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Nation Wars.png
Minimum level: 60+

Entry Time: 8:20pm every Friday and Sunday (server time)
Nation Wars is a group PvP event that any number of players may participate in.
The event is based off of the game "Capture the Flag".

Introduction[edit | edit source]

At 8:15pm (server time) every Friday and Sunday Overseer Aeban spawns near Deputy Drakh in all main cities. He gives you a quest item and at 8:20 you can talk to him again to enter Nation Wars. You will be randomly assigned to one of the 4 nations (frost, flame, dark, light).

::: Squads will be assigned to the same nations. Note that only leader has to "Join the battle" when everyone has their pass.

You spawn in your nation's base in the safe zone. Each territory has a save zone map, and a battlefield.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Ready to battle?[edit | edit source]

If you press 'M' a so called strategic map will show up. It shows all territories nations own, where are the battles and
how many people there are if you hoover over a certain part. Map also allows you to move to the selected battle-field.

::: Blue marked territories just ended a war. They can't be attacked for next 3 minutes.

You can attack all the territories that are in contact with the land your nation owns, unless there is a battle blocking your way.
To attack one or join the existing battle, click on the territory and a purple line will show your path along with the yellow icon
showing where you are traveling (see the image above). You can stop on any territory on the way and continue your path from there.
The time needed to travel depends on how far you go.

Battlefield[edit | edit source]

If you are the attacker you get red name and red spawn point, if you are the defender you get blue.
Each battle has a 25 minute time limit and you are free to leave it at any time. Note that if you leave, you are spawned on the base territory where you first began.
You can die up to 5 times, after that you are spawned in main base.

You can use mounts and fly up to 8 meters.

::: Opponents have their name hidden.

How to win >

Winner is the side that first reaches 20 points or has the most points after 25 minute.
After victory/defeat, you get a timer and are spawned to nearest safe-zone map.

  • Safe-zone map = save zone on any of the territories your nation owns. It's not a part of battle field and only accessible on lands which are not in war.

Buffs[edit | edit source]

There are 2 types of buffs. Ones you get after each time you die in a battle, the others are available from Overseers on each territory for players level 99 and below.

After-death buffs >

After you die and re-spawn on same map, you get the HP buff, Magic defense buff, Physical defense buff, and half full chi.

Beast King's Inspiration.pngMagic Shell.pngAura of the Golden Bell.png

Overseer buffs >

Overseers are 4 NPCs on the battle-field, 2 per each nation. Ally Overseers give players level 99 and below buffs and attack levels, depending on player's level. You can also attack the enemy Overseers for chi.

Flag[edit | edit source]

How to obtain points to win a territory >

There are 3 flag spawn points, but only one flag is available at time. When you pick the flag, a message will notify all the players in the field about it and your side will gain 1 point. If you successfully carry the flag to your capture point (see map) your side will gain 10 points.
After 45 sec a message pops up saying that the flag has reset (on one of the 3 spawn points).
The flag also resets if the flag carrier dies, or you carry it for longer then 8 min.

Flag side effects >

- You are visible on the map (it's red no matter which side is carrying it).
- Reduced movement speed.
- Cannot use genie skills (can use normal skills and apothecary).
- Cannot fly or use mount.
- Cannot use stealth.

Personal points[edit | edit source]

Points are apparently awarded from all actions - including, but not limited to >
- Dealing damage.
- Killing.
- Damage healed.
- Picking up flag.
- Delivering flag.
- How well your team does on the battle-field.
- Presence on the territory when battle ends.
- All together how many territories your nation won.

The other thing that matters is how many people are participating and your points compared to theirs. There is a set number of tokens award, distributed among players by their contribution. For example if there were 10 players with similar points at the end (doesn't matter if high or low), the reward would be equally distributed among them. If there were 9 players with high points and one with really low, the 9 players would get a bit more then in previous scenario and the last player barely anything.

::: Even if you leave a territory, you will be awarded for you actions on it when the battle is over.

Chat system[edit | edit source]

[Battle] - access using normal chat, heard by current battle-field allies, free.
[Nation] - access using trade chat, heard by whole nation, 10k fee.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

After the event is finished at 10:20pm (server time), you are then sent a reward by mail in the form of 'Tokens'.
The reward is calculated depending on your performance and what place your nation came in (See link below for details).
You may use the tokens for various valued materials at the forges by Overseer Aeban in North Archosaur.

FAQ[edit | edit source]

Q: I'm on a battle field, but when I try to travel to the one near it, it says "cannot move".
A: Press M and "leave the battlefield", after that you are able to go on different spot.

Q: There is an isolated territory surrounded by enemy territories so it says I can't go there, but there are players on it, how did they got there?
A: They got on the territory before the enemy won the one blocking the way.

Q: I got more points than last time, but less tokens...wth?
A: Points - tokens ratio isn't stable, it depends on points everyone else got, as well as amount of players.

Q: Why did I not receive reward ?!
A: Patience. The rewards will be sent up to midnight, server time.

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