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The Lost Empire is the first expansion for Perfect World International. It was officially announced on October 24th, 2008. It was originally planned for a December 1st, 2008 release but was delayed to December 3rd, 2008. The main features for the expansion included the release of the Wraiths' Ploy quest line and the Old Heaven's Tear maps revolving around the quest line, along with special level 79 and 100 skills, Warsoul Weapons, and the introduction of Legendary Pets for venomancers.

Story[edit | edit source]

One thousand years before the modern age, a vast empire rose to power. Ruled by a tyrannical king, the empire conquered and subjugated all the lands to the west. As the empire expanded its influence, so grew in number those who opposed the tyrant's rule. When the tyrant died under unexplainable circumstances, the empire was thrown into a state of disarray. Sensing an imminent opportunity, allied forces gathered to wage war against the empire. At the height of the war, the empire mysteriously vanished without a trace. Strange and terrifying creatures spread through the land. The secrets of the ancient empire were lost to time. Until now...

News Releases[edit | edit source]

Because the expansion was released prior to 2010, news posts made for the expansion are no longer available on the game's official website. They can be found through internet archives however the website was not well-preserved prior to its revamp in 2010, with most images relating to the expansion missing.

The Lost Empire expansion was first announced in an official news post on October 24, 2008, just over a month after the official release of the game.[1] The news post announced several new features in brief ranging from new skills, new Spiritual Cultivation levels, new equipment, and new zones. A trailer was also released for the expansion.

A teaser site for The Lost Empire was also released on the same day. This website also touched briefly on the new features. It also gave a preview of some of the new skills to come for the original 6 classes (blademaster, wizard, archer, cleric, barbarian, and venomancer). It revealed the new zone as Perfect World 1,000 years into the past, with four areas that can be found on the main map in present time. Screenshots of these new zones as well as some of the new equipment to come were also teased on the site.[2]

On December 3rd, the expansion had been officially released and another news post was made to announce this. It again mentioned some of the features coming to the game, however it did not add to any previous information that had already been released upon the first announcement of the expansion.[3]

Notable Features[edit | edit source]



  • The Safety Lock confirmation has been reworded.
  • Added various fixes for in-game text and quest localization.
  • Added portal graphics for various instances and arenas.

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