Naughty Snowman

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The Snowman Tamer.

Naughty Snowman is a series of repeatable holiday event quests, usually available during the month of December for Christmas. The quests are available to players that are level 20+. There are a total of 4 quests, named Naughty Snowman I, II, III, and IV. Only one of these quests will be available at each Snowman Tamer at any given time, and will typically rotate depending on how many players complete the quests.(verify)

Players can take the quest from the Snowman Tamer located in the following cities:

Description[edit | edit source]

Help the Snowman Tamer to send 40 Christmas Snowmen away. The snowmen will be sent to their snow world instantly after being defeated.(This quest will automatically complete after 40 Snowman have been defeated.)

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Each Naughty Snowman quest has the same objective to kill 40 Snowmen. These Snowmen can only be found in Archosaur, Etherblade City, City of the Lost, and City of the Plume. They do not spawn in other starter cities. They can only be killed using physical damage and only have 1 HP.

The quest will complete automatically once all 40 are killed, and players can pick up the quest again.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Christmas sets that can come from Christmas Stockings.

The amount of experience and spirit awarded depends on the quality of the quest.

  • Naughty Snowman I: 2000 Experience, 400 Spirit
  • Naughty Snowman II: 4000 Experience, 800 Spirit
  • Naughty Snowman III: 6000 Experience, 1200 Spirit
  • Naughty Snowman IV: 10000 Experience, 2000 Spirit

Completing any of the 4 quests will award the player with a Christmas Stocking which contains a random item, ranging from celestones to shards to fashion.

Item Chance
Mirage Celestone.png Mirage Celestone 17.752%
Scarlet Fruit.png Scarlet Fruit 5%
Big Head Pill.png Fat Bro Pill 5%
Big Head Pill.png Pumpkinhead Pill 5%
Celestone of Heaven.png Celestone of Heaven 5%
Celestone of Earth.png Celestone of Earth 5%
Celestone of Human.png Celestone of Human 5%
Celestone Fragments.png Celestone Fragments x2 10%
Yiyuan Stone.png Yiyuan Stone x10 12%
Christmas Jacket Icon.png Christmas Jacket 0.031%
Christmas Coat Icon.png Christmas Coat 0.031%
Christmas Gloves Icon.png Christmas Gloves 0.031%
Christmas Mittens Icon.png Christmas Mittens 0.031%
Christmas Pants Icon.png Christmas Pants 0.031%
Christmas Skirt Icon.png Christmas Skirt 0.031%
Christmas Boots Icon.png Christmas Boots 0.031%
Christmas High Heels Icon.png Christmas High Heels 0.031%
Garnet Shard.png Blemished Garnet Shard 3%
Sapphire Shard.png Blemished Sapphire Shard 3%
Citrine Shard.png Blemished Citrine Shard 3%
Amber Shard.png Blemished Amber Shard 3%
Turquoise Shard.png Blemished Turquoise Shard 3%
Alabaster Shard.png Blemished Alabaster Shard 3%
Aquamarine Shard.png Blemished Aquamarine Shard 3%
Ruby Shard.png Blemished Ruby Shard 3%
Amethyst Shard.png Blemished Amethyst Shard 3%
Topaz Shard.png Blemished Topaz Shard 3%