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The Combos window, shown on the right side of the Skills window.

A macro, also referred to as a combo, allows the player to use multiple skills in a particular order by only clicking on the macro, rather than clicking on each skill to cast them. Macros can be accessed through the Skills window by pressing the R key, and are located to the bottom-right of the window. Macros can also be assigned to your hotkeys bars and used as if it were a regular skill. This must be done in order to use the macro regularly.

Macros are essential to using the Auto-Cultivation system. While a normal attack or regular skill can be used in the system, macros allow the character to fight more effectively.

Creating a Macro[edit | edit source]

You can create a macro by navigating to the Skills window and clicking on the "New" button at the bottom-right of the window, where the Combo section is located. This will open up a window within the Skills window. You cannot set a name for a macro, though you can select an icon for the macro from a selection within the window to identify the macro easier in the Skills window and your hotkeys bars. To select an icon, left-click on the icon of choice in the Icons section of the window.

To add skills to a macro, left-click and drag desired skills from their place in the Skills window to an empty slot in the Combos window. It can be placed in any slot. Skills can be moved around by left-clicking and dragging them into different slots in the Combos window. Placing them on other skills in the window will cause the two skills to be swapped around rather than be overwritten. They can also be moved around by left-clicking on the skill in the Combos window and clicking the two arrows on either side of the "Move" label to the upper right of the Combos window. This causes the selected skill to shift one place to the left or right depending on which arrow is clicked. If another skill is adjacent to the one you want to move, then those two skills will be swapped around.

To remove a skill from the macro itself, left-click and drag the skill icon from the Combos window outside of the Skills window, and it will disappear. Note that it needs to be dragged away from the window entirely for it to be successfully removed.

Macros can also be configured to repeat themselves rather than only cycle through skills once. This can be done by dragging the "Repeat" icon, the curved arrow icon, located above the icons section into an empty slot. Usually this is placed in the first slot of the macro however it can be placed in other slots to only repeat skills at a certain part of the macro instead.

Once you are satisfied with your macro, click the "Save" button and it will be saved into your Skills window.

Editing a Macro[edit | edit source]

To edit a macro, click on its icon in the Skills window and click the "Edit" button at the bottom-right of the window, where the Combo section is located. This will open a Combos window with your current macro setup shown. Editing a macro works identically to creating a macro. Once you are finished editing the macro, click the "Save" button and all changes to it will be saved.

Deleting a Macro[edit | edit source]

To delete a macro, click on its icon in the Skills window and click the "Delete" button at the bottom-right of the window, where the Combo section is located. After clicking this button, the macro will instantly be deleted; there is no confirmation window that appears. Note that if the macro has been assigned to your hotkey bar the icon will change into a curved arrow icon. It will not be functional, however creating a new macro in the same slot will also save it to the slot in the hotkey bar if you have not removed the previously-deleted macro, making it functional again.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If the next skill in your macro is in cooldown, then it will skip that skill and move on to the next skill that is not in cooldown in the macro.
  • Passive skills cannot be added to a macro, but support skills such as buffs can be added.
  • To stop a macro, the easiest way is to move your character or cast another skill. Note that at times this does not always work.
  • Targeting a different monster or player while using a macro will cause the macro to stop. This also applies to supportive skills.
  • Skills with Glyphs embedded in them can be placed on a macro. Removing or changing the Glyph in the skill will adjust it in the macro accordingly.
  • Some skills may not work properly in macros, such as the seeker skill Blade Affinity, which breaks the macro after it has been cast.
    • In the case of a macro with Blade Affinity, the player must activate the macro a second time to allow it to cycle through the rest of the skills.