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The Current Era of Perfect World as it was recorded in the Perfect Chronicles.

In the flash of an eye, a thousand years had elapsed. Nothing is left of that period but unrecognizable names and a sad, ancient melody; a tribute to the willpower that was once deemed to be immortal yet only lingered just past its physical presence. Heroic odes and warhorns are lost in the endless thrashing of the tides of history. Time never stops its steps, but will carve glowing rings in the hope that the younger might reforge their fate.

Years 3000 - 3999[edit | edit source]

Year 3012
At the dawn of the fourth millennium, the three great races of Perfect World live in peace and harmony. People travel freely between their capital cities: Archosaur, Etherblade, the City of the Lost and the City of the Plume.

Year 3373
A group of Humans discover a secret passage in the ruins of the Twilight Empire, said to lead to an underground tomb filled with unimaginable riches. Others claim it holds even more valuable secrets, powerful enough to wipe out all life on Perfect World.

Year 3379
The Wraiths return to Perfect World. The Elders of Perfect World desperately look for help and answers, ultimately turning to the Chrono Wheel in Archosaur. Though few had ever stepped through it and returned, they are determined that the pages of history will turn once more.

Year 3451
As the gods are reborn within Perfect World, evil forces stir. The struggle of bearing the duty of facilitating their rebirth leaves the Harpy Wraith weakened, and the Divine Children are too few to stand against such evil. Perfect World stands at the precipice of war.

Year 3567
A fire breaks out in Heavenfall Temple. When the Elders of Perfect World gather to investigate, they find the gates firmly shut. That winter, the mysterious Watcher of the Earth appears, wielding the power of the Genies. Claiming to be a descendant of the ancient Fire Sage, he says that his people protected the secret of the five elements that the Genies drew upon for their power and had never before told anyone. Now, however, the truth could no longer be kept secret as the balance of the five elements was vital to the world. He tells people how to enter the Elemental Realm to find Genies, and explains what happened in Heavenfall Temple was related to Warsong City, the only pathway between Perfect World and the Elemental Realm.

The instability of the five elements ultimately causes dimensional fissures to appear between Warsong City and Perfect World, through which the Wraiths enter and overrun Warsong City. Their presence threaten to completely destroy the balance of the five elements, with grave consequences.

Year 3621
A mysterious man claiming to be a Divine Child appears before the entire world. He explains that the Divine Children had finished preparing for the return of the gods, but a mysterious power had invaded their sanctuary. This power had existed since the conception of the universe, and was strong enough to destroy even the gods. Under its influence the Divine Children had been greatly weakened, interrupting the return of the gods. Unable to defeat this power themselves, the Divine Children turn to the mortals of Perfect World for help. They open the path to one of their sanctuaries, the Lunar Glade, to admit mortals into the immortal land.

Year 3656
A team of explorers finds an ancient journal from the Frostcovered City, a great fortress in the northern reaches of Perfect World that had vanished long ago in a snowstorm. The journal details a secret entrance into the lost fortress.

Year 3701
As the warriors of the Midlands protect the Harpy Wraith from the onslaught of the Wraiths, the Tideborn continue their battle against the Nightspikes. At the Battle of Broken Dreams, the Tideborn leader Feng Loriel kills the Nightspike warchief and crushes their army. After the war, the Tideborn search for a way to breakthrough the great barrier of the Forbidden Sea. Feng Loriel learns that the elemental power of the world would soon realign, weakening the barrier. By using eight priests to cast the Dimensional Cataclysm ritual in reverse, they would be able to remove the barrier. The Tideborn conjure a massive magic circle above the City of Raging Tides. The people of Dreamweaver Port spot it as an eerie tint on the far away horizon.

Year 3702
During the Tideborn's battle with the Wraiths in 1406, they trapped a Wraith Archmage known as the Vanished Ancestor within the Palace of Nirvana on Barrier Island using their energy crystals. As the barrier of the Forbidden Sea weakens the gateway to the Palace of Nirvana opens once more, threatening to set the Vanished Ancestor loose on Perfect World.

Year 3810
Though Radiance had collected a great number of souls and built the formidable Tellus City, the Earthguard are unable to stand against the overwhelming onslaught of the Wraiths and Dark Radiance's growing power. As Radiance feels himself weakened by his other half's evil influence, he realizes that if he fails catastrophe is sure to grip Perfect Word. Should this come to pass, there would be untold suffering.

Seeing the situation slipping out of control, Radiance calls forth all Earthguard warriors to fulfill their duty, ordering them to conceal themselves throughout the world. With a great flash of lightning and a rollicking peal of thunder, Radiance musters forth the last of his strength and rushes alone into the Wraiths' hordes before destroying his own soul. The resulting explosion vaporizes countless Wraiths and sends entire mountain ranges tumbling down. Earthquakes ripple through the valley for months to come. After the dust settles, a great rift separates Tellus City from the rest of Perfect World. The countless shards of Radiance's soul are scattered to the winds. With Radiance's soul shattered, the Earthguard rededicate themselves to their responsibility of guarding Perfect World against the Wraiths.

Year 3901
Elysium Village mysteriously appears at the southern edge of the Midlands, on the shore of the Sea of Reality. The village elder insists that they have always been there, concealed from the rest of the world. In truth, it is a passage way to another dimension called Morai. The gods had placed powerful barriers to prevent creatures from Morai from coming through into Perfect World, but the barriers had weakened. The elder recruits adventurers to gather elemental stones to reinforce the barriers.

In the Forbidden Sea, a ghost named Yoyan appears. She explains that in life, she fell in love with General Tian Yao. Before they would wed, the Tideborn barrier collapsed and killed Tian Yao in the process. Meanwhile, another moon appears in the sky and Elysium Village is destroyed in a great fire, killing all of the villagers.

Year 3912
In the Worldspire in the City of a Thousand Streams, the ten Elders of Perfect World turn their mystical sight upon a great crystal ball. Suddenly light streams from the crystal ball, showing them the birth of the world of Morai, in the same place as the new moon. The elements of the newly-formed world were chaotically out of balance, creating a new dimension with a dark presence. It attracted the Wraiths, who broke the seals set by the ancient gods and entered Morai. The Wraiths that entered Morai found that by consuming each other they could become stronger. After generations of devouring each other, evolving and growing, six powerful Wraiths stood out above the rest: the Dark Lords of Morai.

Year 3917
Under the guidance of the Elders, a group of warriors enters Morai and are shocked by its similarities to - and differences from - Perfect World itself. They find the world ruled by three factions, who have recently gone to war with each other. Seeing the chaos and strife, the Dark Lords of Morai begin to spread their armies across the land. Distracted by their conflict, the three factions fail to recognize the danger. One of the Dark Lords - Chigo, the Serpent Emperor - takes control of the Sundial of Time and plots to use it to turn back history and reshape all of Morai in the Wraiths' image.

Years 4000 - Present[edit | edit source]

Year 4012
With the defeat of the Dark Lords of Morai, Perfect World finally emerges from its long dark age. The Elders of Perfect World officially declare the start of the Age of Radiance. Vulpen, the Elder of Thousand Streams, focuses on his research of ages past. He rediscovers that, from 1345 to 1388, five great city-states emerged in Perfect World: Glacier City in the Northern Wastes, the City of Peace on the Eastern Isles, Neverfall in the Western Steppes, Durna in the Southern Reaches, and Archosaur in the Midlands.

These five cities once dominated the entire world, but they only lasted for a few hundred years. After 1999, the capitals of the Dark Empire, the Light Empire, the Flame Empire and the Frost Empire became lost to the mists of history. The Elder is confounded by the complete absence of any records or information regarding their disappearance.

Year 4013
A new Elder takes Vulpen's place and promises to find the four capitals that had vanished two thousand years ago. He ultimately discovers that they were not destroyed, but merely isolated from the Midlands somehow.

Year 4021
An envoy of the Light Emperor arrives in Archosaur and reveals that four nations had been trapped in another realm by a mysterious power. There they battled against the former leader of the Nightspikes, who - after his defeat by the Tideborn - became a Wraith Lord named Caeya. The Elders discover a legend that says when the planets align, the barrier on the Gateway of All Worlds would weaken and the sword of Lorelei, the Dark Empress, can be used to enter the Primal World, where Alexander has been trapped.

Year 4023
In the Primal World, the people of Kirin Town overthrown the Lord Tyrant. In a desperate move, the Lord Tyrant uses explosives to destroy the rebel army and bury his castle, Flowsilver Palace, beneath the earth.

Year 4105
Alexander recovers his sword from the forces of the Lord Tyrant and his son, Tyrant Prince Mushi. Mushi kills his father and leads their defeated troops through Snow Ape Ridge to the frozen lands of Luneska. The Luneskan princess, Moonhowler, pledges her troops to aid Mushi. Moonhowler is given the name of Bloodhand for the slaughter carried out by her soldiers.

While chasing Mushi, Alexander discovers that Moonhowler has somehow acquired the sword of the Frost Emperor, which Alexander needs to help the trapped people of the four capitals. Alexander allies with the oren and leads an assault on Luneska City to reclaim it.

Year 4160
As the Divine Child Yu-qing gives birth to her latest child, a group of Nightmare monsters incites some of the Divine Furies' wicked descendants into a riot to take advantage of Yu-qing's weakness and Cangyan's distraction. Cangyan sends his children, known as the reapers, to the Forest of Mercy for safety. Cangyan transforms into a golden dragon and shoots rays of golden light through the rioters, destroying them. With the riot over, Cangyan leaves the Realm of Garrow and the Celestial Vale to the reapers as a reward for their long service to the Divine Child. He grants them new powers with which to battle the Wraiths, especially under the full moon.

A mysterious island appears at the northern end of the Endless Sea. Floating above the island is the city of Dawnglory, comprised of several flying ships and populated with a people calling themselves Nightshades.

Year 4163
The Celestial Maidens, who guarded Yu-qing and her child from the rioters, are instructed by Cangyan to open the Celestial Vale to the people of Perfect World. A peaceful place where magical energy flows freely, it becomes a new training ground for the people of Perfect World to expand their Spiritual Cultivation.

Year 4165
Deep within the Quicksand Maze, the Nightmares - twisted spirits of those who committed unforgivable sins in their life - begin to stir. They invade the dreams of others and prey upon their minds, their lust for power driving them to even more despicable deeds.

Year 4195
Alexander's army, stationed on the Star Coast in Luneska, is destroyed by a tsunami. When the waves subside, a great whirlpool churns in the Silent Sea to the south. Those who approach it feel a sense of unease, as if a great evil lies at its heart. The Allied Fleet is sent to investigate, but comes under attack by vile creatures from beneath the waves. The vile creatures are an aquatic race called the Shoka, and fight on the backs of enormous aquatic abberations. Though the coalition forces are elite warriors, they are unable to stand against the Shoka.

As casualties mount, Alexander personally arrives to oversee the war effort, asking all capable warriors to fight the Shoka. During the campaign, they join forces with another aquatic race, the Riptide, that has long fought the Shoka from within their underwater city of Tideswell.

Year 4217
The gates of Heavenfall Temple open once more, and it is discovered that the Grand Master, Mara Papman, has been corrupted by the Wraiths and is now luring innocent people to the temple to kill them and feast on their souls.

Year 4236
The Five Great Stars align in the sky, and the goddess Nightbloom opens the gateway to the realm of Elysium. Many adventurers from Perfect World settle and build Homesteads there.

Year 4238
At the bottom of the whirlpool in the Silent Sea, a portal is discovered to an ancient realm where the gods prepared trials to test mortals. This realm, the Uncharted Paradise, was thought lost in the great calamity that preceded the creation of Perfect World. The Shoka King's war, however, has torn open a portal into this realm.

The war of the Silent Sea ends in victory for Alexander's coalition army, and the Shoka are almost entirely wiped out. However, the Shoka King vanishes with the Signet of Tengen.

Year 4240
A mysterious man descended from the people of Elysium arrives in Archosaur, seeking adventurers to help reforge the ancient weapons of the Sixteen Lords of Elysium. The man explains that the Sixteen Lords once fought each other for control of Elysium, long ago, until the dragons interceded. Each lord of given a fragment of power to help them keep the peace, but after they died war returned and their weapons were lost.

The stone is down
The sky is wrong
The Lords are gone
Our world is done.

Year 4268
Soldiers begin to go missing from Tideswell, and dimensional rifts begin to open all across the Perfect World. None of the scouts sent to investigate ever return. It is discovered that a great evil is attacking from within a parallel dimension, with an army so great it will overrun the entire world. Alexander unites the forces of the Primal World, as well as the elemental lords, in a powerful army and leads a full assault into the dimensional rifts to stop them.

Year 4301
In the final battle of the Primal World, both the Shoka King and Caeya, the Wraith Lord, are defeated, though Alexander is killed. He is succeeded by his daughter, Althea. The new rulers of the four nations - Frost Empress Kestra, Flame Empress Astrid, Dark Empress Lorelei, and Light Empress Althea - meet in the City of a Thousand Streams to discuss the reclamation of their vanished cities.

That summer, a mysterious force emerges from the Worldspire and heads towards the Western Steppes. Soon after that, the people of the Sundown Highlands speak of seeing a shimmering mirage of a white city on the horizon. The Elder of Thousand Streams sends adventurers to search for the four lost lost capitals. The map to Neverfall is retrieved from a dimensional rift. The Sundown Highlands mirage stabilizes, confirming that Neverfall has returned to Perfect World once more. Light Empress Althea leads an expedition to return to the Light Imperial seat of power.

Despite the passage of time, Neverfall looks just as it did two thousand years ago, shining and glorious. Even the statue of Alexander remains standing by the Setzis Canal, guarding the land he loved so much in life.

Year 4303
An ancient legend circulates of a powerful woman who once stood in a chamber of blood and bones overlooking a sea of flame and pledged herself to a mysterious figure in white. The figure engulfed her in flames, consuming her in a rampage of fury. She accepted her fate, and her story - much like Neverfall itself - passed into legend, her bloodshed and twisted sins forgotten.

Natya Veda, the Great Advisor to Neverfall, is revealed to be the leader of the Future of Mankind Initiative. When Althea confronts her, she reveals that the FMI's true purpose is to battle the Changelings, which have secretly replaced virtually every person in the Western Steppes and seek to conquer the rest of Perfect World as well.

With the information gained from Natya Veda, Empress Althea and General Summer launch an assault against the Changelings to liberate Neverfall from their grasp.

Year 4358
Guard Seven helps adventurers investigate missing children in Archosaur, eventually discovering a portal to Adventure Kingdom, a magnificent amusement park run by Tremolo the Tiger. It is said that Tremolo's ancestors visited all of Perfect World's five great city-states, spending centuries studying their architecture and incorporating it into Adventure Kingdom.

Eventually, Tremolo inherited the park from his father. In his youth he loved the thrill rides, and as he got older he made many wonderful memories with various girls enjoying themselves in Adventure Kingdom. Eventually, he decided to open the park to the residents of Perfect World as well.

Year 4360
The Faction Bases established by Perfect World's heroes are suddenly consumed in a flash of red light, as the Archdemon Isrifar's curse activates and restores his twisted Ten-Dimensional Domain. the Elders and Faction Leaders gather their troops to counter the threat, not knowing how many lives the coming battle would cost.

Year 4337 - Rise of the Warriors of Vengeance
On the surface this is an order led by Goodhill, but in fact it was controlled by Aida, the mother changeling. Since Khafasha was killed, Althea the Light Empress dispatched a lot of scouts to find Goodhill. Yet, the one they found was a person who bear the implanted memory by Khafasha.

After waking up, Goodhill followed Khafasha's memory and found the remaining changeling as well as mother changeling Aida, whose agenda was to expand the changeling power by invading land and plundering resources from other peoples. They also planned to use Goodhill's status and power to impede the new Light Empress. After fleeing the Capital, the changelings stopped using their old names. However, their schemes couldn't help them against Light Empress Althea's wisdom. Eventually, the Warriors of Vengeance was wiped out.

Year 4357 - Twilight Temple Revisited Part 1
Someone called out to her in the dark of night, yet no one was there when she turned around. Princess of Moonlight was the second heir of the Twilight Empire, who was an expert in manipulating people using charms and lies. Beautiful and pure, she was regarded as the most desired woman of the West. Chunyun was the most powerful warrior of the Empire, and the right hand of Minister Tsu. He had never been defeated once in his many conquests, and was awarded by Emperor Tsang with the title 'White Dragon General'.

Though differentiated at their standings, the two inevitably fell into love. To save the Princess of Moonlight who was imprisoned in the Desert Tower by Minister Tsu, Chungyun drank the poison, and betrayed his master. In the Desert Tower, he fought the 99 White Cloak guards. The Princess of Moonlight lured Chungyun into the tomb of Emperor Tsang to steal the Golden Mask, where Chungyun was killed by the poison. After that, the Princess of Moonlight tried desperately to revive Chungyun.

Eventually, the Princess of Moonlight used the power of the Wheel of Fate to revive Chungyun, at the cost of her empire. When the Wheel of Fate was activated, countless monsters and wraiths entered the world and brought havoc to the land. To overcome this devastation, the Princess of Moonlight came up with an even riskier plan, that may engulf more people into the maelstrom...

Year 4357 - Twilight Temple Revisited Part 2
There were three possible outcomes when a person is revived by the Wheel of Fate. The first form is called the Shade, which doesn't have a conscience and any senses, nothing but a toy. The second is called a Soul Puppet. They have conscience, and can talk and listen. However, they can only act under someone's control, serving perfectly as slaves. The third form is something similar to real people like us. They can express emotions, and have memories of their past. It costs different prices to achieve different revived forms. The Princess of Moonlight was in love with Chungyun, so she would not make him a puppet. As of the others, they were not so favored.

The Twilight Empire was destroyed by the activated Wheel of Fate. Anguish and hatred filled the heart of the Princess of Moonlight. She hated Minister Tsu, and the Elven champions who brought war to her Empire. So she came up with an idea, that she would revive the Elven champions as her puppets. She would wear the Golden Mask like her father did, and restore the Twilight Empire. Just when her plan had been set in motion, revived Chungyun, who was compassionate and honest, decided that he would not allow another disaster of destruction, so he killed Princess of Moonlight, and himself along with his love.

Year 4402 - The Rise of the Technicians
The Technicians were a group of isolated human who lived in the Soaring Ridge area. It's founder was Matschreck, a technological adept brought back from the Primal World during the first Millennium War.

After arriving at the Perfect World, Matschreck inspected the land, and extract a substance that was somewhat similar to niter of the Primal World. When mixed with another ingredient extracted from monsters, a gunpowder-like chemical explosive can be produced, which is very volatile. He improved this material into a technique called the Fire Charm, which turned the tide in the war between the human and the elves.

After the Millennium War, Matschreck created the Pyros Technocracy, a technological consortium led mostly by females. In PW 4301, the Capital of the Light Empire reappeared in Perfect World. Several mysterious female figures were witnessed helping Light Empress Althea defeat the changeling uprising.

They all wear burning red oriental dresses, with long black hair and cold expressions. The massive firearms they were carrying also became a spectacle for the people of Perfect World. They claimed themselves to be Technicians from the Pyros Technocracy, a group of people who went into isolation long ago. The reappearance of the Capital brought them back to to the Perfect World.

Year 4402 - The Rise of the Edgerunners
The Edgerunners were a special group of Winged Elf, who could date back to the days when the ancient Gods firstly became less and less worshiped by mortal beings. When a certain God lost all its divine power due to the lack of worship, it would be banished from the divine realm and into a so called Endless Void. They were neither Gods or mortals, and thus they were addressed as the Fallen Deities, or in the more mundane version, the 'Devils'. According to the myth, the Endless Void is a realm that even the Creator himself wouldn't dare to tread. Even so, some of the believers of those fallen deities would follow their gods into the Endless Void, and was granted partially the power of their devils, so they became demons.

The Edgerunners were once a group of Winged Elf who followed their god into the Endless Void. During the great war between Momaganon and Lothranis, the Edgerunners aided the devils in countless battles. Eventually, their leader realized that they were nothing but cannon fodder of the devils, so they chose to quit the war and left their master.

PW 4402, as a gigantic wave surge struck at the coasts of Celestial Vale from the Tideless Sea, an army of agile soldiers dashed out of the wave on their pitch-black wings.