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The Phoenix Nest.

Phoenix Nest is the eastern style Wedding Ceremony.

The Wedding Usher[edit | edit source]

Bride and groom will be required to have their Banquet Reservation in their inventory. At the Eldest Matchmaker, enter the Wedding Waiting Room to speak to the Wedding Usher. Book your wedding and keep in mind that both the Wedding Chapel and the Phoenix Nest share the event planner, so make sure that the date and time is available in both instances. Have the bride and groom both confirm the date and time of your event. The groom will receive 5 free invitations and both the bride and groom will receive "Card of Marriage".

Additional invitations can be purchased from the Wedding Usher at a cost of 100,000 for one and 1,000,000 for ten. Prepare your invitations at the Usher very carefully making sure you have the exact spelling for the name of your guest. Please note you must have your "Card of Marriage" in your inventory in order to buy/prepare invitations.

Entering the instance[edit | edit source]

Enter the Wedding Waiting Room at the Eldest Matchmaker in West Archosaur. Right-click your Card of Marriage (or guest invitation) at your assigned event time.

Fireworks[edit | edit source]

Fireworks in the Phoenix Nest.

Phoenix Fireworks, Fortune Fireworks, and Wish and Happiness fireworks cost 88,888 coins each.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The bride, the groom and the guests should proceed to the north and speak to Auntie Matchmaker to take their quests. All party guests should purchase their corsages.

The bride and groom will purchase their corsages for 67,000 coins each which will give them a 3 day limited time wedding fashion. The guests will buy their corsages for 20,000 coins each.

The groom will start the ceremony.
"The ceremony is starting. It is time for the groom to prove his love." The Quest "Let's Get the Bride" will be complete and the bride will be locked in a room directly behind Auntie Matchmaker.

The groom will take the quests Meet the Bride and Open the Door. He will be required to kill "goons" to get his bride back.

The guests should take the 3 quests available from Auntie, one will be "Protect the Bride" and they should begin killing the mobs for their quests. There will be two types of mobs and three of each need to be killed to hand in the quests. This quest is male vs. female and it is required that one group reach a count of 30 required kills to complete the quest. Each time someone turns in a quest it will count as one point.

"Today two lives will be forever changed. The wedding has begun." The Groom will complete his quests and the Bride will be freed.

Additional quests available to the groom:

6.88 mil each - Flower Boy and Girl, Chicken Feast, Pork Feast, Fish Feast (see "Feast Tables" below)
8.88 mil each - Hire Waiters, Hire Bridesmaids

When the bride is freed she needs to take the quests from Auntie Matchmaker "Collect Happiness" which requires she dig 9 Spiceweed and "Pick up Love" which requires she dig 9 Magnolia. She will be attacked by one mob each time she completes digging a Magnolia. A guard or two is preferred (the groom and/or a guest) to protect her as she completes these quests. Upon completion of these quests she must turn them in to Elder Officiant Hou. She will receive 250 contribution points for each quest. It is likely that these two quests must be completed before you can spawn the bosses from the feast tables. "The Flower gathering ceremony is now complete."

Guests should be doing their two dig quests from Auntie Matchmaker during this time! These quests can be repeated.

Feast Tables[edit | edit source]

Phoenix Nest Wedding Fashion.

The groom can summon one or all of the tables at a cost of 6.88 mil each by talking to Auntie Matchmaker. The bosses are spawned at the appropriate table for 7.88 mil for each summon. These can be summoned by anyone in the instance:

The Chicken Feast spawns a phoenix and grants 1,200 contribution points. Quest: Test of Emotion
Please note: The Chicken Feast boss is always Immune to Physical Damage.

The Fish Feast spawns a mermaid and grants 1,000 contribution points. This boss has three elemental immunities. Quest: Test of Will Please note: The Fish Feast boss always has immunity to the same three elements!

The Pork Feast spawns a wind walking piggy and grants 1,000 contribution points. Quest: Test of Health Please note: The Pork Feast boss always has immunity to the same two elements!

Completing the Ceremony[edit | edit source]

The bride and groom should speak to Elder Officiant Hou and make sure to take their contribution item before ending the ceremony. Prizes to the bride, groom, and guests will not be distributed if the instance is not ended before the one hour time frame of your event.

  • 30,000 contribution: Ring of Silver This ring can be used once a day to obtain a one hour blessing that gives +2 Attack and +2 Defense. You must be married to use this ring, so think twice about that divorce!
  • 60,000 contribution: Ring of Gold This ring can be used once a day to obtain a one hour blessing that gives +4 Attack and +4 Defense. You must be married to use this ring.
  • 100,000 contribution: Permanent wedding fashion and Ring of Diamond This ring can be used once a day to obtain a one hour blessing that gives +6 Attack and +6 Defense. You must be married to use this ring.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Guests must take the guest corsage at entrance and contribute at least 100 contribution points to receive their gift. Gifts could be Mirage Celestones, Socket Stones, Hyper Stones, random pigments or a variety of other items.

Some parts of the event may be on a timed event. If you are unable to summon any of the quests, such as the feast tables or bosses, continue to try until they become available. The bride and groom should complete their quests in a timely manner as these events may depend on their completion.

Videos[edit | edit source]

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