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Age of Spirits is the second expansion for Perfect World International. It was officially announced on April 28th, 2009 and released on May 13th, 2009. The main feature for the expansion was Genies, an equippable non-corporeal entity which comes with its own set of skills to assist the player in battle. It also introduced some quest log changes and new features: the Auto-Pathing and Find Quest features.

Further updates were made in July and September of 2009 to add new genie skills[1], and then later to adjust genie skills and revamp parts of the genie system.[2] These changes were not announced as content updates and are thus considered as regular patches.

There are no images available for the expansion; the game's website was revamped in 2009 and all images were lost and cannot be retrieved through internet archives.

Story[edit | edit source]

There is a world in where the abundance of creatures we know can live, our Perfect World. However, there exists other worlds, such as the Underworld where ghosts live, where things are totally different from the Perfect World. Besides these two worlds, there is another mystical world in this universe, the Elemental World.

The five elements, metal, wood, water, fire and earth, are the basis for system of life in Perfect World. This system existed before the gods created human, and it dominates the birth, age, illness and death of all creatures. Some people, after hardworking cultivation, have been able to learn a few elemental skills. However, few know the true meaning of the five elements.

Perfect World, the Underworld and the Elemental World exist in a delicate balance together. In the Elemental World, the Five Elemental Airs, each with a distinct color, dominate everything. The Five Elemental Airs system of the Elemental World is deeply intertwined with the Five Elements system in Perfect World. Anytime a system in one world becomes unbalanced, the other world will feel the change.

Before the worlds were created, the universe was in chaos, there were no elements, no creatures, no feeling and no thought. As billions of years passed, things began to evolve. After the creation of Perfect World, creatures with intelligence appeared. They had a mighty power named belief, which helped them to be the ruler of the world. At the same time, the five elements, developed thoughts and wills of their own, and finally evolved into a mystic being; Genie.

Genies are the babies of the five elements. They know how to use elemental skills innately and have a basic instinct to keep the balance of the all worlds. Genies mainly live in Elemental World, seldom of them can be seen in Perfect World. However, things are changing...

In the endless war between the Eastern Emperor Ching and Yaksa Tribes, Ching killed a god who was worshiped by Yaksa Tribes. This incident greatly destroyed the root of water and wood, unbalancing the Five Element System. At the same time, gods have been disappearing, ghosts are peeping everywhere, the situation has become worse and worse, and it seems that Perfect World may be coming to its end...

However, the Genies, with their innate instinct of maintaining the balance of the Five Elements System, have risen to save Perfect World.

News Releases[edit | edit source]

Because the expansion was released prior to 2010, news posts made for the expansion are no longer available on the game's official website. They can be found through internet archives however the website was not well-preserved prior to its revamp in 2010, with all images relating to the expansion missing.

The Age of Spirits expansion was first announced in an official news post on April 28th, 2009. It mentioned the main feature, named the Genie System, along with some images and other information about the system. Other features and changes were also mentioned such as an extended camera zoom, a blessing/healing filter, supply boxes, and an improved squad finder.[3] A trailer was also released.

On the 12th of May, 2009, two more news posts were made to the official website. The first announced that the expansion had been officially released along with a genie guide to help familiarize players with them[4], however the guide was quickly outdated and is no longer available on the website. The second post showcased the new find quest system and the Auto-Path feature, along with some images showing off these new features.[5]

Notable Features[edit | edit source]


  • Genies released. The Watcher of the Earth is the voice for the Genies. He can be found in major cities and can help players acquire a Genie and manage its skills.
  • Quest Log additions and changes:
    • Auto-Pathing: Now with each new quest, the Quest log will highlight in green the ending NPC as well as the monsters (if any) that are necessary to kill. You can then click on the green text to have your character auto-path to its location. You can also view where the monster or NPC appears in the different locations throughout the world if you click on the listed monster or NPC, and then bring up the main world map (by pressing the M key). Their locations are marked by pink colored waypoints.
    • The Find Quest feature has been entirely re-done! Now when you click on the "Find Quest" button, a new "Available Quests" listing will appear. From there you can view which quests are available to you, what the quest is, where the starting NPC is located, and where the quest reward giver is.


  • Revamped the Consignment Shop Buy/Sell windows.
  • Returned Chiah the Dancer NPC to Archosaur.
  • Removed the Cube of Fate Deathmatch Arena NPC from Cube of Fate room 1. He now appears in various locations in the major cities.
  • Myriad Rainbow (Venomancer skill): clarified which skill version is for which form.
  • Frost Arrow (Archer skill): tooltip clarified to properly state that it does physical damage, not water damage.
  • Wings of Grace (Archer skill): tooltip clarified to reflect the actual effect of the skill.
  • Various other localization changes have been made.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where users were getting an erroneous "map data out of phase with the server's" message.

Known Issues

  • Currently there is an issue with the Cube of Fate Room 50. When a player reaches room #50, and selects their reward choice, the player will be teleported into an empty Room #0. When this occurs, the player will have to use their Town Portal spell to return to Room #1, and then exit the Cube of Fate as normal.
Note: If you take the Mysterious Cog, you will not be able to progress to room 60 to finish fixing the Cog. Until this issue is resolved, we advise all players to select the Rewards Pack option.

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