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New Horizons is the seventh expansion for Perfect World International. It was released on December 18th 2013. A content update titled Chill of Luneska was later released on August 19th 2014.

Official Teaser Trailer[edit | edit source]

Official News[edit | edit source]

Expansion Story[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately, PWI New Horizons did not receive an Expansion Story.

Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

Patch Version 765
Released December 18th, 2013

New Features

  • Reawakening: By returning to level 1 and consolidating your power, you can permanently raise your stats. Reawakening unlocks an experience boost, a new questline, and the new Primal World zone.
  • New zone: The Primal World. Journey to the ancient land abandoned by Pan Gu, to fight new enemies and gain new rewards!
  • Historical Advancement: Advance the story through serverwide progression, completing quests to unlock new areas and quests.
  • War Avatar: Collect cards based on famous friends and foes of Perfect World to boost your stats!
  • Place of Origination: A new starting zone for new characters. Make your way from the Primal World to Perfect World with an exciting new series of quests!
  • New Skills: Upgrade to stronger versions of existing skills, including Sage and Demon versions, or try out a variety of brand-new skills found in the Primal World.
  • Cultivation Assistant: Automatically kill enemies to quickly level your character.

User Interface

  • The Event Calendar has been overhauled with more detailed information. It now allows you to automatically form squads for events, and even teleport directly there with a new Cash Shop item, Angel of Wishes.
  • The venomancer, Sheomay, can now be summoned from the Encyclopedia to provide helpful information. While she is out, clicking on a skill or item will automatically display its Encyclopedia entry.
  • Many dungeons have received updated maps in the style of Abaddon or the Seat of Torment.
  • The PK Protections button has been moved above your health bar.
  • The PK Mode toggle has been moved into the PK Protections pane.
  • A new Functions menu option has been added, containing Actions, the Encyclopedia, the Pet Bag, Commission Shops, and the Cultivation System.
  • A new rewards chest has been added to the upper left. Click it to receive rewards from leveling up, Reawakening, staying logged in, and more!


  • All skill tooltips have been rewritten for clarity, consistency, and accuracy. Skill functionality has not been changed.
  • Skill tooltips now list the amount of Chi generated by the skill.


  • Winged Pledge has been renamed to Wing Strike.
  • Wingspan has been renamed to Wing Burst.


  • Dagger Devotion has been renamed to Dagger Mastery.


  • True Form has been renamed to Tiger Form.


  • Aurora Array has been renamed to Aurora Burst.
  • Absorbing Array has been renamed to Aurora Blast.


  • Character customization has been expanded. A wider range of body sizes can now be created, and new presets have been added.
  • The Summonobot XL has returned to work in Abaddon after vacationing in the Crimson Imperium.
  • The Void Panther mount can no longer be dyed.
  • The Title Search functionality now works properly.

Chill of Luneska Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

Patch Version 808
Released August 18th, 2014

New Features

  • New Zone: Luneska. Explore the frozen reaches of the eastern Primal World! Progress through five new Historical Phases, ultimately unlocking Luneska City itself!
  • New Boundary: Astral Sky. Push past Mirage Sky in an epic quest that takes you through the icy kingdom of Luneska!
  • Territory Resource Wars: Battle other factions for control of vital resources across Perfect World! Territory Resource Wars occur randomly on either Wednesday or Thursday at 20:00. Penalties for engaging in PvP are disabled while the battle is in progress.
  • Sky Pirate Drake will now appear occasionally in the skies above the Primal World. When defeated he will open a portal to the Mirrorflower Treasury. Gather as much treasure as you can before time runs out, and trade it to Merchant Sokka in Kirin Town for fabulous prizes.
  • Rings and Necklaces can now be engraved at Jewelcraftsman NPCs. Engraving an item will add a random stat to it. Higher-level items can be engraved with more powerful stats.
  • The level 15 Sky Cover and Cloud Stir rings can now be upgraded into one of four new level 16 rings at Light Envoy Jade Snow in Archosaur. Upgrading will NOT preserve refinements or engravings.
  • Title Quests have been added for the Boundless Grasslands and the Plain of Farewells.
  • A new UI has been implemented for Fashion in the Cash Shop, allowing you to preview any piece of fashion on your character before you buy it.
  • Divine Contracts have been added for the Primal World for those players who have reached the Arcane Sky Boundary. Reaching Mirage Sky and Astral Sky will unlock additional Divine Contract options.
  • The Active Points system has been added! Each day, a number of quests will be listed that will grant Active Points. These points can be used to automatically complete daily quests to quickly earn rewards.

Game Changes

  • The link between the Place of Origination and Perfect World has closed; new characters will once again start in their racial starting areas. Characters still in the Place of Origination will remain there until they choose to leave.
  • When facing a Faction that controls more territories than your own in Territory Wars, you will now gain a buff that increases your Defense Level proportional to the difference in territories. If the difference is particularly high, it will increase Attack Level as well.
  • The Guardian Scroll sale pop-up has been removed.
  • Vitae rewards for the Arcane and Mirage Sky questlines have been increased.
  • Enemy names in Sky Owl Stronghold and Snow Ape Ridge have been updated for consistency.

Bug Fixes User Interface

  • Exploring the Quests section of the Rookie Guide will no longer crash the game.
  • Chat filters are now applied to player consignment shops.
  • Minor text fixes throughout the game.

World Environment

  • Corrected a transparency error above the City of Raging Tides.

Skills Visual and audio effects have been restored to all skills.


  • The Sage version of Strength of the Titans now properly consumes the same amount of mana as its tooltip states.


  • The Demon version of Energy Leech now uses the correct color for its tooltip.
  • The Demon version of Storm Dance now deals the proper amount of damage.