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In Perfect World, as well as players and monsters, there are also NPCs or Non-Player Characters. You can interact with these characters for quests, to gain new skills, learn game information, and to buy, sell, manufacture, decompose, identify, and upgrade items.

Examples[edit | edit source]

There are many different types of NPCs. Some types are:

Adventure Assistant and Khatru Pup



Craftsmen, Apothecaries, Tailors, Blacksmiths, and Merchants

Divine Emissaries


Faction Base Manager

Gem Merchants

Messenger of the Sages

Mrs. Zoologist

Pet Manager

Pet Trainers



Skill Trainers

Taoist Masters

Teleport Masters

There are also other NPCs that will give quests as you level up that have no other purpose, e.g. Aroma in Archosaur, Ladywraith near Orchid Temple, and many others.