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Wings of Rebirth is the fourteenth expansion for Perfect World International. It was officially released on May 22nd, 2019 with no prior announcement beforehand. The main feature for the expansion included two new classes: technicians for Humans and edgerunners for Winged Elves. Other features include Twilight Temple Revisited Part 2, a Couple System, a Master and Apprentice System, the Perfect World Anecdote, and a revamp to the Unique Rewards system now called Growth Goal.

News Releases[edit | edit source]

The first and only news post made for the expansion was on the day of its release, May 22nd, 2019.[1]. This news post went over all of the features being added to the game, including the new technician and edgerunner classes, game engine updates, an update to Twilight Temple Revisited, the Couple System, and more. It also announced the reset of the Territory Wars and Dragons' Conquest maps.

Notable Features[edit | edit source]


  • Two new classes: Technicians for Humans, and Edgerunners for Winged Elves.
    • When creating a character these classes can be accessed by clicking the "Switch Scene" button to swap between the older and newer classes.
  • New dungeon: Twilight Temple Revisited Part 2. This dungeon awards players with materials for third cast Twilight Warsoul Gear, Twilight Souls, and Moonlight Crystals.
  • Moonlight Crystals can be infused into Twilight Souls with Lunar Phase Grades to add more attributes to Twilight Warsoul equipment.
  • Master and Apprentice System: Players can become masters and take on other players as their apprentices. They can participate in a Master and Apprentice dungeon, help the apprentice complete their Spiritual Cultivation, or kill bosses in high-level dungeons together.
    • In the Master and Apprentice dungeon there are two modes: Spring and Summer. The master and apprentice(s) must work together to complete the challenges. Autumn and Winter will come in a future update.
    • Completing activities together will award the master and apprentice(s) with Master Virtue for masters and Tutorship Points for apprentices.
  • New Couple System features: Couple Karma and Karma Tree
    • Couple Karma can be gained from completing Marriage Quests and completing high-level dungeons together. Couple Karma is then converted into Heart Seals which can be used to craft Homestead decorations.
    • The Karma Tree starts out as a seed and can be watered by one of the married players once per day. After 365 days the married couple can get a Karma Plaque, where they can leave their names forever on the Karma Tree.
  • Perfect World Anecdote released. Players can gain Insight Points by completing quest lines within the Perfect World Anecdote. Rewards are given upon reaching a certain amount of Insight Points or by completing certain quest lines.
  • New titles have been added. They can be acquired through the Master and Apprentice System, Couple System, and Perfect World Anecdote.
  • Growth Goal system released. Players can receive rewards upon reaching certain milestones or by exploring features in the game.
  • There is a new Phoenix Valley dungeon available for players level 55-99. It is a solo dungeon where players can ride a dragon and use it to kill enemies. Experience rewards are based on the player's level and how many monsters are killed.
  • There is now a weekly quest available for Heavenfall Temple which can be taken from the Master of Solitude inside the dungeon. Players can kill the four Devil Lords in room 9 or 18 of Heavenfall Temple to receive high experience and spirit rewards.


  • The game engine has been updated to add new texture and next-gen visual effects.
    • There is now a "Detailed Model" option in the Settings, accessed with the U key. This option is enabled by default but can be disabled. The technician and edgerunner classes also use the detailed model by default but can be swapped to the old model by disabling the "Detailed Model" option.
  • The game now has a 64-bit client. With this update, the game client will attempt to detect the user's system and automatically choose to run in 32-bit or 64-bit mode respectively. If you are using 64-bit operating system but still want to run the 32-bit game client, you can also configure manually to do so.
  • Players can now acquire a Homestead at level 70. They can talk to Vyn Yen, the Warrior in west Archosaur to get their Homestead.
  • When getting divorced, the other player has 24 hours to accept or deny the divorce. If they do not respond, the divorce will proceed automatically.
  • The Unique Rewards system was replaced with the Growth Goal system. Unique Rewards quests have been moved to the Growth Goal system.
  • The Roll Call quest has been removed.
  • Phoenix Valley for players under level 95 have been removed and replaced with a newer Phoenix Valley dungeon. Levels 95+ and 100+ are not affected.
  • Several quest lines have been adjusted and optimized. Main quest lines now have a first perspective feature to show a more immersive mainline story.
  • Faction Base Faction Goal update: The Dawnlight Halls Faction Goal can be completed by completing Dawnlight Halls or Twilight Temple Revisited Part 2.
  • Meridian system: The daily amount of Mystical Ascent attempts is now fixed to 200 times. Holy Ascent attempts are now unlimited.

Known Issues

  • Some players may crash when trying to load the game. This may be a result of their graphics card.
  • Currently the game does not auto-detect whether your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. To load your client to the 64-bit version you must adjust this manually.
  • Jone's Blessings currently cannot be equipped by Technicians and Edgerunners.
  • The Edgerunner's Combat emote does not function.
  • The Edgerunner's Fall Down emote does not function correctly and can have strange consequences when used before or after other emotes.

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