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A female Luneskan Templar.

The Luneskans are an aggressive race that conquered Luneska City and the Icy Snowfield in Primal World. They can use both magic and physical attacks in combat. The Luneskans fooled Grand Wizard Tensa into teaching them her powerful spells and used her magic for their evil schemes.

The Luneskan Princess Moonhowler pledged her troops to aid Tyrant Prince Mushi, the son of Lord Tyrant. Princess Moonhowler had also stolen the Frost Emperor's sword Matchless Valor which was being guarded by the Oren. Emperor Alexander needed the Matchless Valor to help the people of the four nations that had been trapped in Primal World. Princess Moonhowler's twin sister, Princess Moondreamer was against Tyrant Prince Mushi, but failed to stop her sister from following Mushi and was imprisoned as a result.

The Luneskans play a major in the Primal World quest line for Astral Sky and are the primary antagonists players have to fight against in order to retrieve the Frost Emperor's sword and to defeat Tyrant Prince Mushi once and for all. The players will help Alexander ally with the Oren to lead an assault on Luneska City to reclaim it.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Luneskans have a humanoid appearance with white or light blue skin colors. Some Luneskans have horns, spikes or claws. Male Luneskans tend to wear armor with black fur, while female Luneskans wear beautiful outfits reminiscent of shrine maidens.