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Sirens of War is the sixth expansion for Perfect World International. It was officially announced on November 7th, 2012 and released on November 14th, 2012. The main features included a new event called Nation Wars.

Two content updates were later released. The first content update, Rising Call, was released on June 19th, 2013 while the second update, Crimson Imperium, was released on September 25th, 2013.

Official News[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Now that the forces of the Dark Lord, Jian'rin, have spilled into Perfect World, the world has been set ablaze. Lines have been drawn and forces have mobilized to determine supremacy in this new age.

Amidst the chaos, four nations have emerged with the intent of wresting control for dominance. The nations of Frost, Flame, Light, and Darkness are stuck in deadlock and will require the aid of warriors such as yourself to push forward with their plans.

Do you have what it takes to survive?

A Perfect World At War
Four leaders of distant lands have come to Perfect World, seeing new opportunities that arose from the chaos sewn by the Dark Lord, Jian'rin. These leaders have come bringing war, strife, and endless fighting; but they also have brought with them opportunities for glory, honor, and rich rewards. They have sought out the strongest warriors of Perfect World to fight on their behalves in exchange for power and glory. Their desires and designs remain secret to the soldiers and citizens of Perfect World, but the battles will rage on deep into the night, and the call of the Sirens must be heeded!

News Releases[edit | edit source]

The expansion was officially announced through a news post made on November 7th, 2012.[1] It revealed a few of the new features coming to the game, including the new Nation Wars event, revamped skills, new weapons and equipment, and new quests. A teaser site was also launched which can only be accessed through internet archives[2]. The site included the aforementioned information from the news post as well as screenshots and a cinematic trailer. Some screenshots showed gear that was later released as Rank 9 (Fourth Cast) equipment. It also included a launch giveaway of a Warrior Crusade Order for players as well as an entry into their sweepstakes giveaway for a customized Andrea gaming headset for US residents.

On November 9th, 2012 (re-posted on November 30th, 2012) a news post was released which showcased Nation Wars.[3] The event would be available on Fridays and Sundays from 8:20pm to 10:20pm server time for players level 60 and above. Players would be assigned to one of the four nations - Frost, Flame, Light, or Dark. Participants would be awarded with Military coins, now named Supply Tokens, depending on their nation's success and their contributions to each battle. The Nation Wars strategy map was also revealed, as well as the mechanics of the battlefield now known as Capture the Flag.

On November 14th, 2012 (re-posted on November 30th, 2012) a news post was made announcing the release of the expansion.[4] This news post included a new gameplay trailer and links to patch notes posts and previous news posts. It also announced a 2x experience/drops/spirit event for the next 3 weeks.

Notable Features[edit | edit source]


  • Nation Wars: a new regular event now occurs every Friday and Sunday evenings at 8:10 PM for players Lv60+. Battle for gear and glory when the call-to-arms is made by Overseer Aeban in north Archosaur (548, 674). The rate at which players are awarded via Nation Wars is determined by that server's player population. Players Lv60-99 will be granted bonuses by speaking to Overseers Moonshine or Sunmark within Nation Wars to gain a competitive edge against higher-leveled players.
    • Players are rewarded a currency called Supply Tokens. With these, players will be able to exchange for materials to craft Rank 8 gear upgrades, Warsoul weapons, exclusive Tomes, and Uncanny/Rapture Crystals (for Rank 9 Ascended gear). Also included are power boost items that persist through death for Lv101-105. Search out the Contemplation Forge in north Archosaur near Deputy Drakh (548, 674) for more details.
    • Also at the Contemplation Forge is a new Necklace Engraving system for Lv 7, 8 and 9 necklaces. Requires Supply Tokens, Seals of War (exchanged with Supply Tokens at the same Forge) and Spectral Polish (sold from Jewelcraftsmen). Supply Tokens can also be used to upgrade equipment in the nearby Ascension Forge, including a new upgrade to the ★★Ring of Trauma.
  • Realm of Reflection: a new Deep Reflection system is now available for 2x gains. This feature utilizes Radiant Shards, which can be obtained by combining Reflective Shards and Brilliant Essences or simply by Brilliant Essences alone.
  • Warsong City now has 2 new upgrades for the final elemental and protection belts, as well as, a new way to create the initial belts. These belts are now bound, but account stashable.
  • Added a new auto-potion functionality, which will be unlocked at a later time via time-limited Health Stones.
  • Jewelcraftsmen will now accept combinations of Dragon Orb 5 stars and Chienkun Stones to craft Dragon Orbs 9, 10 (Ocean), 11 (Mirage) and 12 (Flame) stars.
  • New Lv 50-80 quests have been added. Please check the Available Quests tab upon reaching the appropriate levels.
  • Added a new quest for Lv30 characters to obtain a flyer.


  • Territory Wars: Territory Wars have been moved to Saturday, Sunday and Monday time slots. The order of battles scheduled are as follows: Sat 8pm, Sat 2pm, Sun 2pm, Sat 8am, Mon 2pm. Bidding Time remains unchanged.
    • Each Territory War time bracket now accommodates up to 11 scheduled fights.
    • Territory War rewards are now mailed out in packs containing 5 Million Big Notes and Mirage Celestones; amount dependent on Level of Territory
  • Warsong City and Lunar Glade: enemy damage has been reduced, while boss damage has been increased.
  • Realm of Reflection: Players may now jump at full height and open Consignment Shops within.
  • Phoenix Valley: Lv75 and lower variants have decreased enemy HP.
  • Several skills for each class (blademaster, wizard, barbarian, venomancer, archer, cleric, assassin, psychic, seeker, mystic) have had balance adjustments.
  • Spiritual Cultivation: many quests level 30+ have increased Exp/Spirit/Rewards
  • Many Lv30-70 quests have had their Exp and Spirit rewards increased while requiring fewer kill objectives.
  • Updated Seasonal Quests in major cities for Autumn. Rewards have been significantly increased.
  • Players will be able to receive the Fortune's Bounty quests up until Lv60.
  • Lady Amaranth has left her post as manager of the Damage Rankings to her son, Smooth Antoine
  • Many quest-granting NPCs now show up in various major cities

Bug Fixes

  • Destruction Seal and Chaos Seal quests can no longer be trashed, leading to a block in progression.
  • Nirvana final boss, Vanished Ancestor, no longer has his secret room to hide in. He will now be confined to his room for proper punishment!

Known Issues

  • Secret Passage is once again forced-PvP. This will be reverted in a future patch.

Dawn of Spring[edit | edit source]

Dawn of Spring is the first content update for PWI Sirens of War. It was officially announced and released on the same day, March 20th, 2013. Some features for the content update included upgraded shapeshifting forms for venomancers and barbarians, changes to Nation Wars, a new upgrade for Warsoul Weapons, and the addition of Jolly Old Jones quests.

News Releases[edit | edit source]

A news post was made on March 20th, 2013 announcing the release of the Dawn of Spring content update.[5] The post highlighted some of the main features for the update, including a map expansion for Nation Wars, the ability to upgrade Warsoul Weapons, Jolly Old Jones quests for players to earn coins, the Spirit Fox Form for venomancers, and the Panda Form for barbarians.

On the same day, a weekly sales news post was made.[6] This news post showcased the Nether Essence required for the new venomancer and barbarian forms, as well as a new feature called Gear Signature Inks which allowed players to add a custom message on their equipment.

Notable Features[edit | edit source]

Rising Call[edit | edit source]

News Releases[edit | edit source]

Notable Features[edit | edit source]

Patch Version 729, Released June 19th, 2013

New Systems

  • Soulgem Conversion:
    • A new feature available at the PW Boutique Agent allowing the replacement or transformation of gems inside a piece of gear.
    • Replacement: You can replace a gem with a new one of an equal or higher level, destroying the old gem.
  • Transformation: Spend Flowing Crystals and coin to transform an imbued gem into a same level or higher level gem. For now, only Attack Lv and Defense Lv gems can be transformed.
    • Flowing Crystals are a new item that can be purchased in the Boutique.
    • Please visit a PW Promotions Agent to learn more about this new function!
  • Meridian System:
    • A new system for Lv40 and up, allowing the player to "ascend" their stats much higher than before! Requires the use of Mystic Pills and Holy Pills, available in the Boutique! To reach the Meridian System Window, when reaching Lv40, open the **Inventory window and click on the character figure directly in the middle. Click on the first circle, CV1, begin the ascension process!

Venomancer Evolution System

  • Venomancers can now upgrade and evolve their pets with the use of Feral Soul Stars! The newly evolved pets are randomly assigned 1 of 40 moods which come with 2 new additional skills. In addition to these mood skills, evolved pets also obtain a unique move that only they can do!
  • Feral Soul Stars can be obtained in the new daily Venomancer dungeon, Unyielding Hall, which can only be accessed between 8:00am to 11:30pm server time.
  • To obtain entry to the new Venomancer only dungeon, please talk to Mrs. Zoologist in South Eastern Archosaur.

New Items

  • New Fashion Weapons:
    • Players now have more options for their fashion weapon of choice!
    • The reflective 1-handed or dual-wielding Ego Bruisers, the ever-illuminating Jousting Lantern, the death inducing Devil's Cauldron, the wiry Wildwood Longbow, or the sloshing Tsunami Bottles!
    • You can find these new stylish weapons in Fashion Weapon tab of the Boutique!
  • Venomancer Evolution Items:
    • There are now 2 new items in the Pet tab of the Boutique, Soulroot Stone and Harpy Plume. These can be exchanged with Mrs. Zoologist in Archosaur for one of two new Venomancer Pets!
    • The Soulroot Stones can be exchanged for a Monkey King while the Harpy Plumes can be exchanged for a Harpy. The Monkey King is an excellent tanking pet while the Harpy excels at area of effect magic damage.

Nation War Updates

  • New battlefield scenarios for Nation Wars:
    • Bridge Battle: An intense and exciting 10v10 choke-point battle with the goal destroying all of the enemies towers! Maximum Players: 20
    • Crystal Contest: A strategic 20v20 battle for control of 5 point generating crystals, ending when one side has reached 99 points! Maximum Players: 40
  • Reduced the maximum number of players allowed in Capture the Flag to 30 (15v15) 
  • Enlarged the map of Nation Wars:
    • There are now 292 territories in Nation Wars, with 10 territories attached to the Nation HQs. This will severely reduce the chance of a HQ land-lock!

Revamped Dungeons

  • Rebuilt Seat of Torment and Abaddon:
    • With the player limit increased to 10, these two dungeons now have a brand new storyline, granting a fresh experience to these two weathered dungeons. Both of the revamped dungeons also come with a new map tracking function, making teamwork much easier as it will be the deciding factor between victory and failure.
    • You can find Lieutenant Li in Archosaur or Moon Tidedance in the Camp of the Fallen Phoenix to get the starter quests and begin the new adventure!
  • New reward items for Trophy mode of Abaddon and Seat of Torment:
    • These two rebuilt dungeons also reward players in trophy mode with Crushed Emblems for defeating bosses. These crushed emblems can be exchanged with the Celestial Messenger outside of each dungeon for newly upgraded gems, as well as, upgraded accessories.

New Quests

  • Updated Seasonal Harbinger quest-line:
    • Conflict blossoms as Spring struggles to shrug off Winter's icy embrace. With the Harbinger of Spring, free the Oracles and usher forth a time of warmth and rebirth in Perfect World. You can find the Harbinger of Spring and his companions at any major city.

New upgrade quest for ★★Matchless Wings

  • Find the Prophet Zakaresh in Advanced Endless Universe to receive the quest. It can only be received by the leader of the group with ★★Matchless Wings in their inventory! Once the quest is complete, visit White Envoy Jade Snow in Southern Archosaur to upgrade the ★★Matchless Wings into ★★★Wings of Ascension.

New Event Notice Billboards

  • New Notice Billboards are located at each major city:
  • These Notice Boards will be used to teleport players to future event locations! Please keep an eye on them for more to come!

Various Function Optimizations

  • A warning window now shows when equipping a guardian charm.
  • You can now Right-click to put materials into the production interface when crafting from forges.
  • Added Divine Emissary at Northern Archosaur and a Banker at the entrance to the Faction Base.
  • Current Quests should now organize themselves based on priority.

Guild Management optimized

  • When a member's Faction Contribution reaches 5,000, if they are kicked out by the faction leader, the system will keep them in-faction for 72 hours. In this period, they can still finish quests from the faction base, and exchange materials by using contribution.

New search function for the Boutique

  • Players can find items by typing their name at the top-right of Boutique window.
  • Preview of Flyers and Mounts in the Boutique:
    • Similar to Fashion Preview, players can now preview Flyers and Mounts in the Boutique before purchasing them!

Bug Fixes

  • An internal browser is now available for various features that previously opened external browsers.
  • Light effects of Sapphire Fashion should properly go away once another gear is equipped.
  • Guardian Scrolls from the Dreamchaser Pack work correctly now to protect DQ items from Assassin's Spoils of War skill. (Tooltip will be updated in following patch).
  • Perfect Flesh for Daily Jones quest should be appearing from the Adv. Grinding Machine @ appropriate chance rate.
  • Added spaces as acceptable characters to the gear signature feature.
  • Added spaces as acceptable characters to the Faction Slogan function.
  • Game should now be more stable for older machines.
  • Astral Shard quest can now be trashed.

Crimson Imperium[edit | edit source]

News Releases[edit | edit source]

Notable Features[edit | edit source]

Patch Version 745, Released September 25th, 2013


  • PWI Title System: Two new series of world-events will now award players with new Titles. Obtaining these titles will also improve players' stats permanently. Players may start these events by heading into Archosaur and opening the new Title interface.
  • Lost Kitten: A new randomly-spawning kitten will appear in Archosaur. Find it before it disappears to gain prizes, and possibly a new title.
  • Perfect Match System: Players may now choose to locate other players who match each other's playing preferences. Click the new Perfect Match UI at the top-right to begin. May you find the Friend or Lover you're looking for.
  • Attendance System: Located in the Event Calendar, players may now Check-In each day. By maintaining a near-perfect attendance, players are awarded prizes, Exp, and Spirit!
  • Boutique Gifting and Requests: The Boutique now has options to request items from individuals on your friend list. Alternatively, generous individuals may purchase Boutique items for their friends and those items will automatically appear in their friends' inventories.
  • Pigment Extraction: Bring all of your unused fashion items to Fashionista Wang in Northern Archosaur. She will trade them for Random Pigments.
  • Commission Shop: Players may now purchase Dragon Oaths from the Boutique to unlock a Commission Shop and vend their wares for up to 1 billion coins per item. Potential buyers can peruse through all Commission Shop inventories, from anywhere in the world, by clicking the new Commission Shop button at the top left corner. To purchase a Commission Shop item, players must speak to a Commission Shop NPC in Archosaur.
  • [Event] Quick as the Wind: A new event that will activate at a later time. Players are tasked to locate monsters and kill them as quick as possible. Top prizes go to the fastest slayers.
  • [Event] Auspicious Contest: A new event that will activate at a later time. Players are asked to combat the phoenix Zhu Que before he disappears. Players who participate in this event may be rewarded with an Absence Note (an item that will make up for absences in the above-mentioned Attendance system).
  • Crimson Imperial Envoy: For months now, a strange vessel has moored itself off the coast of Archosaur awaiting silently. Now, a new leader has appeared with portends of a great coming evil. What lies ahead, no one is sure.
  • Yeh the Wizard quests: Yeh the Wizard has a cryptic mini-series of quests. However, it does not seem to have a resolution thus far.
  • Morai Order Prestige: The Upper Limit for Prestige has been increased, and new quests are now available at the 3 respective Morai Order headquarters.
  • Bidding Hall: New items have been added to the Bidding Hall:
    • The Star-Reset Plate allows factions to reset their Faction Base Tech points
    • Morai Skillbooks are now available for bidding
    • The Nien Beast pet egg is now available for bidding

Optimization Settings

  • Players may now tweak specific graphical settings to low in order to boost performance via the new Optimization Setting Interface on the top-left.


  • The Celestial Tiger Event has received major updates:
    • Celestial Tigers now have very low HP but are immune to various types of damage. They have also undergone a physical change.
    • Celestial Tigers will now be aggressive on sight
    • Celestial Tigers will now appear outside Tellus city
  • The Seasonal Questline has been updated for Autumn.
  • The Fitting Room UI now has greater camera options to zoom, pan and spin
  • Heavens Tears crafting materials now stack in quantities of 9,999
  • Teleporting into a Faction Base now puts players directly inside the base instead of at the foyer.
  • Pets will now automatically apply self-buffs equipped on the pet bar
  • The Pet Bar has increased to 7 slots
  • Players may now lock their skill bars
  • Warsong Waistband upgraded versions will no longer be tradeable
  • Lv100+ Bounty Hunter quests no longer reward Orbs of Cultivation but instead have had their other rewards increased.
  • Soulgem upgrades now correctly deduct the cost difference between an existing gem and the new gem.
  • Eden and Brimstone Pit Trophy modes now have changes to make them more of a challenge.
  • The Venomancer instance Lyceum now sends different Venomancer party members into different instances to maintain the solo challenge of the instance.
  • Players perusing through Cat (Consignment) Shops will now see the Bind on Equip tag on such items before players make their purchase.
  • Silver and Gold Lottery quests have been removed as they had no function.
  • The Wizard's skill Elemental Invocation no longer has extraneous line breaks.

Known Issue

  • PWI's Bypass Login through Arc is currently disabled. Users will have to manually input their username and password after the prompt.

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