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The city of Neverfall.

The Neverfall Quest Chain is a series of quest chains that take place in the Western Steppes. It is one of the longest series of quest chains in the game. It focuses on the story of why the continent was separated from the rest of Perfect World for 2000 years, and what has occurred since then. The quest chains are essential to complete in order to unlock Glyph slots, Dawnlight Halls, and the Chaotic Soul and Celestial Saint cultivations.

There are 5 different quest chains in the Neverfall Quest Chain: Map to Neverfall, First Contact, Millennium War, A Dark Dawn, and Sacred Sepulcher. Each quest chain has different requirements and become available as the player levels up their boundary level. The quest chains are listed in the Perfect World Anecdote. Four of the quests are listed in the Western Continent part of the Anecdote, and one is listed in the Classic section. Completing all of the quest chains will award players with a total of 5 Insight Points. Completing the Millennium War quest chain will award players with the Witness of History title.

Players can begin the quest chain with Map to Neverfall once they are level 100 with a Boundary level of Mirage Sky 1. The requirements for future quest chains increase to Astral Sky 10, Shifting Sky 10, and Twilight Sky 6 as the player progresses. These quest chains were locked behind Historical Phases, a system where players on a single server must complete certain daily quests to unlock new content. All Historical Phases have been completed and all parts of the quest chain have been unlocked.

Accessing the Western Steppes[edit | edit source]

The Dream Seeker.

After completing the Map to Neverfall quest chain, the player will receive a Neverfall Ticket. The player must board The Dream Seeker at the end of the docks using their Neverfall Ticket. If they do not have their Neverfall Ticket they can purchase another one from the Dream Seeker Captain for 1000 silver coins.

The Dream Seeker leaves every 5 minutes or after 36 passengers have boarded the ship. When boarding the ship, the player may need to fly as the dock itself has gaps the player can fall through. To get on the ship, double-click on the ship where the cursor changes into a horse and carriage. A window will appear allowing the player to select a seat by clicking on the vehicle positions, and then clicking the Enter button. The player will be teleported on the ship where they can eject from the ship by clicking the curved arrow button in the middle of the screen.

To get to the Western Steppes the player must stay boarded on the ship throughout the entire journey. It will eventually leave and make its way west. The screen will turn black and the player will be in the Western Steppes at Datun Docks. As a glitch some players might be ejected from the ship and might not be teleported to the Western Steppes. If this happens, wait for the ship at Dreamweaver Port and board it again, and if all else fails try relogging.

After these steps have been completed, the player can leave the Western Steppes using teleport stones or by taking a quest from a teleporter in the city of Neverfall. The player can re-enter the Western Steppes by talking to Messenger of Time Woyo, who is found in every race's capital city and in the north and south districts of Archosaur. If the player desires they can use the ship in Dreamweaver Port to teleport to the Western Steppes, however teleporting using Messenger of Time Woyo makes the journey much faster.

Upon entering the Western Steppes, a popup will appear mentioning the Arigora Colosseum. This quest is not related to the quest chain at all and is instead an introduction to the Arigora Colosseum, a cross-server PvP arena. The player will also have access to the Swords to Plowshares daily quest.

Quest Chains[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 5 different quest chains, each with their own set of requirements. They must be completed in order.

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