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The Perfect World Anecdote window.

The Perfect World Anecdote is an interface that contains several important quest lines. It shows individual quests and will guide players if they have not completed certain quest lines, or it will show stories of the player's past experiences if they have completed a quest line. Completing a certain amount of quest lines will reward the player with exclusive titles.

The Perfect World Anecdote can be accessed by clicking on the scroll icon at the bottom-right of the screen and then clicking on the white book icon. Players can then click on the diamonds to enter the main anecdote interface which lists quest chains and their quests.

There are seven categories of quests found within the anecdote: First Trial, Spiritual Cultivation, Classic, Area, Morai, Boundary, and Western Continent.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Upon choosing one of the categories players will see a list of quest chains, or a list of quests if they choose the First Trial or Morai categories. Clicking on a quest chain will show a list of its quests. Quests that have a "complete" stamp on them are quests that have been completed, and will show a summary of the quest chain instead of a list of quests. Quest chains that have not been unlocked will be dimmed. Players can hover over dimmed categories with their mouse to see what requirements they may be missing, which can be reawakening status, level, boundary level, or previous quests completed.

All quest chains will show a list of their quests. If they are lit up with nothing written beside them, players can attempt these quests. Clicking on the "Resume Quest" button will take the player to the quest in the quest log and will show them how they can pick up the quest along with its rewards. Quests that are dimmed cannot yet be attempted, and may require players to finish quests that are higher up in the list. Quests that have a tick beside them have already been completed. Quests that say "Gaining Insight" beside them are quests that are currently being attempted by the player. Quests that say "Fail" beside them have been failed or trashed. Players can still attempt quests that have been failed.

Anecdote Titles[edit | edit source]

There are several titles that can be acquired by completing quests that are a part of the Perfect World Anecdote. These can be found in the title window under the "Insight" section. Titles can be acquired by earning Insight Points or by completing certain major quest chains.

Insight Point Titles[edit | edit source]

If players complete a quest line other than the Spiritual Cultivation quest lines, they will gain 1 Insight Point. Players can earn up to 64 Insight Points After earning a certain amount of Insight Points, players can receive titles. There are a total of 21 titles to earn from Insight Points, with the final one acquirable after finishing most quest lines and earning 63 Insight Points.

Title Stats Insight Points Required
Adventurer Initiate Phys. Defense +3 5 Insight Points
Initial Move Mag. Defense +3 11 Insight Points
Know a Thing or Two Mag. Attack +2 16 Insight Points
New But Not Bad Phys. Defense +6 20 Insight Points
Standing Out Mag. Defense +6 26 Insight Points
Extraordinary Phys. Attack +3 29 Insight Points
Cutting a Figure Mag. Attack +3 32 Insight Points
Perfect World Starlet Mag. Defense +9 37 Insight Points
Great Eminence Phys. Attack +4 42 Insight Points
Jack of All Trades Mag. Attack +4 44 Insight Points
Ever Triumphant Phys. Defense +12 47 Insight Points
World Traveler Mag. Defense +12 49 Insight Points
Master of Conflicts Phys. Attack +5 52 Insight Points
World Renowned Phys. Defense +15 54 Insight Points
Peerless Passion Phys. Attack +6 56 Insight Points
Peak of Perfection Mag. Attack +6 58 Insight Points
Center of Attention Phys. Defense +18 59 Insight Points
Solitude Expert Mag. Defense +18 60 Insight Points
Hero of the Age Phys. Attack +7
Mag. Attack +7
Phys. Defense +21
Mag. Defense +21
61 Insight Points
Battle Tested Phys. Attack +8
Mag. Attack +8
Phys. Defense +24
Mag. Defense +24
62 Insight Points
Icon of Fame Phys. Attack +9
Mag. Attack +9
Phys. Defense +27
Mag. Defense +27
63 Insight Points
Widely Renowned Health +50 64 Insight Points
Deeply Sophisticated Health +100 65 Insight Points

Completion Titles[edit | edit source]

There are titles that can be acquired by completing certain quest chains.

Title Stats Quest Chain(s) to Complete Type
Celestial Vale Guardian Phys. Attack +1
Mag. Attack +1
Celestial Vale Quest Chain First Trial
Warrior Proper Phys. Attack +2 Coming of Age Quest Chain Classic
Lord of Morai Phys. Defense +9 Morai Quest Chain Morai
New Horizons Mag. Attack +5 Reawakening I Quest Chain
Reawakening II Quest Chain
Witness of History Mag. Defense +15 Millennium War Classic

Quests[edit | edit source]

First Trial[edit | edit source]

All First Trial quests are a part of the Celestial Vale Quest Chain. The quest chain is available from a character's creation at level 1, and can be completed at any level. There are a total of 48 quests. Completing the First Trial quests will award the player with 1 Insight Point.

Spiritual Cultivation[edit | edit source]

Main article: Spiritual Cultivation

Spiritual Cultivation quests do not award any Insight Points. Quest chains will be shown differently depending on whether the player has chosen to go down the sage or the demon path.

Quest Line Requirements Number of Quests
Spiritual Adept
Aware of Principle
Aware of Harmony
Aware of Discord
Aware of the Myriad
Aware of the Void
Master of Harmony
Master of Discord
Celestial Sage
Celestial Demon
Chaotic Soul (Sage)
Chaotic Soul (Demon)
Celestial Saint

Classic[edit | edit source]

Main article: Classic Quests

Completing the Classic quests will award the player with 28 Insight Points.

Quest Line Requirements Number of Quests
Yansheng's Missing Level 19+ 5 Quests
Ladywraith Level 25+ 18 Quests
Beautiful Chang's Mantou Level 30+ 13 Quests
Riding Wind Level 33+ 8 Quests
Humorous Wedding Level 44+ 10 Quests
Coming of Age Level 50+ 41 Quests
Token of the Seven Level 60+ 18 Quests
Perfect World Bestiary Level 62+ 4 Quests
Crisis of the Tauroc Level 62+ 5 Quests
Meridian Trigger Level 67+ 8 Quests
The Long Wait Level 75+ 4 Quests
World Roamer Level 76+ 5 Quests
Dream Traveler Level 77+ 9 Quests
Kunwu Sword Level 78+ 7 Quests
Wings of Flight Level 80+ 8 Quests
Four Missing Nations Level 85+ 14 Quests
Yeh Kuhan's Tale Level 95+
Aware of the Myriad/Aware of the Void
18 Quests
Imperial Sword of Taichi Level 96+
Aware of the Myriad/Aware of the Void
13 Quests
Void Dream Reawakening 1
Level 51+
8 Quests
Esoterica Reawakening 1
Level 70+
1 Quest
Tale of Heroes Reawakening 1
Level 80+
21 Quests
Missing Girl Reawakening 2
Level 36+
22 Quests
A Fleeting Shadow Reawakening 2
Level 50+
26 Quests
The Goddess Glacia Reawakening 2
Level 70+
7 Quests
Snowy Realm Ghost Story Reawakening 2
Level 70+
18 Quests
Lord of the Glacier Reawakening 2
Level 70+
5 Quests
Soul Flux Reawakening 2
Level 80+
22 Quests
Millennium War Reawakening 2
Level 100+
Mirage Sky I
21 Quests

Area[edit | edit source]

Area quests are not particularly quest chains, but are quests that take place in certain areas on the map. Completing the Area quests will award the player with 23 Insight Points.

Quest Line Requirements Number of Quests
Nameless Isle Crisis Level 34+ 6 Quests
East Coast Emergency Level 35+ 12 Quests
City of Misfortune Mystery Level 40+ 22 Quests
Sundown Highland Debate Level 47+ 4 Quests
Dragon Wilderness Extermin. Level 47+ 10 Quests
Tusk Town Warfare Level 62+ 22 Quests
Dreaming Cloud Anecdote Level 62+ 22 Quests
Whetstone Keep Exorcism Level 74+ 27 Quests
Village of the Lost Story Level 74+ 14 Quests
Dreamweaver Port Horror Level 76+ 13 Quests
Sirry Wine Camp Defense Level 81+ 12 Quests
Border Defender Level 82+ 10 Quests
Immolat. Camp Disaster Level 83+ 26 Quests
South Barrier Vill. Disorder Level 85+ 7 Quests
Thous. Streams Extricat. Level 87+ 12 Quests
Demon Realm Anecdote Level 96+
Aware of the Myriad/Aware of the Void
27 Quests
Celes. Realm Anecdote Level 98+
Aware of the Myriad/Aware of the Void
19 Quests
Windswept Grass. Struggle Reawakening 1
Level 40+
17 Quests
Sanctuary Investigation Reawakening 1
Level 55+
14 Quests
Village of Naught Legacy Reawakening 1
Level 75+
6 Quests
Shrine of the Immort. Story Reawakening 2
Level 1+
18 Quests
Evernight Ruins Haunting Reawakening 2
Level 20+
15 Quests
Galeroar Town Karma Reawakening 2
Level 60+
17 Quests

Morai[edit | edit source]

All Morai quests are a part of the Morai Quest Chain and are Story Quests. Completing the Morai quests will award the player with 1 Insight Point.

Boundary[edit | edit source]

The Boundary quests are a part of the Primal Quest Chain and the Royal Sky Quest Chain. Players can participate in these quests as they reach certain boundary levels, starting with Arcane Sky. Completing the Boundary quests will award the player with 6 Insight Points.

Quest Line Requirements Number of Quests
Arcane Sky
Mirage Sky
Astral Sky
Shifting Sky
Twilight Sky
Royal Sky

Western Continent[edit | edit source]

The Western Continent quests are a part of the Neverfall Quest Chain. Completing the Western Continent quests will award the player with 5 Insight Points.

Quest Line Requirements Number of Quests
Map to Neverfall Reawakening 2
Level 100+
Mirage Sky I
7 Quests
First Contact Reawakening 2
Level 100+
Mirage Sky I
32 Quests
A Dark Dawn Reawakening 2
Level 100+
Astral Sky X
102 Quests
Sacred Sepulcher Reawakening 2
Level 100+
Shifting Sky X/Twilight Sky VI
73 Quests
Soul Awakening Reawakening 2
Level 100+
Royal Sky X
Completed Royal Sky Quest Chain
54 Quests