.

Creating a New Character[edit | edit source]

This is the best way of checking whether a name is available or not. If the name is available and the character is created, the player can delete the character and make the name available again. This process takes seven days, due to the time needed to delete a character.

Sending Mails[edit | edit source]

This method is not entirely reliable, but it is faster than creating a new character. The player can attempt to send in game mail to other players using the Mailbox. If no character of the specified name exists, there will be a system message saying the player does not exist. This method does not account for names that became unavailable due to name changing.

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