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A Mini World Boss is a type of World Boss, so-called because of their smaller size, lower health, and lower difficulty. There are a total of 12 Mini World Bosses which appear on the Midlands map and all of the Chrono World maps (Old Heaven's Tear, Old Unicorn Forest, Old Valley of the Scarred, and Old Moonshade Desert). Each boss is level 150 with 184,903 HP, and can be soloed by most classes at level 90 and above.

Hunting Mini World Bosses can be often competitive due to the items they drop and are typically killed quickly after they spawn. All bosses will first spawn after the weekly server maintenance; the servers will typically come online in the early hours of Wednesday each week. After they have been killed, they will respawn roughly every 24 hours. It is easiest to find a Mini World Boss after a weekly server maintenance.

Some Mini World Bosses are killed for title quests, and do not drop any items. These bosses can be spawned outside of their regular respawn time using a Wraith Order item, crafted with 10 Lucky Coins and 500,000 Silver Coins at Assistant Wang Tsai in Archosaur.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Each Mini World Boss will drop a total of 15 items by default. The amount of items dropped increases during a double drop event (Deiciter White and Deiciter Black do not drop any items).

Item Chance
Celestone of Heaven.png Celestone of Heaven 20%
Celestone of Earth.png Celestone of Earth 20%
Celestone of Human.png Celestone of Human 20%
Mirage Celestone.png Mirage Celestone 19.9111%
Scarlet Fruit 6.6667%
Ironguard Powder 3.3333%
Dew of Star Protection 2%
Samsara Wheel 2%
Calmness Dew 2%
God's Tea 2%
Vacuity Powder 2%
Chrono Page 0.0889%

List of Bosses[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Location Respawn Timer Spawn Delay
(After Server Reset)
Deathrenderer.png Deathrenderer Old Heaven's Tear
(371 506) ↑26
24 hr +0 mins
Hum Hum.png Hum Hum Old Unicorn Forest
(313 610)
24 hr +0 mins
Duke Nicolas.png Duke Nicolas Old Valley of the Scarred
(491 614) ↑25
24 hr +0 mins
Stiren General.png Stiren General Old Moonshade Desert
(438 475)
24 hr +0 mins
Strong Mini WB.png Strong World Map
(569 474)
24 hr +0 mins
Deiciter White.png Deiciter White World Map
(236 934)
24 hr +0 mins
Deiciter Black.png Deiciter Black World Map
(347 939)
22 hr 53 mins +7 mins
Sutrixx.png Sutrixx World Map
(252 828)
23 hr 27 mins +43 mins
Snow Bear.png Snow Bear World Map
(160 732)
23 hr 43 mins +1 hour
Desire of the End.png Desire of The End World Map
(106 407)
24 hr 17 mins +1 hr 17 mins
Earthsharp Clawzard.png Earthsharp Clawzard World Map
(105 336)
24 hr 33 mins +1 hr 34 mins
Razorteeth Tyrant.png Razorteeth Tyrant World Map
(656 592) ↑23
24 hr 50 mins +1 hr 51 mins