Level 1 to 15 Guide

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If you are a beginner this information may be useful, as silly as it may be. To the more advanced players, this will be a waste of time to read.

To level fast and successfully you must know the basics. First: what weapons your class uses, what attributes will be needed, and what armor is to be worn for your class. Clerics, wizards, venomancers, and psychics mainly use the Magic attribute. Barbarians and blademasters mainly use Strength. And assassins and archers mainly use Dexterity.

Magic users require magical weapons. If you use any other weapon you will be unable to use your skills. Psychics and assassins have their own weapon category which they have to use to utilize their skills. Barbarians (tanks) and blademasters (blades or BMs) may use any weapon except Tideborn (psychic and assassin) weapons. Magical weapons are useless to tanks and blades for their Magical stat will be too low to use anyhow. Archers must use ranged weapons such as bows to be successful.

From my experience, clerics are the most complex class I've seen yet. You must choose your skills wisely (skills are taught by your class skillmaster). You may choose a full battle ready cleric (more independent), or a healer (supporting others and dependent on other classes). Psychics are by far the easiest to use, with insane damage.