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An inventory. The top half of the window shows the player's equipment.

The Inventory is where most items and Silver/Gold Coins are stored. Items that are picked up will immediately go into the inventory. There are multiple different storage options that can be accessed through the inventory, such as quest items, fashion, and War Avatar Cards. The player can also view their equipment and access their meridian and Star Chart through this window. It can be accessed by pressing the B key or clicking on the Inventory button on the Control Panel to the bottom-right of the screen.

Normal Item[edit | edit source]

The Normal Item tab is where regular items are stored in the inventory, which can be just about anything. Initially your inventory will have 32 slots but can be upgraded to a total of 96 slots. It can be upgraded with the use of Inv. Extension Stones or Super Inventory Stones, purchasable from the Boutique or from other players.

Quest Items[edit | edit source]

The Quest Items tab typically contains items that are only used for certain quests and is separate from your regular inventory. These items cannot be moved, traded, sold, or discarded. Even though the space is used for quest items, newer quest items are usually placed in the regular inventory instead. This makes quest items able to be sold unintentionally, or at least take up space until the quest has either been completed or trashed. If you accidentally lose a quest item and cannot replace it the only way to do so is to send a Support Ticket to Customer Support to have it replaced.

Some quest items that appear in the regular inventory may not be able to be discarded. For example, the Tideborn Medals received from the Coming of Age Quest Chain cannot be handed in or discarded if the character reawakens before handing these medals in. Some quest items can be discarded using quests, such as the Crystal of Grudge. Quest Items cannot be destroyed by the PW Promotions Agent. Some quest items can be Account Stashed to another character to save space. If the item cannot be sold, account stashed, or discarded through a quest then it cannot be discarded at all.

Fashion[edit | edit source]

The fashion tab in the inventory, where the player can see their equipped fashion.

Players can interact with their fashion through the inventory window. If they have a wardrobe unlocked they can click the Fashion tab halfway down the window to use it. Players can also see their equipped fashion by clicking the Fashion button at the top of the window. To see your equipment again click the Normal button in the same location at the top of the window. Clicking the silhouette in the equipped fashion portion of the inventory will open up the Boutique to the fashion section.

Players can click the Fitting button at the top of the window to open a Fitting Room which allows them to try on other pieces of fashion for their character. You can use fashion in your inventory or from a player's Consignment Shop. You can also view another player's inventory and click the Fitting button on the window that appears and preview the fashion they are wearing. The color of fashion can be adjusted in the Fitting Room window to either a preset or custom color.

You can also toggle your in-game appearance to be wearing either equipment or fashion through the inventory window. This can be done by clicking the small icon at the top-left corner of the inventory. It will show as an orange dress if your character is showing their fashion or as an armor plate if your character is showing their equipment.

Viewing Another Player's Inventory[edit | edit source]

It is possible to view another player's inventory if you are an assassin. To do this you must have the skill Shadow Sight which is obtainable from the Corona Morai Order. Using this skill will allow you to see every item that a player is carrying. You can hover over each item with the mouse to view its details. You cannot see how many Gold or Silver Coins a player has unless they are in item form such as Ten Million Big Notes. You will also not be able to see into their quest inventory, wardrobe, or War Avatar Bag.

Functions[edit | edit source]

There are a few functions available from the inventory window. These functions can be found at the very bottom of the window.

  • Sort Bag Icon.png Sort Bag: Players can click this button to automatically sort their inventory. This organizes items by category and then ID. For example, it may sort weapons first by each weapon type, then genies, then guardian/spirit charms, then apothecary items, etc. This has a 10 second cooldown which is shared with other sort bag functions.
  • Split Bag Icon 1.pngSplit Bag Icon 2.png Split Bag: Clicking this button will toggle whether the inventory should scroll or not. Turning on Split Bag will allow the player to see their entire inventory without needing to scroll, having an extra window to either side of the inventory displaying extra bag slots. Note that turning on the Split Bag option can cause problems at times, such as taking glyphs out of their glyph bag.
  • Consignment Shop Mini Icon.png Consignment Shop: Players can open a Consignment Shop or catshop through their inventory, in a similar fashion to opening one through the expressions window.
  • Fast Repair Mini Icon.png Fast Repair: This option is only available to players who have unlocked Star Level 1 or higher. It allows players to repair their gear without needing to interact with an NPC, however increases the cost of the repair.
  • Salvage Soul Button.png Salvage Soul: If the player has Twilight Souls or Twilight Warsoul Gear in their inventory they can click this button and then on the soul or piece of gear to interact with the Twilight Soul interface.
  • Gold Coin Icon.png Discard Gold Coins/Deposit Gold Coins in Safe: The coin icon beside your Gold Coins can be clicked to either drop Gold Coins on the ground, or to deposit Gold Coins in the bank (only works if the bank window is open). You can choose a number of Gold Coins to drop or deposit. You cannot drop or deposit Silver Coins.