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Goldmane Lion mount.

The land of Perfect World is vast and traveling some distance at times is inevitable. Although flying is the preferred method of long distance travel in the game, the truth is that ground mounts are a lot faster when an area that you want to go to is too far for walking, yet too close to be necessary for flying.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Mounts are an assortment of creatures that provide a fast method of transportation. They can only be used on the ground. Ground mounts are stored in your pet bag and must be summoned to be used. While on a ground mount, you can only single jump and cannot attack.

Mounts have to be fed much like Venomancer pets. The higher the loyalty, the less chance that it will de-summon when hit by an enemy. Loyalty is increased by feeding your mount. If you have a tome equipped, you will not need to feed it once 50%+ loyalty is achieved. High loyalty helps the mount level up faster.

Players will be given their first mount in the Celestial Vale. Additional mounts can be bought from Pet Manager NPCs, obtained through the Roll Call daily, farmed from Morai orders, obtained from Token Packs, bought from the Boutique or Event Boutique, and obtained from various events, promos or contests.

Upgrading Mount Speed[edit | edit source]

Mounts start with an initial speed, their base speed. Over time they will gain experience and level up to 11 and reach max speed. Each level gives the mount an additional 0.1 m/s. The max speeds are 8.0 m/s, 9.0 m/s, 10.0 m/s, or 11.0 m/s. Mounts are not stuck in the speed they start with; with spurs, a player can increase a max speed 9.0 m/s to 11.0 m/s. Some mounts cannot be upgraded, as they come with the highest available base speed and can reach max speed.

To level your mount all you need to do is to be sitting on it. The default EXP gain of mounts is 10 EXP every 5 minutes. With full loyalty you get 15 EXP every 5 minutes. Every level requires 10 more EXP than the level before, with 50 EXP needed at level 1, and 140 EXP needed at level 10. It takes about 5 hours and 20 minutes of riding your mount to level it from 1 to 11 at max loyalty.

Spurs[edit | edit source]

Spurs of Alacrity

  • Cost: 10 Gold (Original Price), 7 Gold (Temporary Sale)
  • Effect: Boost a base 8 speed mount to 9. Also lowers level requirement from 40 to 20.

Galewind Spurs

  • Cost: 15 Gold (Original Price), 10 Gold (Temporary Sale)
  • Effect: Boost a base 9 speed mount to 10. Also lowers level requirement from 60 to 20.

Dyeing a Mount[edit | edit source]

Some mounts can be dyed. So far the list of what can be dyed is limited to four mounts. The Chronobike, the Graceful Antelope, the Fierce Warhound, and the Elegant Goldfish. The process of how to dye one of these is the same way as dyeing Fashion in the game, using Pigments.