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The Monkey Pet Group includes pets that most venomancers will first encounter when traveling through the Celestial Vale. All of the pets in this group are land pets and begin at a low level, making them a decent beginner pet.

Pet Growth[edit | edit source]

Monkey Growth Chart. It is empty due to an error.

Unlike other pet groups, the monkey pet group's growth chart is not easily available in-game. It was possibly missed when the monkey pets were added into the game, due to them being later additions.

Pet Growth Chart
Statistic Rank Growth Per Level
Health 3 27.5
Regeneration 2 0.555556
Attack ? ?
Physical Defense 2 66.6668
Magic Defense 4 80
Accuracy 6 23.3333
Evasion 4 13.3333
Speed ? ? m/s

Pet Food[edit | edit source]

Members[edit | edit source]

Monkey Baby.png

Monkey Baby
Level: 3

Berrywood Monkey.png

Berrywood Monkey
Level: 3

Dusk Monkey.png

Dusk Monkey
Level: 3

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