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Perfect Questmaster in City of the Plume.

The Perfect Questmaster rewards players for completing a certain amount of quests in Perfect World for the first time. He can be found in any major city and rewards players that have completed 20, 30, 50, 100, 150, and 200 quests. The rewards come in the form of a chest which you have to open. These chests include mainly charms and EXP items.

EXP Item Rewards[edit | edit source]

Fantasy Fruit Bags contain five Fantasy Fruit, which each give 5,000 EXP and 1,000 Spirit. The Fruit and Bags can be placed on the quickbar, as with any other consumable item. This only works with a stack of at least two Fruit, however, otherwise the inventory would have to be reopened repeatedly, defeating the object.

Scarlet Fruit Packs and Profundity Scrolls.

Martial Arts Scrolls can be exchanged at the Martial Arts Master for Elite Golden Silkworms, which give a 50% bonus to EXP for an hour. They stack with Hyper EXP Stones. The Master can be found in various locations in main cities such as 127 861, 432 878, 248 648, 534 642, 330 428 or 666 368. Once Martial Art Scrolls have been turned into Silkworms, they can no longer be traded.

The final reward, Quest Mastery 6, for 200 completed quests, includes time-limited Kensei or Gilded Ribbon Fashion (depends on the character's gender) and a flyer for your class.

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