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Rising Tide is the third expansion for Perfect World International. It was announced on September 1st, 2009 and released on December 16th, 2009. The expansion saw the release of the Tideborn race, as well as two new classes - the assassin and psychic. Other main features included Public Quests, the Palace of Nirvana, a new area, new equipment, and hundreds of new quests.

A content update was later released on May 18th, 2010 for Rising Tide. This update included demon and sage conversion, new skills for assassins and psychics, and some events.[1] At the same time, a video was released that featured the update.[2]

Story[edit | edit source]

Beyond the Sea of Reality, an unexplored kingdom awaits. For thousands of years, the seas have been shrouded in mystery, until now.

A new evil has dawned, and as a result, the secrets once concealed by the ocean are now coming to light. The ancient lord of the oceans has risen once again, and the race known as the Tideborn faces complete extinction. Journey to these aquatic lands and explore them as a foreigner, or a surviving member of the Tideborn. Will you fight to restore your ancestors. once great empire? What part will you play as the tide rises?

News Releases[edit | edit source]

Because the expansion was released before 2010, news posts made for the expansion are no longer available on the game's official website. They can be found through internet archives however the website was not well-preserved prior to its revamp in 2010, with most images missing.

On September 1st, 2009 a news post was made on the game's official website that announced the expansion. It revealed that there would be a new race along with two classes, which were at the time tentatively named as the assassin and psychic. The release date had not been announced at this point, except that the expansion would be released in the winter. Some images were also teased but have since been lost as they were not archived.[3]

A teaser site was also launched prior to the expansion's release. However, internet archives have not preserved the website very well. On the site, it showcased the two new classes with an animated in-game version of each. Two of the assassin's skills were revealed - Shadow Shroud (now known as Shadow Walk), and Blood Bath (now known as Bloodpaint). The psychic's Soulforce stat was revealed, which also hinted at the Soul of Vengeance and Soul of Silence skills as effective uses of Soulforce. Another psychic skill mentioned on the website was Chain of Souls, which is now known as Diminishing Vigor.

This teaser site also showcased the dungeon coming to the game, the Palace of Nirvana, and a new city named City of Raging Tides which would be the capital of the Tideborns. It also showed new weapons and armor, which included concepts of Tideborn wearing Nirvana armor and weapons. From these concepts, it could be determined that the assassin's weapon would be daggers, and the psychic's weapon a sphere. A new quest system was also announced, named the Public Quest system. It described these as quests that are completed by all players, where progress is shared by everyone regardless of whether or not they are in a squad. Prizes for public quests would be distributed depending on your contribution towards the quests.

On December 15th, 2009 the expansion went live, and a news post was made to the game's official site announcing its release. It included all the new features added with the expansion.[4]

On May 11th, 2010, a new gameplay trailer for the Rising Tide expansion was released, almost 5 months after the expansion went live.[5]

Notable Features[edit | edit source]


  • New East Coast Server opened: Raging Tide [PVE] East. This server is located on the east coast (PST+3).
  • New Race: Tideborn.
  • New Classes: assassin and psychic.
  • New Zones: The Island of Broken Dreams, Barrier Island, and Shattered Cloud Island, all located south of Dreamweaver Port.
  • New High Level Dungeon: The Palace of Nirvana.
  • New upgrade system for Twilight Temple and Lunar Glade gear.
  • Account Stash: Players now have the ability to transfer items and coins between characters on the same account and server with the purchase of an Account Stash Stone. Some items cannot be exchanged between characters.
  • Three Public Quests have been released, all located in the new zones.
  • Marriage Quests have been released. Each day a married couple can receive a quest which rewards include experience and spirit, Sweet Memory tokens that can be saved up for a mysterious ring pendant, and a Sincerity Pack that has a chance to win a Baby Crab, Fish, or Lochmur all-class pet egg.
  • A new Key Binding feature is available in the Systems tab or press the K key on the keyboard.
  • Tab Auto-Targeting: Players will now be able to cycle through mobs in front of their character by pressing the Tab ↹ button.

Known Issues

  • Tournament Agent: Currently this event is under construction. It will be up and running as soon as possible.
  • Cho Wenchun NPC for the "Once and Again" marriage quest does not appear.
  • Changing the skin color of the Tideborn will only change the body and not the face.
  • Some localization in the game may not be correct. This will be fixed in the next update.

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