Lycaeum of Cultivation

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Lycaeum of Cultivation
(Lycaeum, Veno Instance, Pet Instance)
Location:Southeast of Archosaur
Recommended Level:Level 100+
Player Limit:1
Armored Tyrannosaur(pwdb)

The Lycaeum of Cultivation was introduced in the PWI Rising Call content update. It is a dungeon where venomancers can farm Feral Soul Stars to use in the Venomancer Pet Evolution system.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The dungeon is available for venomancers level 100 and above, however if they have reawakened they can enter the Lycaeum of Cultivation at any level. It is a solo instance from which venomancers can obtain Feral Soul Stars that are used for the Venomancer Pet Evolution feature.

The quest can be taken at the Mrs. Zoologist (585 620) in southeast Archosaur once per day between 8:00 AM and 11:30 PM server time. Players can pick up the yellow quest for the pass. The pass lasts 15 minutes. With the pass in their inventory, players have to talk to the Mrs. Zoologist again to enter. If the player is in a squad they will be unable to enter the dungeon. The dungeon requires PK mode to function properly, but the are ways to work around it.

Inside the Lycaeum[edit | edit source]

Enraged Guards[edit | edit source]

Inside the dungeon there is a semi-circle of Enraged Guards, waiting for the enemy monsters that will spawn from a purple-looking portal on the west. In order to defeat incoming monsters players will have to activate the guards to attack them. In order to activate the guards players have to press Ctrl on their keyboard and click a skill to attack them. This only works in PK mode. You must click the skill in your hotbar or skill window; using your hotkeys will not work.

Attacking an already activated guard will switch their mode between fire (magic) and physical. Some monsters may be immune to magic or to physical damage players have to carefully switch between the two modes. Activating a new guard will cost 100 credits, so players can only activate guards as they earn credits from defeating monsters. The order players activate the guards does not matter. They can be activated in any order.

Sly Foxes[edit | edit source]

Sometimes a fox monster called Sly Fox will try to sneak past and go to the other side at the portal. players have to have their pet out to quickly kill the sneaky fox. The fox is so the recommend pets are either a ranged pet or a fast moving pet that can kill the fox in a couple of hits. If foxes manage to run into the portal players will lose credit. The fox has high magic resistance and low physical resistance.

Naughty Puffbird[edit | edit source]

The Naughty Puffbird is located on the west. It can be attacked to activate and cycle through its debuffs which include:

  • Reduce Health - Use it on Raving Teddies.
  • Slow movement speed - Use it on Kowlins.
  • Reduce defenses - Use it on Armored Shaodu Cubs.

It is essential for players to pick the right debuffs for the monster waves. The Enraged Guards cannot kill the monsters effectively without the puffbird's debuffs.

Monster Waves[edit | edit source]

There are 10 monster waves in total all of which will spawn a random type of monster. Players have to carefully pick the correct puffbird debuffs and guard modes in order to kill the monsters. The last wave is always a boss called Armored Tyrannosaur. There will be a system message before the beginning of each wave, announcing what type of monsters are entering the Lycaeum.

When the boss arrives, it is recommended to start with Parasitic Nova at the puffbird so it can keep the boss locked down to allow payers to cycle through the puffbird's debuffs. Players can then keep rotating through Stunning Blow and Parasitic Nova slow the boss down as much as possible. A successful rotation of those two skills should allow the guards to kill the boss. This is particularly useful for those that lost credit and were unable to activate all Enraged Guards. Players can also use Amplify Damage on the boss to help the guards kill it faster.

Feral Souls[edit | edit source]

Sometimes special monsters will enter the Lycaeum between waves and their entrance will be announce by a system message "Feral souls are entering the Lycaeum of Cultivation!". Each monster requires a specific approach otherwise the guards will be unable to kill it.

  • Evergreen Cactopod

Use Soul Degeneration to prevent its fast Health regeneration.

  • Blessed Fossil Dino

Purge its debuffs.

  • Rock-hard Tortoise

Kill using wood spells.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Credit Reward
0 - 400 32 Feral Soul Stars
400-699 40 Feral Soul Stars
700-999 52 Feral Soul Stars
1000 70 Feral Soul Stars

If the player gets negative credit they will still get 32 Feral Soul Stars, which is the default amount. Getting credit over 400 will give players a 0.15% chance at receiving a pet skill as a reward, while getting credit over 700 will increase the chance to 0.5%. The pet skills include Claw and Bless. Getting the perfect score of 1000 will give players a 4% chance of receiving the skill Bewitch (Squirrel), a variant of the venomancer skill Bewitch.

Video Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

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