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This is a list of War Avatar Cards, ordered by card level or grade (Rookie, C, B, A, S, S+).

Level Rookie Cards[edit | edit source]

These cards were previously available for newer players upon reaching level 5, but are no longer available as the Unique Rewards feature has been retired. These cards do not count towards your total amount of War Avatars.

Image Name Type Bonus Stats Set Description
WA Saint Feng Drime.png ★SP Eastern Dream Destroyer None None War Avatar only for rookies. Not included in War Avatar Book.
WA Princess of Moonlight.png ★SP Princess of Moonlight Destroyer None None War Avatar only for rookies. Not included in War Avatar Book.
WA Sheomay.png ★SP Sheomay Destroyer None None War Avatar only for rookies. Not included in War Avatar Book.

Level C Cards[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Bonus Stats Set Description
WA Emerald Qingfu.png Emerald Qingfu Battle None Best Wishes (3) Lv1 mob in the starting village.
WA Verdant Qingfu.png Verdant Qingfu Durability None Best Wishes (3) Lv1 mob in the starting village.
WA Jaden Qingfu.png Jaden Qingfu Longevity None Best Wishes (3) Lv1 mob in the starting village.
WA Chief Assassin.png Chief Assassin Destroyer None None The Treasure Cave of Nightscream Isle was once one of the
most wealthy and luxurious caves around in the world.
Each night, pirates would haul their booty to this place.
Among them, the Chief Assassin is the cruelest.
WA Gang Leader.png Gang Leader Battle None None The five races exile their criminals to Tusk Town,
which has become a haven for thieves and brigands.
WA Seaweed Thief.png Seaweed Thief Destroyer None None After the Wraiths invaded, Perfect World was
no longer safe, including Sanctuary.
WA Seaspray Bladewolf.png Seaspray Bloodwolf Durability None None Seaspray Bladewolf desired to occupy Dreamweaver Port.
Thanks to General Tuyan's intelligent commands, the port was not destroyed.
WA Araneid Cruelheart.png Araneid Cruelheart Battle None None Araneid Cruelhearts range outside the Camp of the Intrepid.
They are fierce and poisonous.
WA Chipmunq Glutton.png Chipmunq Glutton Durability None None Chipmunq Gluttons like eating tough stones,
especially those soaked by Araneid Cruelhearts' venom.
WA Decaying Cleavehand.png Decaying Cleavehand Battle None None North of the Camp of the Intrepid live a great number of Decaying Cleavehands.
They are tall, ugly and powerful.
WA Nivastok.png Nivastok Destroyer None None The Harshlands are located in the northwestern corner of Perfect World.
They is a snow-capped and deserted place, and home to the Nivastok Shieldbearers.
Ferocious but tamable, Nivastok Shieldbearers are one of the best
companions for Venomancers.
WA Malicious Cadevil.png Malicious Cadevil Longevity None None Both Archosaur and Thousand Streams are encircled by
the Wraiths. A huge number of Malicious Cadevils are marching
towards East Barrier Village and South Barrier Village.
The two villages are covered by the air of death.
WA Headless Knight.png Headless Knight Longevity None None Headless Knights work for the Wraiths and wreak havoc wherever they go.
Please kill them whenever you see them.
WA Acephalic Rider.png Acephalic Rider Longevity None None Remember, you should overcome the fear in your heart
in battle with those headless wraiths!
WA Araneid Sharpfang.png Araneid Sharpfang Battle None None Those living in the cold areas of the Midlands once sought the company
of Snow Hounds, until they were wiped out by the Araneid Sharpfangs.
WA Nivastok Brave.png Nivastok Brave Destroyer None None Nivastok Braves carry mysterious amulets that move
by themselves when placed on the ground, pointing
the way to the source of their mystic power.
WA Gnosis Treerat.png Gnosis Treerat Durability None None Gnosis Treerats used to live harmoniously with humans,
but the Wraiths corrupted them and turned them into cruel creatures.
WA Dustwraith.png Dustwraith Destroyer None None Conquesting Dustwraiths live in Sundown Town.
They use their cookware as weapons to fight.

Level B Cards[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Bonus Stats Set Description
WA Rend Razorjaw.png Rend Razorjaw Destroyer Physical Res. +180 Earliest Trial (3) The powerful patriarch of the Blackhive wolves, Rend
Razorjaw is an enormously powerful beast that is
easily a match for even the mightiest of barbarians.
WA Poisontail Occultist.png Poisontail Occultist Soulprime Magic Res. +180 Earliest Trial (3) The cave along the River of Tranquility was once a peaceful
place, until the Wraiths came. Once the queen of the poisontail
scorpions, the Poisontail Occultist was heavily corrupted by the
Wraiths, transforming her into a twisted monstrosity.
WA Thromh the Mighty.png Thromh the Mighty Longevity HP +135 Earliest Trial (3) Thromh the Mighty is a Wraith of unparalleled strength.
When the seal on the gateway within Firecrag Grotto weakened,
he emerged into Perfect World to sow chaos and destruction.
WA Farng.png Farng Lifeprime Vitality +10 None Farng was onced a talented stylite, but later degenerated
and fell into the abyss of sin.
WA Krimson Beyond.png Krimson Beyond Battle Physical Res. +180 None With a massive sound, a monster appeared at the Hill of the
Old King. It's called Eyes of the Krimson Beyond.
WA Suzerix, Adalwolf Elder.png Suzerix, Adalwolf Elder Destroyer Magic Res. +180 None On the Broken Plain north of Sumor Camp, wolves come
and go in packs. Suzerix, Adalwolf Elder, is the leader.
WA Commander Fugma.png Commander Fugma Battle HP +135 Army Crowd (3) Commander Fugma, Archmage Kashu and the Omnipotent Drake
are deeply feared around the Fortress of the Talon.
WA Archmage Kashu.png Archmage Kashu Durability Defense Level +1 Army Crowd (3) Commander Fugma, Archmage Kashu and the Omnipotent Drake
are deeply feared around the Fortress of the Talon.
WA Omnipotent Drake.png Omnipotent Drake Lifeprime Attack Level +1 Army Crowd (3) Commander Fugma, Archmage Kashu and the Omnipotent Drake
are deeply feared around the Fortress of the Talon.
WA Jewelscalen.png Jewelscalen Soulprime Evasion +150 None You hear a sharp scream from the sky.
It's Jewelscalen, who claimed Skull Mountain.
WA Viriddis Stormhorn.png Viriddis Stormhorn Longevity Accuracy +150 None The Tauroc Clan and its leader, Viriddis Stormhorn
claimed that they were the only witnesses to
what befell the Town of Arrivals.
WA Qingzi.png Qingzi Durability Maximum Magic Attack +64 None Qingzi was once the senior apprentice to the great meditator Farng.
When the Wraiths attacked, Qingzi was overwhelmed by the Wraiths and killed.
The Wraiths stole his body and reanimated him as a terrible monster.
WA Damned Gaurnob.png Damned Gaurnob Destroyer Attack Level +1 Twin Lords of Hell (2) The Wraiths appointed their two strongest guards to
patrol the Wraithgate. The Damned Gaurnob's power
and ferocity are nearly unmatched.
WA Cenequus Polearm.png Cenequus Polearm Battle Attack Level +1 Twin Lords of Hell (2) The Wraiths appointed two of their strongest guards
to patrol the Wraithgate. Though Cenequus Polearm
commands the entire Dreadmarsh Legion, he is not
unwilling to impale intruders upon his spear.
WA Watchman Chin.png Watchman Chin Destroyer HP +135 None Do you still remember their defeat a decade ago?
The last words of Chin, Mausoleum Watchman were oaths
of vengeance.
WA Nightspike Bloodguard.png Nightspike Bloodguard Battle Vitality +10 None The Nightspike Bloodguard advanced quickly with the
Holy Mirror of Heaven. He hid in the depths of the ocean
after failing to attack the City of Misfortune.
WA Soulbanisher.png Soulbanisher Soulprime Slaying Level: +1 None 'Dirty intruders, now pay for your curiosity!'
The wandering ghosts protect the Twilight Temple forever.
WA Vipenalt.png Vipenalt Durability Maximum Physical Attack +64 None Follower of ancient devils, a byproduct of Tsu's
summoning ceremony. Strong and terrifying.
WA Fataliqua.png Fataliqua Lifeprime Maximum Magic Attack +64 None The Raging Lion, previously under the banner of Chungyun,
was overrun by the Winged Elves in The Plain War.
His current whereabouts are a mystery.
WA Soulripper.png Soulripper Longevity Magic +10 None Tamed by Tsu for obedience. Massive in size and strength.
WA Coredash.png Coredash Durability Magic Res. +180 None Warden, previously a guard of the Desert Tower,
survived Chungyun in his raid for the Princess
of Moonlight.
WA Djinscream.png Djinscream Soulprime Magic Attack +32 None A high-ranking official of the Twilight Empire, originally
handsome and tall. Under the influence of the ancient devils,
he became a ghostlike creature and screamed
day and night.
WA Steelation.png Steelation Destroyer Vitality +10 None Spirit of the ancient devil. Ruthless and brutal.
WA Dark Colluseast.png Dark Colluseast Longevity Physical Attack +32 None Tamed by Tsu and easily angered. Exceedingly rare.
WA Hu the Head Robber.png Hu the Head Robber Battle Critical Hit Rate +1% None A mobster captain, later summoned by Tsu to become
captain of the cloister guards.
WA Inferno of Sacrifice.png Inferno of Sacrifice Lifeprime Slaying Level: +1 None Extracted from Deathflow in flame. Swore allegiance to Deathflow.
WA Soul of Hsuehfeng.png Soul of Hsuehfeng Soulprime Warding Level: +1 None Grave Robber. Died while digging for Twilight Empire relics.
WA 99 White Guard.png 99 White Guard Battle Strength +10 None Cloister guards of Bloodthirst, neutral in the civil war.
Sent to guard the Princess of Moonlight and destroyed
by Chungyun.
WA Chintien.png Chintien Destroyer Critical Hit Rate +1% None Cloister Guard Captain, merged with his mount and armor
under the influence of ancient devils.
Undead and senseless.
WA Lord of Percussion.png Lord of Percussion Lifeprime Warding Level: +1 None An executioner. Killing is all he desires.
WA Cosmoforce.png Cosmoforce Longevity Strength +10 None Fights under the banner of Chungyun. Rude and brutal.
Followed the ancient devils.
WA Deathflow.png Deathflow Durability Evasion +150 None A lover of science and magic. Made himself into an
undead monster.
WA Illusion Nemen.png Illusion Nemen Lifeprime Magic Res. +180 None Suspected to be a descendent of ancient gods and the
mastermind behind the doom of the Twilight Empire
and the theft of the Golden Mask.
WA General Wurlord.png General Wurlord Soulprime Physical Attack +32 Dust of History (2) Founding warrior of the Twilight Empire.
Rumored to be dead. Resurrected for a conspiracy.
WA General Feng.png General Feng Lifeprime Maximum Physical Attack +64 Dust of History (2) Originally king of Windblast Kingdom. Betrayed the
Twilight Empire in the rebellion of Winged Elves, resulting
in the destruction of the Twilight Legion.
WA Spirit of Yi Chinglin.png Spirit of Yi Chinglin Soulprime Vitality +10 None A wandering ghost outside the City of the Plume.
Died after betraying her husband.
WA Taomaster Kyno.png Taomaster Kyno Soulprime Strength +10 Corona (3) Child prodigy, recruited by Corona. Made unique
contributions to the order.
WA Craftsman Yurin.png Craftsman Yurin Soulprime Defense Level +1 Shroud (3) The third best warrior of Shroud, in charge of armament
development and military supplies.
WA Tactician Mur.png Tactician Mur Durability Strength +10 Luminance (3) The brain of Luminance, respected for his battle
strategy and logistics.
WA Stargazer Kin Soz.png Stargazer Kin Soz Longevity Defense Level +1 Corona (3) First advisor of Corona, known for his talent-finding ability.
WA Knight Synea.png Knight Synea Destroyer Strength +10 Shroud (3) Second best warrior and Chief Interrogation Officer of Shroud.
WA Knight Inuwen.png Knight Inuwen Battle Defense Level +1 Luminance (3) Chief General of Luminance. Tired of battle.
WA Mystical Jarax.png Mystical Jarax Lifeprime Physical Res. +180 None A kind of monstrous practitioner with an attractive
appearance, interested only in the good hearts of humans.
WA Relic of Wind.png Relic of Wind Battle Accuracy +150 None Naturally bred devil, formed from resentment and debris.
WA Foretoken Bearer.png Foretoken Bearer Destroyer Maximum Physical Attack +64 None Ghostly bred devil with powerful eyes, guardian
of The Lunar Glade.
WA Burning Soul.png Burning Soul Longevity Dexterity +10 None Ghostly bred devil, formed from void wraiths.
WA Drake Fling.png Drake Fling Durability Warding Level: +1 None Naturally bred devil, formed from resentment of contact with dragonkin.
WA Genesis Blink.png Genesis Blink Battle Evasion +150 None Naturally bred devil, formed from creatures who died in floods.
WA Massaca Seben.png Massaca Seben Destroyer Maximum Magic Attack +64 None Practitioner of dark magic, equipped with powerful hands.
WA Ancient Tigara.png Ancient Tigara Durability Vitality +10 None Organically bred devil, descendent of tigers.
WA Herzen Sori Demos.png Herzen Sori Demos Lifeprime Dexterity +10 None Organically bred devil, known to feast on the internal organs of humans.
WA Primal Fear.png Primal Fear Longevity Magic Attack +32 None Ghostly bred devil with the belief that killing accomplished
practitioners will bring it enlightenment.
WA Buddha's Servant.png Buddha's Servant Lifeprime Magic +10 None Ghostly bred devil, a practitioner of spiritual cultivation
until he fell into darkness because of his extreme nature.
WA Hauntery Queen.png Hauntery Queen Soulprime Critical Hit Rate +1% None Known for his dark armor and dual hammers. It's said that
his power comes from the gems embedded in
his hammers.
WA Crimson Lunaweaver.png Crimson Lunaweaver Battle Magic Attack +32 Lunaweaver (2) Whose blood saturated the moon? After the death of
this lonely and evil woman, her name and last words
became legend.
WA Herald of Agony.png Herald of Agony Longevity Evasion +150 None A headless monster, its iron shell is filled with
mysterious power which recalls to people
their sad memories.
WA Darkness Lunaweaver.png Darkness Lunaweaver Destroyer Accuracy +150 Lunaweaver (2) The companion of Lunaweaver, she seems like the other face of the moon.
WA Knight of Terror.png Knight of Terror Durability Slaying Level: +1 None 'The sword is in my hand, and I will slay the gods!'
A male human with a good appearance.
He acts on emotion rather than thinking things through.
WA Bloodsurge Ultera.png Bloodsurge Ultera Battle Physical Attack +32 None 'The shadow of the blood is splashing.'
A female human with a good appearance.
She acts on emotion rather than thinking things through.
She was born to subdue the gods' power,
and now she seeks to prevent their revival.
WA Infernal Sonikbeast.png Infernal Sonikbeast Destroyer Evasion +150 None A bearlike creature.
It has the ability to seal gods!
WA Wang Erhli.png Wang Erhli Durability HP +135 None One half of Wang Tali, he controls Insularum Valley
with the purpose of establishing a peaceful, loving and harmonious country.
He orders that different sexes should live in different areas,
and forces everyone each day to write
a poem praising their community.
WA Wang Tali.png Wang Tali Longevity Physical Res. +180 None The younger brother of Wang Kuai.
He fell madly in love with a toy that belongs to Wang Erhli.
He's always dreamed of living together with Wang Erhli.
WA Mrs. Zoologist.png Mrs. Zoologist Durability Physical Res. +180 Golden Flower Silverleaf (2) The wife of Zoologist Yin.
She helps Venomancers manage their land pets.
WA Zoologist Yin.png Zoologist Yin Longevity Magic Res. +180 Golden Flower Silverleaf (2) The husband of the Eldest Matchmaker.
He helps Venomancers mange their water pets.
WA Niang Hu.png Niang Hu Lifeprime Critical Hit Rate +1% None A legendary venomancer, the ex-owner of the Khatru Pup.
She was victimized by a scheme and was accused of betraying her people.
Fortunately she realized her fault at last,
and now she is imprisoned to remedy her guilt.
WA Ladywraith.png Ladywraith Soulprime HP +135 None A lonely ghost outside Orchid Temple.
With the help of Redglow the Taoist
and Fang the Scholar she was finally reincarnated.
WA Luminoc Architect.png Luminoc Architect Battle Magic Res. +180 Wraith Lord (6) One of The Seven Wraithbeasts,
it killed all the people in the Fortress of the
Talon in order to get the Talon Chart.
WA Krixxix.png Krixxix Destroyer Defense Level +1 Wraith Lord (6) One of The Seven Wraithbeasts,
it led the Adalwolf army to invade the Alliance's camps.
WA Gouf, Aerox Chief.png Gouf, Aerox Chief Longevity Attack Level +1 Wraith Lord (6) One of The Seven Wraithbeasts,
it has two horns and a bat wing,
and takes Skull Mountain as its base.
WA Demonic Feligar.png Demonic Feligar Durability Attack Level +1 Wraith Lord (6) One of The Seven Wraithbeasts,
it led a horde of Wraiths to attack Heaven's Tear.
WA Khewy, Rattus Lord.png Khewy, Rattus Lord Lifeprime HP +135 Wraith Lord (6) One of The Seven Wraithbeasts,
it tried to open the gateway linking our world together
with the other world in order to summon otherworldly
horrors to aid them in the war against us.
WA Oggo.png Oggo Soulprime Physical Res. +180 Wraith Lord (6) One of The Seven Wraithbeasts,
it led the Wraith legions to invade Tusk Town.
WA Etherblade.png Etherblade Destroyer Attack Level +1 Anniversary Adventure (6) Here is the place where the dream began and the place
where reality showed its power. Some people started
their heroic dream here, while others surrendered it
for a life of peace. However, Etherblade's long history
proves to the world that those who persevered are worthy
of respect, and those who returned are to be cherished.
WA City of the Lost.png City of the Lost Battle Attack Level +1 Anniversary Adventure (6) The wild Barbarians, the mysterious Venomancers, and the archaic
buildings and bestial statues of the Untamed make up the savage
City of the Lost. Though these heroes have fought and died in
bloody battles, none have regretted it. Their true desire, though,
was peace, and now that they have achieved it in their home they
seek to protect the stability and prosperity of the world.
WA City of the Plume.png City of the Plume Longevity HP +135 Anniversary Adventure (6) The Winged Elves are noble and dignified, flying high above Perfect World
on brilliant feathered wings. Their people are skill Archers and powerful
Clerics, their homes elegant and atmospheric, and their land full of
forests of idyllic beauty. Beneath the canopy of the great tree lies
the beautiful heart of their territory: the City of the Plume.
WA Raging Tides.png Raging Tides Durability HP +135 Anniversary Adventure (6) The City of Raging Tides lies to the southeast of Perfect World, on Barrier Island
in the Sea of Reality. Long ago, when the Wraiths first invaded Perfect World, the
Tideborn elders cast a spell called the Dimensional Cataclysm to defeat them, but in
doing so their land was cut off from Perfect World for many years. Though they have
since returned, so too have their immortal enemies: the vicious Nightspikes.
WA Tellus.png Tellus Soulprime Physical Res. +180 Anniversary Adventure (6) Tellus City is the home of the Earthguard, warriors chosen by
Radiance to protect Perfect World from the Wraiths. Though long
buried beneath the surface, when the Wraiths once again threatened
Perfect World, they emerged from their long slumber to do battle once more.
WA Dawnglory.png Dawnglory Lifeprime Magic Res. +180 Anniversary Adventure (6) The Reapers were once the children of the Divine Child, but when their
creator was struck down they were given mortal lives so as to outlive him.
Their descendants, the Nightshades, came to Perfect World aboard a flying ship
and settled on an uncharted island in the northeast. Expanding their ship into
the city of Dawnglory, they have protected Perfect World from within the shadows,
only recently stepping into the light to openly battle the Wraiths and Nightmares.

Level A Cards[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Bonus Stats Set Description
WA Heavenly Tiger.png Heavenly Tiger Destroyer Attack Level +1
Slaying Level +2
Celestial Tigers (2) An elusive ancient beast from Lothranis.
WA Demonic Tiger.png Demonic Tiger Battle Physical Attack +64
Magic Attack +64
Celestial Tigers (2) An elusive ancient beast from Momaganon.
WA Thom Mundan.png Thom Mundan Destroyer HP +135
Attack Level +1
Dark Trio (3) One of Three Demons from Abaddon who has slaughtered countless
innocent people.
WA Gaurnob Guard.png Gaurnob Guard Soulprime Attack Level +1
Defense Level +1
Dark Trio (3) One of Three Demons in Abaddon who possesses boundless strength.
WA Monoblat Dracoboa.png Monoblat Dracoboa Longevity Critical Hit Rate +1%
Strength +10
Dark Trio (3) One of Three Demons in Abaddon who tortures
its victims with fire magic.
WA Infernal Spikewing.png Infernal Spikewing Durability Attack Level +1
Vitality +10
Three Venerators (3) Infernal Spikewing, one of the Three Fallen Celestials, was
once a defender of Lothranis. Tempted by the evil power in the
Seat of Torment, his body deformed into that of a hideous demon.
WA Rancid Venerator.png Rancid Venerator Battle Defense Level +1
Strength +10
Three Venerators (3) Rancid Venerator, one of the Three Fallen Celestials, was once
a defender of Lothranis. Tempted by the evil power in the Seat
of Torment, his body deformed into that of a hideous demon.
WA Torturess Venerator.png Torturess Venerator Lifeprime Critical Hit Rate +1%
Attack Level +1
Three Venerators (3) Torturess Venerator, one of the Three Fallen Celestials, was once
a defender of Lothranis. Tempted by the evil power in the Seat
of Torment, her body deformed into that of a hideous beast.
WA Dread Lord Hengchih.png Dread Lord Hengchih Longevity Physical Res. +180
Critical Hit Rate +1%
Devil Lord Soul (2) Since the City of Abominations was built, the creatures living
there have been protecting a secret magic buried underground.
Rumor has it that it was a forbidden magic of destructive power.
When the nine stars formed a straight line Dread Lord Hengchih
took the opportunity to occupy the City of Abominations, in
order to get the secret magic.
WA Chaotic Ravager.png Chaotic Ravager Durability Magic Res. +180
Critical Hit Rate +1%
Dimension (4) Born in discord and buried in silence, Chaos is the omnipotent
overlord of everything. He has the power to influence fate itself.
WA Wolfen Ironside.png Wolfen Ironside Soulprime Evasion +150
Vitality +10
Dimension (4) A war hero of the Primal World, Wolfen Ironside is powerful
and mighty. However, he is cruel and boorish to people.
WA Lady Frostburn.png Lady Frostburn Lifeprime Accuracy +150
Vitality +10
Dimension (4) A demon formed completely from essences, unbound by the laws
of physics. She is as old as the universe itself. It is impossible
to kill such a demon.
WA Ultimate Stance.png Ultimate Stance Longevity Slaying Level +2
Dexterity +10
Dimension (4) Ultimate Stance is an intelligent beast proficient in
warcraft. All beasts revere him.
WA Primeval Elemental.png Primeval Elemental Durability HP +135
Warding Level +2
Skynet (4) In ancient books, this god is often described as a being that
governs the elemental powers and is one with the universe.
WA Shonabu.png Shonabu Soulprime Physical Res. +180
Vitality +10
Skynet (4) He used to be an immortal poet. Because of his immortality, he
lacked appreciation for life and death, and was corrupted by
evil. He coins beautiful lyrics as he murders his victims.
WA Astaria.png Astaria Destroyer Defense Level +1
Vitality +10
Skynet (4) A beautiful butterfly spirit inhabiting the valleys. Its long
cultivation has blessed it with great power - power that it will
not hesitate to use against strangers.
WA Madam Sadi.png Madam Sadi Longevity Slaying Level +2
Strength +10
Skynet (4) One of the Raksa Lords, who presides over the Demonic Prison.
Her biggest obsession is inventing new torture devices and list-
ening to the prisoners' screams.
WA Dismal Duke.png Dismal Duke Soulprime HP +135
Strength +10
Devil Lord Soul (2) The Dismal Duke is one of the few intellectual Wraiths, and is
a cruel extremist. His radical nature and insane boldness have
won him a high reputation among the Wraiths. His Wraith divisions
famous for their speed, often showing appearing out of nowhere
in unexpected places. Once they almost marched into Archosaur
City. Many Wraiths believe he is the greatest among their ranks,
and their true leader.
WA Dimentora.png Dimentora Durability Warding Level +2
Vitality +10
None A suit of armor worn by its dead owner in an ancient tomb. The
dark, arcane power of the tomb gave the armor sentience. Rest-
less, it began to protect its master's corpse punishing all who
dare venture into the tomb.
WA Burial Inferno.png Burial Inferno Longevity Slaying Level +2
Magic +10
None A champion of the Hidden Dragon Den monsters who craves the
power of fire, believing it is the only true strength. This
obsessive belief, however, led it to the dark side.
WA Chin Wuming.png Chin Wuming Soulprime Accuracy +150
Defense Level +1
Eternal Difference (2) Once a close friend to Fei Kungxing and Yeh Kuhan, he abandoned
his friends due to their differences and pursued the demonic
way. However, he still possesses a pitiful heart.
WA Fei Kungxing.png Fei Kungxing Lifeprime Evasion +150
Attack Level +1
Eternal Difference (2) Once a close friend to Chin Wuming and Yeh Kuhan, he abandoned
his friends due to their differences. He was nearly killed by the
Thundersoul Beast when during his weakest moment. The beast
continues to haunt him in his nightmares.
WA Miss Chiu.png Miss Chiu Durability Magic Res. +180
Attack Level +1
Autumn Omen (2) 'Only the fallen leaf knows that it is autumn.
Every night it sleeps in frosty tears.'
WA King Kisian.png King Kisian Durability Warding Level +2
Warding Level +2
Corona (3) An immortal king who led the ancient people of Perfect World
and Morai in the war that defeated Aurogon and brought many
years of peace.
WA Prophet Mogo.png Prophet Mogo Battle Slaying Level +2
Slaying Level +2
Shroud (3) The mysterious leader of the Shroud. His unique magical powers
allow him to walk freely among the living and the dead.
WA Lord Gugg.png Lord Gugg Lifeprime HP +135
Strength +10
Luminance (3) The man who leads a large army made of elites from Corona and
Shroud. He built the army in support of the balance of powers,
making him one of three great powers. However, no one knows his
true identity.
WA Emissary of Light.png Emissary of Light Destroyer Physical Res. +180
Attack Level +1
Divine Furies (3) A low-ranking envoy of the Divine Furies, whose duty is
to present newbies with quests.
WA Emissary of Shadow.png Emissary of Shadow Soulprime Magic Res. +180
Attack Level +1
Divine Furies (3) A middle-rank envoy of Divine Furies, whose duty is distributing
quests for meditators with some experience.
WA Emissary of Void.png Emissary of Void Longevity HP +135
Critical Hit Rate +1%
Divine Furies (3) A high-ranking envoy of the Divine Furies, whose duty is
to present veteran warriors with quests.
WA Emissary of Corona.png Emissary of Corona Durability Attack Level +1
Warding Level +2
Oath of Extinction (3) An envoy sent to Corona by the Divine Furies. It seems that
every major war of the past was related to the Divine Furies.
WA Emissary of Shroud.png Emissary of Shroud Battle HP +135
Slaying Level +2
Oath of Extinction (3) An envoy sent to Shroud by the Divine Furies. It seems that every
major war of the past was related to the Divine Furies.
WA Emissary of Luminance.png Emissary of Luminance Lifeprime Slaying Level +2
Vitality +10
Oath of Extinction (3) An envoy sent to Luminance by the Divine Furies. It seems that every major war
of the past was related to the Divine Furies.
WA Puppeteer.png Puppeteer Soulprime HP +135
Defense Level +1
Abaddon (5) The Puppeteer is the most loyal servant of the Borobudur Dungeon Lord. He
guards the gate to his lord's chamber and shows no mercy to
those who set foot into the place. He often imprisons his victims
in a tiny room until they break down in madness.
WA Mask of Grief.png Mask of Grief Longevity Attack Level +1
Strength +10
Abaddon (5) The Mask of Grief was born from the good side of Lord Borobudur.
However, it is still bound to the evil lord, forced to do its
bidding. It bravely asked to be killed by a warrior of justice,
so as to weaken its evil half.
WA Leaf Rain Dryad.png Leaf Rain Dryad Durability Physical Res. +180
Defense Level +1
Abaddon (5) Peachblossom Ritualist's sister, who also lived in Lothranis.
After Peachblossom Fairy bacame Peachblossom Ritualist, she
followed her to Momaganon and abandoned her celestial form.
WA Borobudur Lord.png Borobudur Lord Destroyer Critical Hit Rate +1%
Attack Level +1
Abaddon (5) Lord Borobudur possesses god-like power. He was contained by a
group of seven celestial warriors after a five day fight and
sealed in Abaddon. When Peachblossom Ritualist was injured,
he broke the seal and began his conquest of Momaganon.
WA Peachblossom Ritualist.png Peachblossom Ritualist Battle Magic Res. +180
Vitality +10
Abaddon (5) 'Do you truly wish to give up life as a celestial being and
become a demon?' asked the Celestial Demon. The Fairy answered,
'I am no longer the person I was. There's no place in the Celestial
Realm for me anymore. Please take me away.'
WA Queen Xipher.png Queen Xipher Longevity Physical Res. +180
Attack Level +1
Seat of Torment (4) The Queen of Demons. As a powerful, respected, and ambitious
warrior, she may be intending to usurp the Hellfire Abomination's
WA Trap Master Fierce.png Trap Master Fierce Lifeprime Defense Level +1
Strength +10
Seat of Torment (4) The demon lord who followed Queen Xipher after the Seat of
Torment changed. He is an expert machinist who guards the Hell
Trap for Queen Xipher, while preparing new forces for the reborn
WA Lord of Captivation.png Lord of Captivation Soulprime Magic Res. +180
Defense Level +1
Seat of Torment (4) The bastard son of the Hellfire Abomination. He inherited his
father's short temper. After the Hellfire Abomination was locked
inside the Seat of Torment, he became more aggessive and was
finally imprisoned in Seat of Torment as well.
WA Hellfire Abomination.png Hellfire Abomination Destroyer HP +135
Attack Level +1
Seat of Torment (4) He once lived in Lothranis but was exiled to the Seat of
Torment due to his cruel ways. The agony in the Seat of
Torment intensifies his hatred for the world.
WA Guard Seven.png Guard Seven Battle HP +135
Accuracy +150
Powerful Army (2) Guard Seven, defender of the west gate of Archosaur, bears no
sympathy for the evil. He kills all wraiths and outlaws who come
near the gate.
WA Emperor Aohe.png Emperor Aohe Soulprime Attack Level +1
Defense Level +1
Dark Lords of Morai (6) The cunning East Sovereign of Morai. He is a trickster who can
transform into different people. Shrewd and silent, he hides his
own ambition when giving advice to Aurogon. He organizes a faction
with Yakku and Biran, conspiring on the sly.
WA Gorath.png Gorath Longevity Critical Hit Rate +1%
Vitality +10
Dark Lords of Morai (6) The miserly North Sovereign of Morai. Biran is despised by
Aurogon because he is a greedy coward. Aohe drew Biran to his
side, valuing his powerful strength. Biran will betray anyone
as long as it's profitable to do so.
WA Emperor Chigo.png Emperor Chigo Durability Attack Level +1
Vitality +10
Dark Lords of Morai (6) The headstrong Central Sovereign of Morai. Deeply trusted by
Aurogon, Chigo draws up the final plan. He kills Glory, the Elder's
son, and takes on his appearance. Then, he activates the Undying
Dial, attempting to rebuild the wraith land.
WA Mistress of Night.png Mistress of Night Battle Physical Res. +180
Strength +10
Dark Lords of Morai (6) The beautiful but capricious West Sovereign of Morai. Sometimes,
she is sweet and mild. Sometimes, she is quite cold-blooded. She
hates men very much, but she obeys Aohe's every word.
WA Ghost Wing.png Ghost Wing Lifeprime Critical Hit Rate +1%
Defense Level +1
Dark Lords of Morai (6) The proud Upper Sovereign of Morai. As the overlord in the sky,
he possesses the sharpest eyes amongst the Sovereigns. Looking
down upon the other five sovereigns, he is only loyal and devoted
to Aurogon, and ruthless to all creatures who enter his airspace.
WA Emperor Locen.png Emperor Locen Destroyer Magic Res. +180
HP +135
Dark Lords of Morai (6) The bloodthirsty South Sovereign of Morai. To him, there is no
better pleasure than killing and pillaging. Leaving fire and
destruction in his wake, Locen truly is a monster.
WA Duke Blacke.png Duke Blacke Lifeprime Defense Level +1
Defense Level +1
None Duke Blacke is a knowledgeable man who lives in Archosaur. It
is said that he has seven beautiful wives.
WA Celestial Sister.png Celestial Sister Longevity Physical Res. +180
Magic Res. +180
Autumnal God (3) There is a gorgeous fairy living in the Frozen Hall of Frost-
covered City. You can only win her favor with Sincerity.
WA Tideborn Princess.png Tideborn Princess Lifeprime Physical Res. +180
Defense Level +1
Autumnal God (3) She was once the princess of Tideborn. Tricked by
Vanished Ancestor, she fell into Palace of Nirvana
and became Ashura Netherqueen.
WA Sheomay.png Sheomay Battle Magic Res. +180
Defense Level +1
Autumnal God (3) A mystical woman with breathtaking beauty. It is said that she
has the most alluring voice and dancing postures. But, no one
knows where she came from or how she ended up in Perfect World.
Numerous people around the world seek her, hoping to lay their
eyes upon her beauty.
WA Pestilent Destroyer.png Pestilent Destroyer Soulprime Physical Res. +180
Attack Level +1
Warsong City (6) A mystical and unfathomable warrior of the Wraith Army. It is
said that he was transformed by the resentful souls of dead
wraiths. This intense hatred grants him mysterious power. He
has sworn to kill everyone who challenges the Wraith Army.
WA Obscure Reaper.png Obscure Reaper Durability Magic Res. +180
Critical Hit Rate +1%
Warsong City (6) The powerful grand wizard of the Wraith Army. Residing in the
dark demonic lake, he is odd and morose. Almost everyone who
attempts to approach him is killed by his immense power.
WA Snakefist Guardian.png Snakefist Guardian Destroyer Magic Res. +180
HP +135
Warsong City (6) The lonely and bloodthirsty swordsman of the Wraith Army. He
wanders the underworld all day long, killing every living thing
in his path.
WA Cannonfist Orclord.png Cannonfist Orclord Lifeprime Physical Res. +180
HP +135
Warsong City (6) A ruthless fighter of the Wraith Army. Nobody
knows where he came from. With his flaming
hammer, this strapping man kills everyone
who challenges the Wraith Army.
WA Shadowskull Lich.png Shadowskull Lich Battle Defense Level +1
Strength +10
Warsong City (6) An evil sorcerer of the Wraith Army. His noble blood endows him
with fearsome magic powers, which have earned him the respect of
the Wraiths.
WA Blademaster Trainer.png Blademaster Trainer Soulprime Magic Res. +180
Magic Res. +180
Human (2) Humans are sociable, and the majority of them choose lives as
merchants and diplomats. Yet the few who take up arms are by no
means less able. Gifted with an amazing flexibility, Humans
adapt easily to every new situation.
WA Wizard Trainer.png Wizard Trainer Battle Attack Level +1
Magic +10
Human (2) Wizards prefer to cast damaging spells from a distance. Though
they are masters of damaging Water, Fire, and Earth, their bodies
are weak and not good at close combat.
WA Barbarian Trainer.png Barbarian Trainer Longevity Vitality +10
Vitality +10
Untamed (2) The Untamed are descendants of the animals
that evolved sentience. With berserker rage
and animal cunning, they still carry the
beast in their hearts.
WA Venomancer Trainer.png Venomancer Trainer Lifeprime Physical Res. +180
Physical Res. +180
Untamed (2) True to their heritage as self-aware foxes, serpents, and other
vermin, the Venomancers are subtle, relying on poisons or curses
to bring down enemies. They can also control animals or transform
into foxes for an additional set of skills.
WA Archer Trainer.png Archer Trainer Destroyer Attack Level +1
Dexterity +10
Winged Elf (2) Archers hail from an ancient and divine bloodline.
Their exquisite form and unique wings grant them
the ability to fly. As the guardian of Winged Elf, they
are outstanding archers and brave warriors, good at
using ranged weapons like the bow.
WA Cleric Trainer.png Cleric Trainer Durability HP +135
Magic +10
Winged Elf (2) The Winged Elves are the most beautiful people among their
contemporaries. Gifted with flight from a young age, they can
be seemingly aloof and reclusive. Yet, those who are familiar
with them, find Winged Elves to be staunch allies.
WA Assassin Trainer.png Assassin Trainer Destroyer Critical Hit Rate +1%
Dexterity +10
T.born (2) Striking from the shadows, a dagger in the back, and a silent
retreat are trademarks of an Assassin. Assassins are not brute
melee fighters, but masters of finesse. They prefer to rely on
agility rather than bulky armor.
WA Psychic Trainer.png Psychic Trainer Soulprime Defense Level +1
Magic +10
T.born (2) The Tideborn class no longer pursue mastery of the elements,
but now manipulate the essence and instincts of creatures.
They manifest their will through Soulforce to enhance them-
selves and their allies while harming their enemies.
WA Seeker Trainer.png Seeker Trainer Durability Strength +10
Vitality +10
E.guard (2) Seekers train in both the martial and arcane arts, and use the
element of metal to enhance their close-combat swordplay. Each
Seeker bears a relic upon their forehead that can discern evil.
WA Mystic Trainer.png Mystic Trainer Lifeprime Magic +10
Vitality +10
E.guard (2) A Mystic affects others with their grace and tenderness. With
the ability to communicate with the spiritual beings of nature,
they summon them as weapons. Vines, thorns, and trees are just a
fraction of their arsenal. A Mystic also possesses miraculous
healing power, providing full support to teammates during combat.
WA Overseer Aeban.png Overseer Aeban Destroyer Attack Level +1
Attack Level +1
None A valiant warlord whose origins are a mystery. He sometimes
comes to Perfect World to recruit the strongest of warriors
into the war between the four nations. He does not seem to
have a dedicated alliance with any of the nations.
WA Pet Skill Trainer Tsu.png Pet Skill Trainer Tsu Destroyer HP +135
Vitality +10
None A lovely fairy who helps deal with pet affairs
in Archosaur.
WA Lord Isrifar.png Lord Isrifar Battle Slaying Level +2
Vitality +10
None Lord Isrifar presides over the Guardian Trials. He has
a mad obsession with power.

Level S Cards[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Bonus Stats Set Description
WA Althea.png Althea Destroyer Physical Res. +180
Defense Level +1
Vitality +10
Nuema Portal (6) The noble queen of the Light Nation. A strong but benevolent
ruler, she is greatly adored by all her people and soldiers.
WA Kestra.png Kestra Battle Magic Res. +180
HP +135
Defense Level +1
Nuema Portal (6) The empress of the Frost Nation, she eternally craves absolute
power. When she blows her horn, hundreds of thousands of
barbarians will respond with a roar.
WA Astrid.png Astrid Longevity Critical Hit Rate +1%
Attack Level +1
Attack Level +1
Nuema Portal (6) Astrid is short, but fiery-tempered.
As the Dragonborne, she can withstand fire and tame dragons.
WA Lorelei.png Lorelei Durability Physical Attack +64
Magic Attack +64
Attack Level +1
Nuema Portal (6) Though gentle in appearance, Lorelei, queen of the Twilight
Empire, is a true veteran of the seas. She is the captain of
the Dragonlord, an impressive warship. Sharp and aloof, she can
come across as intimidating even to her own soldiers.
WA Gu Hensin.png Gu Hensin Battle Physical Res. +180
Attack Level +1
Defense Level +1
Four Generals of the Human (6) The pike is the most difficult blade to wield with control. And
yet, despite his young age, Gu Hensin wields it as if it were a
part of his body.
WA Lio Gianni.png Lio Gianni Destroyer Magic Res. +180
Attack Level +1
Defense Level +1
Four Generals of the Human (6) Lio Gianni is one of the Four Great Commanders. In the Battle
of Two Cities, the Winged Elves dispatched all of their elite
troops, but Lio Gianni's brilliant strategies pushed them back
while optimizing the city's defenses.
WA Tsen the Heavensent.png Tsen the Heavensent Soulprime Critical Hit Rate +1%
Attack Level +1
Vitality +10
Four Generals of the Human (6) Tsen the Heavensent, one of the Four Great Commanders, does not
have any family. Contrary to his nickname, he is a cruel man on
the battlefield, showing no mercy to his enemies.
WA Fen the Victorious.png Fen the Victorious Lifeprime HP +135
Defense Level +1
Strength +10
Four Generals of the Human (6) The charismatic leader of Four Great Commanders. He has
claimed countless victories in battle, even when outnumbered.
This valiant man was feared by the Winged Elves. Unfortunately,
the gods took him away, for his godlike strength threw the world
into imbalance.
WA Ancestor Feng Loriel.png Ancestor Feng Loriel Destroyer HP +135
Defense Level +1
Vitality +10
Dream of Three Generations (3) Feng Loriel, the Tideborn's ancestor, was a brave and resourceful
man. He killed Turoho, the evil god of the Nightspikes, with Lunar
Dissector, putting an end to the war between the Tideborn and the
Nightspikes, which had lasted for a thousand years.
WA Saint Feng Drime.png Saint Feng Drime Soulprime Magic Res. +180
Attack Level +1
Defense Level +1
Dream of Three Generations (3) It is extremely difficult to reverse the Dimensional Cataclysm.
As the priestess of this ritual, Feng Drime overdrew her entire
soulforce to stop the curse from getting out of control, sacri-
ficing her life and soul for the sake of the Tideborn.
WA King Feng Triton.png King Feng Triton Longevity Physical Attack +64
Magic Attack +64
Attack Level +1
Dream of Three Generations (3) The king of the Tideborn who fought valiantly on the battle-
field for the survival of his people. Now, Feng Triton sits in
his palace above Raging Tide, picking up the wand or blowing
the horn now and then. Perhaps he is reminiscing on his days
at war.
WA General Jen.png General Jen Durability Physical Attack +64
Magic Attack +64
Defense Level +1
Balance of Three Races (3) The incumbent general who defends Plume City. Jen is an outsta-
nding Winged Elf archer. It is said that anyone hit by Jen's
ice arrow will turn into a wisp of smoke.
WA General Chung.png General Chung Lifeprime Physical Res. +180
Attack Level +1
Defense Level +1
Balance of Three Races (3) The incumbent general who defends Etherblade City. Chung's
father and grandfather also held this post before him. Chung
deeply loved Loyan, the daughter of the City Lord. After Loyan
died, the heartbroken Chung chose to remain single.
WA General Po.png General Po Battle Critical Hit Rate +1%
Attack Level +1
Strength +10
Balance of Three Races (3) The incumbent general who defends the City of the Lost.
General Po is a master of forging weapons and armor. He once
forged a set of extraordinary armor with the materials that he
found in the Twilight Temple. This armor made him nearly
WA Elder of the Streams.png Elder of the Streams Durability Magic Res. +180
Defense Level +1
Vitality +10
World Watcher (2) When the City of a Thousand Streams was built, all races and
factions sent their elites to stay in the Worldspire, making the
city a decisive force and global mediator in Perfect World. The
Elder of the Streams is the spokesman of the city and makes all
the important decisions that could affect all of Perfect World.
WA Elder of Archosaur.png Elder of Archosaur Longevity Physical Res. +180
HP +135
Defense Level +1
World Watcher (2) As the most famous of the five major capitals, Archosaur is the
center of political and cultural exchanges in Perfect World. All
Elders of Archosaur have, in the past, wholly devoted themselves
to serving this city.
WA Radiance.png Radiance Battle Critical Hit Rate +1%
Attack Level +1
Defense Level +1
Twin Stars (2) Selected by the gods, Radiance was the founder of Earthguard.
To defeat Dark Radiance, his evil counterpart, Radiance sacri-
ficed his own body. Since then, Radiance's nuema went missing.
It is said that the Illusive Faerie of the Forsaken Temple once
caught a glimpse of Radiance's wandering nuema.
WA Dark Radiance.png Dark Radiance Destroyer Attack Level +1
Defense Level +1
Strength +10
Twin Stars (2) Radiance's dark half, formed from his evil thoughts. Seeking
absolute power, Dark Radiance devoured wraiths to strengthen
himself. After Radiance destroyed himself, Dark Radiance was
saved by the Wraith Lord, in turn becoming his executioner and
slaughtering his victims.
WA Yi the Mighty Wing.png Yi the Mighty Wing Longevity Defense Level +1
Defense Level +1
Strength +10
Four Lords of the Winged Elf (4) The king of the Mighty Wings, one of four ancient Winged Elf
nations. Allying with the other Winged Elf nations, he once
crusaded against the Twilight Empire. Protected by the Might of
the Great Goose, he survived the Twilight Disaster.
WA Feather Lord.png Feather Lord Durability Physical Attack +64
Magic Attack +64
Vitality +10
Four Lords of the Winged Elf (4) An ancient Winged Elf king. Allying with Ien the Arbor, he
helped defeat the Twilight Empire's army.
WA Ien the Arbor.png Ien the Arbor Soulprime Critical Hit Rate +1%
Critical Hit Rate +1%
Attack Level +1
Four Lords of the Winged Elf (4) An ancient Winged Elf king. Allying with the Feather Lord, he
helped defeat the Twilight Empire's army.
WA Yi the Earthquake.png Yi the Earthquake Lifeprime HP +135
HP +135
Attack Level +1
Four Lords of the Winged Elf (4) An ancient Winged Elf king famous for defeating General Chongo
in the battle against the Twilight Empire.
WA Minister Tsu.png Minister Tsu Soulprime Defense Level +1
Defense Level +1
Vitality +10
Sin of the Fallen God (2) The second minister of the Twilight Empire, as well as the
leader of a faction supporting Prince Chongming. She orchest-
rated the undercover uprising within the Twilight Empire along
with Tsuan. She also started the Wheel of Fate in the battle
against the Winged Elf Alliance that resulted in the destruction
of the Twilight Empire.
WA Tsuan.png Tsuan Lifeprime HP +135
Attack Level +1
Attack Level +1
Sin of the Fallen God (2) An outstanding Winged Elf warrior. To overthrow the Twilight
Empire, Tsuan removed her plumes through the Sacrilege Ceremony
and became the minister of Twilight Empire along with Tsu. They
cleverly orchestrated an internal takeover of the Twilight
Empire's forces.
WA Yeh Kuhan.png Yeh Kuhan Battle Attack Level +1
Strength +10
Vitality +10
Autumn Omen (2) A brave warrior with a penchant for flamboyant poetry.
WA Holeen.png Holeen Lifeprime Attack Level +1
Attack Level +1
Strength +10
Inner Devil (4) Frost Ancient's brother, who was deserted at a burial site for
dead infants. He survived by eating corpses and bones, and made
a contract with Fientazzar, the enemy of Frostcovered City's
guardian. He swore to rebuild Frostcovered City for himself and
respect Fientazzar as his god. He is known for his sadistic
fighting style.
WA Vanished Ancestor.png Vanished Ancestor Longevity Defense Level +1
Defense Level +1
Defense Level +1
Inner Devil (4) Vanished Ancestor, the grand wraith wizard, is sealed away in
the Temple of the Forbidden Coast by the Tideborn.
WA Harpy Wraith.png Harpy Wraith Soulprime Defense Level +1
Defense Level +1
Vitality +10
None The Harpy Wraith is a master of the dreaded Soul Trap. It has
the power to control the souls around it, and once the soul is
controlled, it is forever slave to the Harpy Wraith.
WA Archdemon Isrifar.png Archdemon Isrifar Battle Physical Attack +64
Magic Attack +64
Critical Hit Rate +1%
None Lord Isrifar's awakened form. It is said that his obsession with
power drove him to become a demon.
WA General Summer.png General Summer Destroyer Attack Level +1
Attack Level +1
Attack Level +1
Powerful Army (2) The commander of Archosaur, and a descendant of Lio Gianni. He
leads the Allied Force against the Wraith Army, and is known as
the 'Iron Fortress of Archosaur.'
WA Emperor Tsang.png Emperor Tsang Longevity Physical Res. +180
Physical Res. +180
Vitality +10
Aria of Dawn (3) Tsang, once a lord of Everfall, has become a hideous undead
walker of the illusory world.
WA Princess of Moonlight.png Princess of Moonlight Durability Magic Res. +180
Magic Res. +180
HP +135
Symphony of Fate (2) Dorian's daughter, known as the Beauty of the East. Since the
civil war, she has been imprisoned in the Desert Tower. No one
has known of her whereabouts since General Chungyun went to
rescue her.
WA Chungyun.png Chungyun Destroyer Physical Attack +64
Magic Attack +64
HP +135
Symphony of Fate (2) General Chungyun was a pioneer of the Twilight Army, succeeding
in defending the Twilight Empire from the Winged Elves' siege.
After the Plain War, he was appointed to bring the Princess of
Moonlight back from the Desert Tower. However, he disappeared
together with the Princess of Moonlight after defeating the
WA Lethal Vengeance.png Lethal Vengeance Soulprime Physical Res. +180
Physical Res. +180
Critical Hit Rate +1%
Aria of Dawn (3) Legendary devils who exist solely to destroy. When the Twilight
Empire was going through a great crisis, Minister Tsu activated
the Wheel of Fate to release the sealed ancient devils. The
ceremony lasted for 49 days, consuming rich sacrificial offer-
ings. However, an accident happened, and the devils destoryed
the Twilight Empire.
WA Armageddon.png Armageddon Lifeprime Magic Res. +180
Magic Res. +180
Critical Hit Rate +1%
Aria of Dawn (3) The creator of the Illusory World. After breaking away from the
gods, she created an illusory world in which dead, powerful
creatures are revived. She summons ancient mystical powers to
strengthen the illusory world, hoping to replace the world created
by the gods with her undead world.
WA Elven Priest Yuusa.png Elven Priest Yuusa Durability Physical Res. +180
Magic +10
Vitality +10
Sacred Feather Wings (2) The highest priest of Winged Elf who believes that the gods will
return someday. Managing the internal affairs in Plume City along-
side the Elders, she is considered the spiritual leader of the
Winged Elves.
WA Plume City Elder.png Plume City Elder Longevity Magic Res. +180
Dexterity +10
Vitality +10
Sacred Feather Wings (2) An Elder of five races, in charge of Winged Elf affairs.
WA Etherblade Elder.png Etherblade Elder Battle Physical Res. +180
Magic Res. +180
HP +135
None An Elder of five races, in charge of Human affairs.
WA Elder Star.png Elder Star Durability Physical Attack +64
Magic Attack +64
Magic Res. +180
Corona (2) An Elder of five races, in charge of Earthguard affairs.
WA Elder Yashimo.png Elder Yashimo Lifeprime Physical Attack +64
Magic Attack +64
Physical Res. +180
Corona (2) An Elder of Earthguard, enjoying the highest prestige in the
Sacred Word. He can hear the whispers from gods, converting
those poor souls into Earthguards.
WA Skyscreamer.png Skyscreamer Battle Critical Hit Rate +1%
Critical Hit Rate +1%
Attack Level +1
Inner Devil (4) The wraiths in the Deserted Sea near the Hidden Dragon Den
spent many years creating a powerful devil. Hiding deep in the
Hidden Dragon Den, the ferocious devil waits for people who are
led there by the Fire Dragon Clan.
WA City of the Lost Elder.png City of the Lost Elder Soulprime HP +135
Strength +10
Vitality +10
Lord of All Beasts (2) An Elder of five races, in charge of Untamed affairs.
WA Beastmaster Hokka.png Beastmaster Hokka Destroyer Defense Level +1
Vitality +10
Vitality +10
Lord of All Beasts (2) Wild and strong from birth, he was given the title 'King of Beasts'
by the Untamed Elders for his great war feats. In his later years,
he pioneered many skills that are now essential, such as Stomp of
the Beast King, Beast King's Inspiration, Bestial Onslaught, and
Bestial Rage.
WA Emperor Aurogon.png Emperor Aurogon Soulprime Critical Hit Rate +1%
Defense Level +1
Vitality +10
Inner Devil (4) Absorbing the consciousness of all beings in this world, the
Wheel of Eternity grew a self-awareness that attracts wraiths.
Aurogon, the serpent demon, was born as a result of this.
WA Tiger Won.png Tiger Won Lifeprime Physical Attack +64
Magic Attack +64
Critical Hit Rate +1%
Wiseman (2) This brilliant inventor designed the Human's crystal-powered
Aerosword, and helped the Untamed domesticate the first Sparrow
WA Anonymous Wiseman.png Anonymous Wiseman Battle Physical Res. +180
Magic Res. +180
Critical Hit Rate +1%
Wiseman (2) In the middle of the first Millennium War, a gravely ill man
from the Primal World helped the Humans with his marvelous
pyrocraft. He made some improvements to the pyrogram spell,
greatly enhancing its firing range. These developments turned
the tide of battle.
WA Jane the Harper.png Jane the Harper Durability Critical Hit Rate +1%
Critical Hit Rate +1%
Vitality +10
None The first queen of the Ancestral Land, and the mother of Mayen,
the Dark Empress. She fell in Pon Jay, a wizard from Etherblade
City who later died in a battle against the Fire Dragon Clan.
When Mayen was old enough to inherit the throne, Janice
peacefully joined her husband in death.
WA Grand Wizard Tensa.png Grand Wizard Tensa Lifeprime Attack Level +1
Attack Level +1
Magic +10
Nuema Portal (6) Grand Wizard Tensa is the most powerful Human wizard of all time.
She is the one who created the Undine Strike and Soporific Whisper
WA Soul Controller Saki.png Soul Controller Saki Soulprime Attack Level +1
Attack Level +1
Dexterity +10
Nuema Portal (6) As a disciple of Tensa, Soul Controller Saki became the first
psychic. Due to her ability to control soulforce instead of
elements, Saki was not regarded by traditional wizards. Instead,
she taught her skills to the Tideborn, who were eager to achieve
psychic powers.
WA The Incacerate.png The Incacerate Longevity Attack Level +1
Attack Level +1
Strength +10
Warsong City (6) The supreme commander of the Wraith Army, and a man of great
wisdom and power, he takes charge of this mysterious army under
the orders of the Wraith Ancestor. Fearless and uncompromising,
he marches forward in battle with frightening willpower.
WA Winged Commander.png Winged Commander Destroyer Physical Res. +180
Physical Res. +180
Attack Level +1
None A powerful man who controls the Archosaur Commanders. He is as
ambitious as he is calculating, always watching and waiting in
silence for the perfect strike.
WA General Helian.png General Helian Destroyer Magic Res. +180
Magic Res. +180
Attack Level +1
None An outstanding general who is greatly respected by his subordinates.

Level S+ Cards[edit | edit source]

These cards are currently unobtainable, however can be seen in the War Avatar Book.

Image Name Type Bonus Stats Set Description
WA Light Emperor Alexander.png Light Emperor Destroyer Physical Res. +180
HP +135
Attack Level +1
Defense Level +1
Five (6) The Light Emperor, first king of the Light Nation. In his
youth, he led his army in battle against 400,000 soldiers from
the north. After claiming victory, he was elected king by 36
warlords, and established the capital city of Neverfall.
WA Frost Emperor Eldros.png Frost Emperor Eldros Battle Magic Res. +180
Attack Level +1
Defense Level +1
Vitality +10
Five (6) The Frost Emperor, a great king who unified the north and
expanded his rule southward. Aftering suffering defeat at the
hands of Alexander, he retreated back to the north frontier
and built Glacier City, capital of the Frost Nation.
WA Ying Siga.png Ying Siga Longevity Physical Attack +64
Magic Attack +64
Critical Hit Rate +1%
Defense Level +1
Five (6) The headstrong Emperor of the Flame Nation, and patriarch
of the Fire Dragon Clan. With unshakable pride and ambition,
he established Durna, capital of the Flame Nation.
WA Mayen.png Mayen Durability Physical Attack +64
Magic Attack +64
Attack Level +1
Vitality +10
Five (6) The daughter of Janice, the first Dark Empress. She inherited
the throne at the tender age of 18 and built the City of Peace,
where she ruled as the Dark Empress.
WA Dorian.png Dorian Soulprime Critical Hit Rate +1%
Attack Level +1
Defense Level +1
Vitality +10
Five (6) The Dark Emperor, a man of the sea and master naval strategist,
leads the Twilight Empire and rules the waters. Though he is an
emperor, his appearance and mannerisms are like those of a sea
WA Lord Tyrant.png Lord Tyrant Lifeprime HP +135
Attack Level +1
Defense Level +1
Strength +10
Five (6) The emperor of the Primal World. After the gods abandoned the
Primal World, he ensured the survival of his people and built a
new empire.He eventually became a greedy Tyrant hated by all.