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Players in Perfect World have the opportunity to become married to one another. While married both players will have their significant other displayed above their own name as the wife or husband of the other partner. Other players who come across these two characters will know that they are a couple. In addition to this title, married couples will receive a bundle of gifts in celebration of their union. They will also gain the ability to manage each other's Homestead and gain access to dailly Marriage Quests with which they can farm a variety of items including Fashion and the ability to teleport to their spouse, though only useable in open world.

Getting Married[edit | edit source]

In order to get married, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The couple must be composed of a male and a female character.
  • Both characters must be at least level 20 in order to be given the quest.
  • The male character will need to open the Bridegroom Pack and the female character will need to open the Bride Pack. Both packs are bought from the Boutique. Have at least 5 inventory slots available when opening the packages to obtain all the items.
  • The couple must be in a squad together with no additional members. Any other users present in the squad will disqualify you from the marriage process.

Now that both users are ready to get married, simply click on the Eldest Matchmaker NPC located at (522 655) at West Archosaur and select "Quest Related". Each user will need to complete the "Matrimony" quest. For males they will need to turn in the "Stamp of Eternity" and the females will need to turn in "Silk of Eternity". These items are provided in your associated marriage packs.

Once both sides have completed the quest the current squad leader will then proceed to finalize the union by speaking to the Eldest Matchmaker one more time. The final part of the quest is also called "Matrimony" so at this point all you need to do is complete it is to have the Squad leader speak to the Matchmaker again to complete the quest.

Wedding Ceremony[edit | edit source]

After the marriage has been completed, you can speak to the Eldest Matchmaker to teleport you to the foyer. There, you can talk to the Wedding Usher and set a date and time for a Wedding Ceremony. The ceremony times are server times so pay attention. If you mistakenly choose wrong time/date you will have to pay 3 million coins to cancel.

You can choose between the western style Wedding Chapel or the eastern style Phoenix Nest.

Marriage Quests[edit | edit source]

There are 7 marriage quests available, one for each day of the week. Marriage quest can only be completed by a married couple. The couple must be together in a squad with no additional person in the squad or quest might fail. If one or both couples disconnect, log off or leave the squad when marriage quest is in progress, the quest might fail. Marriage quest can be started from Matchmaker Servant NPC in West Archosaur.


  • Sad Lonely Widow: talk to the NPC Lonely Widow near the lake in Tomb of Shining Tide (near Orchid Temple). Go north from Archosaur to reach this place.
  • Lakeside Lady: keep talking to the NPC Lonely Widow
  • The Governor: kill boss Chinling Governor. He has 80k HP, level 150. He will do alot of damage if you attack him from range. Go in front of him so he only does 1 damage. Return to NPC Lonely Widow to get your reward.


  • Tessa's Problem: talk to NPC Tessa in Nameless Isle. Go east from Archosaur to reach this place.
  • Save Leon: kill Lesser Spiders to spawn the Giantfang Spiders boss. There's no specific amount on how many spiders you need to kill (it's like quest items, sometimes drops fast, sometimes not). Lesser Spiders are level 150 and have around 15k? hp. The Giantfang Spiders have 80k hp and level 150.
  • Reunion: talk to NPC Leon who now appears next to Tessa. You need to talk to Leon quick because he will disappear after a while. If he disappears, you can't complete the quest. You also notice that the island is now filled with green leaves.


  • Love Letter: talk to NPC Cho Wenchun in the corner of South Archosaur behind the Zookeeper NPC.
  • Wenchun Letter: talk to NPC Suma the Learned which is located in North Archosaur.
  • Reunited: OK for this part, you and your partner have to kill separate mobs and pay 5k coins to different NPC (I have to confirm whether for males, you have to pay coins or not cause females pay coins to the merchant NPC in South Archosaur). You also need to kill Frail Blob (for females) to get quest item --> not 100% drop rate. Frail Blobs are located in Southern and Western Outskirts of Archosaur. Males have to kill the tree mobs in Northern Outskirts of Archosaur. Once you pay the coins and get the item, return to NPC Cho Wenchun. Lastly, talk to Suma the Learned to finish your marriage quest and get the reward.


  • Happy Ending (Rion): talk to NPC Rion near Great Lake. Go southwest from Archosaur to reach this place.
  • Rescue: kill 2 bosses, Nightspike Strider and Nightspike Cannibal. One of the bosses does nasty hp debuff twice (dropped my base HP from 7010 to pathetic 1.6k and dropped my hubby's HP from 13k to 3.3k). Remember to go in front of the boss to receive 1 damage. Another boss does MP drain debuff that can't be purified.

Remember to kill the bosses fast or you die. I've heard stories of r9T3+10 people who die from these bosses so please don't fool around with these bosses. Each boss has 80k hp, level 150.

  • Convoy the Kids: talk to NPC Rion again to turn in the quests and get quest items.
  • Find Reese: talk to NPC Reese near Plume Lake to complete the quest.


  • White Saintess: talk to NPC Hsu Hsian near Valley of Hidden Orchid. Go south from Archosaur to reach this place.
  • Silverware: kill Argenweave Mantis, level 3x mobs, to get 5 quest items. Drop rate is about 5-10% (yes, it took us forever to collect all 5 items).
  • Disciple: talk to NPC Hsu Hsian again to give the items.
  • Rescue: kill boss Aegis Tower Disciple, 80k hp, lvl 150. The tower can't move. After the boss dies, NPC White Saintess appears in the remnants of the tower. Talk to him quickly before another tower spawns or you'll get stuck on the tower.


  • Sui Irin: talk to NPC Sui Irin in Allies Camp. Go northeast of Archosaur to reach this place.
  • Lovesickness: collect 5 quest items (digging outside Allies Camp)
  • Doctor: show the items to NPC Sui Irin
  • The Medicine: go to NPC Foreign Monk in Angler's Village and get another quest item from the NPC.
  • Save Chang: take the item to NPC Scholar Chang in Allies Camp.
  • Reply to Sui Irin: talk to NPC Sui Irin again.
  • Love Poet: talk to NPC Scholar Chang to complete the quest.


  • Steadiness: go to NPC Monument of Faith near Sanctuary (just next to a lake). Go southeast of Archosaur to reach this place.
  • Disturber: kill 10 Pedalbiter Batwings just above the monument. They are level 150, but hit very low damage and easy to kill.
  • The Flower: dig 5 flowers around the monument.
  • The Notice: dig 1 quest item in front of the monument. Take turn digging with your partner.
  • Sincere Memory: auto complete quest after the above quests are finished. You will see soft-pink cherry blossom leaves fall down on the screen and a rainbow appears on top of the lake. This place is so romantic! (which is why I love this quest)

Reward for all quests:

  • Sincerity Pack (x1) = contains mirage celestones (97% chance), pets (3% chance)
  • Sweet Memory (x2) = can be exchanged for Lover's Reward in Matchmaker Servant
  • Reflective Shard (x1) = 1 hour of EXP in Realm of Reflection
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