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War Front is the ninth expansion for Perfect World International. It was officially announced on November 3rd, 2015, and released on November 10th, 2015. The expansion saw the release of the solo instance Heavenfall Temple, Cross Server Nation Wars, and an eventual release of a PvP event named Battle for Treasure Island.

Battle for Treasure Island was not released immediately with the War Front expansion. It was instead renamed to Dragons' Conquest and eventually released on February 2nd, 2016, almost 3 months after the release of War Front.[1]

The expansion was not accompanied with a story.

News Releases[edit | edit source]

War Front was officially announced through its first sneak peek on the game's official website on November 3rd, 2015.[2] In the sneak peek, Heavenfall Temple was revealed, along with some screenshots of three upcoming mounts and a corgi all-class pet. The official release date was not announced in this post.

A day later on November 4th, a press release was posted, revealing the release date for the expansion - November 11th, 2015.[3] This press release briefly touched on the upcoming features to the game, including Heavenfall Temple, Battle for Treasure Island (later renamed Dragons' Conquest), and Cross Server Nation Wars.

On November 5th, a second sneak peek was posted on the game's official website, revealing Cross Server Nation Wars and another upcoming PvP event, Battle for Treasure Island.[4]

On November 10th, another press release was posted announcing that the expansion was available for all servers, briefly describing new additions to the game - Battle for Treasure Island, Cross Server Nation Wars, Heavenfall Temple, updated Bounty Hunter quests, an instance evaluation system, and Demon Orders (renamed to Wraith Orders).[5]

On November 11th, the morning after the expansion was released, two blog posts were made on the game's official website. The first post announced the release of the expansion, as well as some special events in celebration of its release and some upcoming Christmas events.[6] The second post featured Cross Server Nation Wars, and showed off its new Commander system.[7]

Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

Patch Version 899, released November 10th, 2015

New Features

  • Heavenfall Temple is now open! This single-player dungeon is located in the skies above the Heavenly Music Pavilion in Lothranis. Level 89+ players can challenge the 108 floors of the temple for power as well as prestige, with both single and cross-server rankings.
  • Nation Wars are now cross-server.
    • Local Nation Wars has been disabled as a result.
    • Nation Wars now requires level 100 and a cultivation level of Aware of the Myriad or Aware of the Void to enter.
    • Battles occur on Friday and Sunday at 20:10 CET.
    • Each server can now elect a commander to lead and coordinate their nation in Nation Wars.


  • The once-per-day restriction on entering Endless Universe has been removed.
    • Completing the quest after killing Ghost Wing will award you with an additional Tuc Su Toxin.



  • The names of many pieces of Rank, Twilight, and Lunar gear have been adjusted for clarity and consistency. All pieces within a set should share the same naming convention, and no two items of the same quality should have the same name.
  • The names of several Stormbringer and Duskblade Souledge items have been corrected to match the gear they are decomposed from.
  • Additional items have been added to Assistant Wang Tsai's Lucky Coin exchange.
    • Bloodglass Shards and Tier 6 Nuemas added.
    • Wraith Orders added, used to summon the world bosses Watcher of the Chasm, Deiciter White and Black, and Cenminator.


  • Players who have lost the Searope, Seasalt Incense, or Iron Hook for the Nameless Hermit's quest can now purchase them again from their respective NPCs in the Glowing Forest.
  • The Level 100 Bounty Quest to kill Illusion Nemen: Null in the Twilight Temple has been changed, and now requires killing Tyrant Prince Mushi in Flowsilver Palace. This quest can be done on any mode.


  • The amount of coins required to learn all skills below level 60 has been reduced.

User Interface

  • You can now link your Instance Combat Capability ratings in chat. These numbers are derived from your offensive and defensive stats, and max out at 100.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue in which certain NPCs could not be selected.
  • The tooltip for the Sage version of Deafening Thunder is no longer cut off.
  • Using a Faction Rename Stone no longer removes all of your coins.
  • The Mirage Sky Pill now states the correct amount of Vitae given.

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