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One of the big draws to Perfect World is character customization. What better way to continue that customization than to give your character their own sense of fashion. While there is a wide assortment of styles available in the Boutique, you may not always get a color that appeals to you. Luckily, there are Dyes, or Pigments, available to change the color of your clothes.

Types of Dyes[edit | edit source]

There are currently four in-game items associated with dyes.

Colored Pigment

A colored pigment, such as Blue Pigment or Black Pigment, is a unit of a specific color that can be applied to a fashion item. If you wish to dye your clothing a certain color, your only guarantee of getting them that color is by using colored dyes. They can be obtained through Hot Colors Packs, or directly through the Boutique during sales.

Random Pigment

A random pigment will dye your fashion item to a random color. They are generally cheaper and easier to come by than specific colored pigments, but you have no control over the color that they generate. They can be obtained directly through the Boutique, the Event Boutique, or by decomposing unwanted fashion. Some events may also reward you with Random Pigments.

Hot Colors Pack

The Hot Colors Pack yields a colored pigment when used. The color is chosen at random, meaning that you'll need a lot of these if you are looking for a specific color. However, you can sell or trade the dyes you don't want to other players. They can be obtained directly through the Boutique.

Pigment Card

Previously these could be obtained in the Boutique's Bidding Hall, but are no longer available. They could be exchanged at the PWI Boutique Agent for 30 colored dyes, specific to the color of the card.

How to Acquire Dyes[edit | edit source]

There are many different ways to acquire dyes.

Boutique[edit | edit source]

Permanent Additions

The Boutique currently has two types of pigments available on a permanent status - Random Pigments and Hot Colors Packs. Occasionally they are sold for a discount price.

Special Sales

On occasion, there will be a special sale for certain colored dyes.

Colors that have previously been on sale:

  • White
  • Black
  • Reds and Pinks (Valentine's Day)
  • Greens (St. Patrick's Day)
  • Season-specific colors (e.g. Blues/Yellows for Summer)

Players[edit | edit source]

Consignment Shops

You can purchase dyes from other players. Many players will resell their dyes, either unwanted dyes from Hot Colors Packs or dyes purchased directly from the Boutique.

Auction House

Alternatively to the consignment shop, the Auction House may have a greater selection of dyes. You can use the filter to search for a specific color quickly.

Commission Shops

You can also purchase dyes from other players' commission shops.

Event Boutique[edit | edit source]

The Event Boutique permanently offers 10 Random Pigments for 10 event gold. These pigments cannot be traded. The best way to get randoms from the boutique is to buy the Late Night Coat for 9 event gold and decompose it for 20 pigments.

Decomposing Fashion[edit | edit source]

Unwanted fashion can be decomposed into Random Pigments at Fashionista Wang (573, 687) in Northeast Archosaur. These pigments cannot be traded. It costs 100,000 coins for each piece that is decomposed. The amount of pigments you receive is identical to the number of pigments it requires to dye the fashion piece. Fixed-color items, head fashion, and fashion weapons cannot be decomposed.

How to Dye Fashion[edit | edit source]

You can either dye an individual piece of fashion or multiple pieces as a set. If you are dyeing your fashion as a set, you must use twice the number of dyes that you would normally use when dyeing individual fashion pieces. The advantage to dyeing items as a set is that if you are using Random Pigments, every piece that is dyed together will result in the same color.

Either way, you'll first need the appropriate number of dyes. This number can be seen at the bottom of each fashion item.

In order to dye an item, the number of pigments required must be able to stack together. If you are dyeing with colored pigments, they must all be the same color. If you are dyeing with random pigments, they must all fit on the same icon in your inventory. If you have Random Pigments from the event boutique may not stack with other Random Pigments as the event boutique versions are not able to be traded, and as such considered a different type of pigment.

You can dye your fashion at any Seamstress, located in the starter cities, Archosaur, Dreamweaver Port, and Thousand Streams, by selecting the option Dye Clothes.

Individual Pieces

To dye an individual piece of fashion, select the Single tab. Drag the fashion you want to dye into the top slot and the dyes into the lower slot.

If everything has been entered correctly, the Dye button will light up.


To dye a set of fashion, select the Sets tab. Drag the fashion pieces you want to dye into the top slots and the dyes into the lower slot. You may dye a maximum of one piece of each type (e.g. gloves, legwear) as part of a set but the set does not have to include every type.

Fixed-Color Items

Some items have a fixed color and can not be dyed. This fashion will have a Fixed-color indication on it.

Headwear fashion can not be dyed. It takes on the hair color of your character. Fashion weapons cannot be dyed either.

Available Colors[edit | edit source]

Black Fashion.png

Black Pigment.png Black Pigment

White Fashion.png

White Pigment.png White Pigment

Red Fashion.png

Red Pigment.png Red Pigment

Coral Red Fashion.png

Coral Red Pigment.png Coral Red Pigment

Copper Fashion.png

Copper Pigment.png Copper Pigment

Orange Fashion.png

Orange Pigment.png Orange Pigment

Mango Fashion.png

Mango Pigment.png Mango Pigment

Yellow Fashion.png

Yellow Pigment.png Yellow Pigment

Light Yellow Fashion.png

Light Yellow Pigment.png Light Yellow Pigment

Cream Fashion.png

Cream Pigment.png Cream Pigment

Jade Fashion.png

Jade Pigment.png Jade Pigment

Light Green Fashion.png

Light Green Pigment.png Light Green Pigment

Lime Fashion.png

Lime Pigment.png Lime Pigment

Bright Green Fashion.png

Bright Green Pigment.png Bright Green Pigment

Green Fashion.png

Green Pigment.png Green Pigment

Aqua Fashion.png

Aqua Pigment.png Aqua Pigment

Turquoise Fashion.png

Turquoise Pigment.png Turquoise Pigment

Grey Fashion.png

Grey Pigment.png Grey Pigment

Crystal Blue Fashion.png

Crystal Blue Pigment.png Crystal Blue Pigment

Aquamarine Fashion.png

Aquamarine Pigment.png Aquamarine Pigment

Light Blue Fashion.png

Light Blue Pigment.png Light Blue Pigment

Sapphire Fashion.png

Sapphire Pigment.png Sapphire Pigment

Blue Fashion.png

Blue Pigment.png Blue Pigment

Purple Fashion.png

Purple Pigment.png Purple Pigment

Lavender Fashion.png

Lavender Pigment.png Lavender Pigment

Plum Fashion.png

Plum Pigment.png Plum Pigment

Smokey Fashion.png

Smokey Pigment.png Smokey Pigment

Perfect Pink Fashion.png

Perfect Pink Pigment.png Perfect Pink Pigment

Violet Fashion.png

Violet Pigment.png Violet Pigment

Magenta Fashion.png

Magenta Pigment.png Magenta Pigment

Fuchsia Fashion.png

Fuchsia Pigment.png Fuchsia Pigment

Pink Fashion.png

Pink Pigment.png Pink Pigment

Violet Red Fashion.png

Violet Red Pigment.png Violet Red Pigment

Brown Fashion.png

Brown Pigment.png Brown Pigment