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This guide is written for the official PW International servers. Max level cap is 105. The whole guide is for the psychic class, so if you are reading this and not interested in the psychic class, you might as well stop reading right here. This guide basically helps you with these things:

1. How to play the Psychic class

2. How to improve beyond the "average Psychic"

3. Tricks and secrets to beating others

4. F.A.Q. on PvP and "how do I do this"

A Few Words First[edit | edit source]

This guide was originally written with intention to pass around among Infamy members (my faction) in Raging Tide Server. Some names will not make any sense to other servers so just ignore it.

What is a Psychic?[edit | edit source]

Psychic is the uberly underused and underrated class on PW due to a class called "assassin". I made this guide for you people to hold your ground against them, and all other classes. Psychic have a limited range of skills mostly connected to the water and earth elements. If you love fast channeling, stun hex, and paralyze your opponent, the psychic is your best friend.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Psychic Statistics

HP 50

MP 70

P Atk 4

M Atk 4

Accuracy 25

Evasion 10

Movement Speed 4.8 m/s

Pros and cons[edit | edit source]


  • Fastest spellcasters, highest magical DPS in game
  • Easier to level than wizard
  • Can boost self Atk level and Def level, reduce self guardian charm cooldown
  • 5 basic AoEs of which three are unsparked, and one is 1 spark. 2 crowd control skills
  • Make best use of real money spent. With +10 equips, basically imba


  • Like any spellcasters, low HP and PDef
  • Does not deal the most damage per hit
  • Hard to PvP and improve into a strong character, cash dependent.

Questions[edit | edit source]

These questions aren't in any order, so just press alt+f and search.

Q1. "WTFOMFGBBQHAX0rZ! How does that guy hit so high?"

A1. He isn't cheating, you just need to get the right equipment and some money,nothing is impossible.

Q2. "How do I prevent bleed?"

A2. Genie skills: Blood Clot, Cauterize cure bleed.

Q3. "How do I prevent stun?"

A3. Vacuity powder, Badge of power to break stun.

Q4. "I forgot to keep track of my stats, how many STR do I need for level xx"

A4. Depends on your build, if LA - your level +4, if AA - ((your level - 1) / 2 ) + 5 . In doubt - check forge.

Q5. "Why are Psychic so weak?"

A5. They're not, you just suck.

Q6. "I want to make a new character, any recommendations?"

A6. Its better to always stick to one character, even if your first character will be your "main". Don't waste your time making new character, if you don't have a life and play 24/7 on the computer then go ahead.

Q7. "How do I prevent being one shot?"

A7. Raise your VIT, or spend real $ in the game

Q8. "Give me a really good (best) build please?"

A8. No.

Q9. "What's the best build for a Psychic?"

A9. How many rocks are there in the universe? Answer that question and I'll answer yours.

Q10. "What's the best weapon path for a Psychic?"

A10. Refer to answer 9.

Q11. "What's the best class?"

A11. Refer to answer 9.

Enough introducing... lets get on with the guide.

Let's get started![edit | edit source]

Leveling to 90[edit | edit source]

Nowadays, leveling is not hard at all, I'm really bored of telling lil noobs where AND how to level. Stick to quests and grind till 71~80.

Grind[edit | edit source]

Level 37 - 44: Native Vipion level 41, flying poison mob. Location: North of Swiftwind Tribe.

Level 45 - 52: Evolved Vipion level 50, flying poison mob. Location: Around the Elf, Untamed and Human starter towns.

Level 53 - 57: Vipion Revolutionary level 54, flying poison mob. Location: City of Misfortune.

Level 58 - 62: Foxwing Supreme level 60, flying Fire mob. Location: North of Tusk Town, or around the starter towns for non-aggro.

Level 63 - 64: Vampiric Nightstalker level 62, flying magic mob. Location: Village of the Dreaming Cloud.

Level 65 - 70: Vampiric Minion level 68, flying water mob. Location: Swamp of the Wraiths, around the Altar of Disbelief.

Level 71 - 74: Carrion Vulture level 72, wood element flying magic mob. Location: Fragrant Hills, north of Sanctuary.

Level 74 - 78: Clourider Falcon level 76 flying fire mob. Location : South East Wraith Gate

Level 78 - 82: Mothran Dazzlewing level 80, wood element flying magic mob. Location: Lake of Woe

Level 95+: Third Pass grind

Equipment for Leveling[edit | edit source]

Don't try too hard for good equipment until level 90+ with the exception of ☆Mystique Boots of Spirit Eater and 1x ☆Demon's Heart Ring. Why? Because it is the best stuff from that level up till 95+, which is quite a long time not to mention ☆☆☆Emerald Meteor from the Goshiki Quest Chain or The Attendance Ring can last you forever. From 1-> 70, just grab whatever from quests and *** from Auction House with Def and HP mod. Don't forget rank I-> IV is fairly easy to obtain and the rank equips aren't half bad either.

The Basic Stats[edit | edit source]

First of all, what the stats do - some people seem to have no idea...

MAG - Magic: Affect your Magic Attack, Elemental Resistance, maximum MP and MP regeneration. Also allow access to latest arcane armor + spheres equipment

STR - Strength: Affect your Physical Attack, Physical Defense and access to armors

DEX - Dexterity: Affect your evasion and accuracy, required to wear Light Armor and Heavy Armor. In addition, every 20 DEX give 1% Critical Hit bonus.

VIT - Vitality: (1 VIT = 10 HP) Affect your maximum HP, HP regeneration. In addition, every VIT point gives bonus to Physical Defense and Elemental Resistance. This may not seem too great for someone with low HP like Psychic, but remember for every VIT you add, the higher chance you will survive a critical moment.

Advanced Stats/Formulas[edit | edit source]

See also Damage for more and better formulas.

Here are the more advanced stats and formulas for those who interested in game mechanics.

Magic Attack:
(1 + ( MAG / 100 ) ) * ( LVL + EQP )

Physical defense (PDef), Elemental resistance (ERes) and Damage Reduction:
PDef's value = EQP's Bonuses * ( ( ( STR + 0.7 * VIT ) / 850 ) + 1 )

ERes's value = EQP's Bonuses * ( ( ( MAG + 0.7 * VIT ) / 850 ) + 1 )

Damage Reduction:
% = 100 * PDef OR ERes's value / ( PDef OR ERes's value ] + 40 * Attacker's LVL )

Critical Hit (CRIT) and Rage Damage:
A crit is an attack that does more damage than a normal attack. This damage is given as the rage damage multiple in your char sheet and is 200% for all classes but assassins who have a skill to get 230% rage damage. Your chance to crit is given in your character sheet and come from equipment, crit buffs, the rainbow blessing buff, and Dex.

Chance to CRIT = 1 + (DEX / 20) [rounded down] + CRIT from equipment + CRIT from buffs

CRIT Damage = Rage Damage * Damage Inflicted

Evasion (EVA) and Accuracy (ACC):
Most physical attacks can be evaded in which case they do 0 damage. Magic attacks never miss.

EVA's factor = 1000 * Target EVA / attacker ACC

chance of EVA = EVA's factor / (40 * attacker level + EVA's factor)

Attack Level and Defense Level:
To put it simply, it increases your damage on your opponent and decrease the damage intake. But there are many version out in forum and yet no real reply from game developers. What I believe is Attack level have increasing returns while Defense level have diminishing returns.

Damage Delivered * 1.01^Atk level

Damage Received * 0.99^Def level

Detection Level:
Detection level = your level. Detection Pot made from Raging Tide Officer or 1k Stream Officer give you a bonus of 30 detection level for 30s (either the pot description is wrong or the detection level show in character screen is broken). Help you detect any Assassin with stealth level lower than your detection level.

Special stat only useful for Psychic, effect most of your "soul-" skills, affected by mostly your base level and refine from your weapon.

Builds[edit | edit source]

Psychic doesn't have skill give bonus to PDef like Wizard's Stone Barrier, nor does it have a skill to help them escape (Wizard's Distant Shrink, Cleric's Chromatic Seal). Playing Psychic, one must always focus on survival and take your time over spam spells and rushing to kill the opponent. If you want to one-hit people, roll a wizard. Genies and pots help a ton with survival in combat.

Armor Types:

Armor is among the most heavily debated subjects when it comes to choosing the best type for each class. Although magic robes are the most obvious path for casters, light / heavy armor has shown some benefits in wizards and veno as well. But is it really an option for a psychic? The most notable benefits of these alternative armor builds undoubtedly lie in their higher physical defense, which might let you survive a bit longer in instance where boss have high AoE physical and PvP against physical characters like archers, BM, assassin, and barb.

Since alternative armor build users can also switch to arcane armor whenever necessary, they can perfectly adjust to any situation requiring the one or the other type of defense. Now for the bad news, most people are completely unaware of the actual damage loss you will suffer after sacrificing so many of your precious MAG stats for STR and DEX to be able to equip these armors in the first place.

Light Armor - Light Armor would cover exactly that low Physical Defense problem. While still having a nice Elemental Resistance, this would seem like the ideal all-round armor. It is beneficial for early and mid gameplay as for the low cost to gear up. The difference in damage won't be noticeable at first, but the later the game, the stats you put into STR and DEX as Light Armor Build will become more and more burden as the base magic attack you gain from MAG increases at an ever growing rate.

In the other hand, the slightly higher critical rate unfortunately doesn't make up much of the huge MAG loss, so you'd still be stuck with a mere 75% average of your potential damage. While psychic don't have high damage per skill like wizard, none of your defenses is high enough to efficiently protect your equally low HP; not to mention almost all monsters past 60 are magic ranged based that we train on as well, where robe will give you that afforded protection. So this alternative option too is doomed to fail.

STR= DEX= Your level +4, rest to MAG

Pure MAG Arcane Armor - The idea of this build is to maximize your damage to the fullest extent and compete with wizard in firepower. Your low physical defense and HP will be a problem here, because unlike the wizards or cleric, the psychic's protective skills don't allow you to survive easily on a purely offensive build unless you spend a bunch on refining gears and get top grade ornaments. What's more, by having a -10 def level while in Black Voodoo, chances are you're getting creamed while trying to kill your opponent if you're being careless. Although it's not advisable to follow this build, the choice is yours if you can afford ~3k2 PDef and ~5k HP unbuffed from equipment.

1 STR 9 MAG every 2 levels

Pure/Hybrid VIT Arcane Armor - That leaves us with last option, how about increasing your VIT and shards your equipment with Garnet shards? Protecting you from both physical and magic attacks at the same time, this is clearly the best defensive build for all purpose player be it PvP or TT/FC/RB. Like Light Armor builds, VIT builds can only reach 85%~90% of their damage potential with less Critical Hit chance. Although it give you a bit more sweat while killing your opponent, you are a tad harder to kill if know how to utilize all your skills effectively in PvP. Does that mean you can't kill your opponent? Few people thinks that with a low damage per skill like Psychic, Vit build will make it impossible to defeat your opponent before their charm tick. I say take a look at your skills list and think over again; Diminished vigor and Tide spirit aren't there just for show. However, balancing between your VIT base and your MAG is the key, don't get too obsessed with the HP gain, the benefit from Diminished Vigor and Tide Spirit won't be able make up for excessive MAG lost

At least 1 STR 6~7 MAG every 2 levels, VIT may be cap at 50~60

So "must have" stats then...

Your final destination (99+):

STR - 54 Be a noob if you want to wear any other armor than Arcane, not my problem.

DEX - 3 Unless you are some build which needs CRIT.


MAG - The rest.

PDef Unbuffed: ~3k - 3k2+

I doubt any of you are even reading up to this point, meh if by chance someone is reading this bit, well done, maybe you should think about your stats and change it.

First of all, I'd like to say I'm not going to mention my own builds. So therefore you will have to make your own builds. Here are a few tips -

Don't rely on CRIT to hit, though the extra CRIT from equipment are nice, sacrificing your stats for some DEX to increase your CRIT is simply stupid.

Don't rely on one skill to kill opponent (imply Soulburn), every skill has its weakness.

Spamming the same skill will provoke people into calling you "Noob".

Fight using your skill rather than relying on your equipment.

Try and cover up as many weaknesses as you can with apoths and genie.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Stick with weapon from Token quests is a good choice, both for its cost effectiveness, usefulness and effort; however sooner or later you will have to farm TT for your TT90+ weapons if you can't afford the Lunar weapon ☆ Banished Curse or the TT100 (which is the best and also most expensive IMO) ☆☆Roaring Flame . The questions is what to choose?

Although the -channeling doesn't appeal much to me as a psy, the bonus for damage from TT99 Gold ☆Barrier Sphere: Soulbringer is totally badass compare to its cost (total chips cost is 4m8).

Want more? you have a choice to upgrade it to nirvana. Not a bad choice.

The +attack level may be appealing but the truth is it doesn't grant much of damage bonus. As stated in Advance formulas section, attack level raise the level of attacker and bypass opponent %damage reduction, 2 attack level won't be enough to pass through 1% damage reduction unless heavily stack with other gears. For detail formula, read the Advance Formulas above in section 4.

Other than those mention above, the +1% CRIT is nice and the +VIT is not half bad either, depends on your preference

Not worth mentioning: ☆Resonance of Stars , ☆Acoustic Soullotus: Spiritual

Shards for Weapons[edit | edit source]

Not much to say here BUT USE SAPPHIRE SHARDS

Don't PM me asking WHY? The answer is simple, if you use any other shards, then you sacrifice damage. Some shards may be used in EXTREME situations -

Elemental Shards, Citrine shards, Turquoise shards - Use those if you are brain-dead

Stone of the Savant- -3% Channeling - Use this if you are retarded.

Primeval Stone - +1% Critical Hit Rate - Use this against LuciferV, it will give you a 1% chance of killing him. Its better than no chance right?

Shards I can't be bothered to mention - Diamond of Tiger, flashy shards aren't what you need to win. The humiliation is there when you lie dead.

Equipment[edit | edit source]


At early levels, it may be tempting to add some extra STR to wear HP Helmet, but that can't apply at later levels. Stick with Arcane Headgear, the bonus hp from refine the latest worth more than the base hp bonus AND refine hp bonus from the HP Helmet several levels below you. Bonus stats to consider: HP/PDef Modifiers, HP Shards

☆☆Nether• Impossibility Hat

☆Ence's Scar -

☆Warsoul of Heaven -

☆Ghostly Hat of Infinite Power -

☆Hat of the Drum Master -

Nirvana of TT90 Gold helm - Use this only for the set bonus, else ignore.

Helm of Holy Punishment [40 Best Luck/Anniversary Pack/Lucky Coral]

Championship Scroll [Tournament DISABLED/Lucky Coral/Year of the Tiger Pack]

TT90 Gold helm

TT80 Green helm

Robe[edit | edit source]

Tough choice for non-cashshopper, but anything with HP and DEF bonuses other than the Tauren's Cape and TT90 Gold Cape. Bonus stats to consider: HP/Pdef Modifiers, HP Shards

☆☆Demon Spell Robe -

☆Wings of Cloudcharger -

☆Glorious Robe: Torment -

☆Cape of Elite Leather -

Nirvana of TT90 Gold Robe - Use this only for the set bonus, else ignore.

Anniversary Pack/Lucky Coral/Year of the Tiger Pack

Wing Trophy [Anniversary Pack/Lucky Coral/Year of the Tiger Pack]

FB99 Abaddon [Mountain' s Finger Boss]

Ornaments[edit | edit source]

Since your choice of rings is pretty obvious, I will just concentrate on the magical and physical defense enhancing kind of ornaments here. Their benefits are strongly dependent on which armor you're wearing. Please note that the defenses are percentage based, so the higher your defense is, the less damage reduction you will receive when equipping additional ornaments of that type. The diminishing returns start when your Physical Defense/Elemental Resistance value reach ~5000

Protection Ornaments[edit | edit source]

Overall, this is the better choice for robe users, as only very little additional defense is required to get a huge increase of damage reduction. The bad thing is that cheap physical defense type ornaments usually comes coupled with STR/DEX bonus stats, which isn't the ideal choice for a Psychic in the later levels. Bonus stats to consider: HP/Pdef Modifiers


☆☆☆Yin -

☆☆Puzzle Cube Badge• Vain -

☆Necklace of Giant Strength -

☆Sky Demon's Pearl -

☆Necklace of Assembled Spirits -

Pan Gu's Gift

Cube of Fate Stamp

TT90 gold

37 Chips Mold

TT70 Gold


☆☆Warsoul of Naught -

☆☆Warsong Barrier• Void -

☆Guard of Thundershock -

☆☆☆Requiem of Hell -

☆☆☆Frostcore Pendant -

☆☆☆Sundown Pendant -

Tournament Agent (currently DISABLED)

Warsong Marshal Badge

4th pass OHT reward

3rd pass OHT reward

2nd pass OHT reward

1st pass OHT reward

Elemental Ornaments[edit | edit source]

If you already have high magical defense, more of this jewelry will probably give you no more than a 1% or 2% higher damage reduction. The reason why some players still prefer it over the physical defense ornaments is because it often has higher values of MAG as bonus stats, which can prove very useful in grinding. Recommend only for LA Build. Bonus stats to consider: HP/MAG/MAtk Modifiers


☆☆☆Yang -

☆☆Puzzle Cube Badge• Vain -

☆Archangel's Pendant

☆Swindler's Necklace -

☆Equine Talisman

Pan Gu's Gift

Cube of Fate Stamp

- TT99 Gold

TT90 Gold

- 29 Chips Mold


☆☆Warsoul of Naught -

☆☆Warsong Lock• Void -

☆Paradise Sachet -

☆☆☆Jade of Heaven -

☆☆☆Vibrating Starlight -

☆☆☆Nightfall Pendant -

Tournament Agent (currently DISABLED)

Warsong Marshal Badge

4th pass reward

3rd pass reward

2nd pass reward

1st pass reward

If you can't decide, you can also buy 1 of each type and switch them as necessary, if your cash

agrees with it.

Bonus Stats on Equipment[edit | edit source]

Bonus stats, not stars though *** give the highest base stats, are the most important factor to consider when buying equipment. First of all, if you don't plan on switching equip on every second mob, make sure that no piece of armor lacks any of the basic elemental defenses. The more elements are missing, the higher the remaining elemental defenses will be, but you'd have a hard time fighting against mobs of these specific elements since your overall defense would be much lower.

The options of bonus stats are:

For higher endurance:

+ HP or VIT: Probably the most common bonus stat. Since you can get a very high amount of HP from it, most players consider it as their main choice for improving their survivability.

+ Physical Defense: You can get a fair amount of it to profit from the huge damage reduction

+ Elemental Resistance: Not what you should look for. HP/VIT is much more valuable.

For higher damage:

+ MAG: Quite rare, and comes in very low values compared to HP/VIT. Mostly + 4 or + 5 MAG is the highest you can find, while HP goes easily over 80 at a cheaper price. If stacked, the difference can be even higher. But if you're looking for even more damage instead--

+ Magic Attack: Mostly comes in rather low amounts compared to MAG. To find out which one gives more base magic attack, refer to my formulas in the Questions and Answers section.

- % Channeling: Very rare, will increase your damage per second by a small amount, but overly expensive for what it's worth. Only when stacked at 24% or above can you tell the difference

+% Critical Rate: Very rare and expensive; rises in effectiveness over the levels as your damage output increases. Its efficiency compared to + MAG strongly depends on how much an attack is based on magic attack instead of a fixed value. For example:

To out damage 1% critical rate on average: of HP on equip, +MAG is your best option in the lower levels.

As Pure MAG at level 50 (wearing average 3 star equipment), your equipment will need at least + 6 MAG when using Spirit Blast level 10.

As Pure MAG at level 80 (wearing Mold level 80 Sphere + average 3 star equipment), your equipment will need at least + 10 MAG when using Sandburst Blast level 10.

Seeing that +1% critical is much easier to get than +10 MAG, +% Critical Rate as bonus stat actually proves to be more effective than + MAG in the higher levels.


+ MP recovery: You'll be burning through your MP way too fast to notice the recovery.

+ HP recovery: Comes in too small amounts to be useful.

+ STR / DEX: No need for additional STR/DEX over the minimum requirement for armor.

+ MP: No use in adding even more MP

+% Experience: The available +% of Experience are too low to make any real difference while grinding, not to mention the release of Hyper Stone -chuckle-

+ Evasion Rate: Due to high accuracy of your enemies, + Evasion Rate barely has any effect.

+ Accuracy: Magic attacks never miss, no need for any accuracy at all.

Shards for Equipment[edit | edit source]

This part is for shards on armor. Should I list every single shard to prevent noob questions asking about shards not mentioned? Hmm... if there are shards unmentioned it means they suck, OK?

-Stone of the Savant, Primeval Stone: A more expensive version of Citrine Gems. Exotic, while it increases both your HP and a your PDef, the cost for one is high.

-Garnets: Increase your survival chance at later level (~80+). It is recommended to shard some Garnets on your gears along with Citrines Shards by ratio 3:1. The amount of shards however depends on your PDef Value, when it reach ~5000, use other alternative.

-Citrines: Pretty steady at all level.

-Diamond of Dragon/Jade of Steady Defense: Hard choice, and it's a myth as to the exact equation but it is impossible to completely nullify damage receive according to the formulas in Advance stats section. I don't dare give comment on this.

Psychic Gameplay - Tips for PvP/TW[edit | edit source]

Note for psychic skills:

Soul of Vengeance, Soul of Silence, Empowered Vigor cannot be purge at this time, not sure if it's Same thing for Diminished vigor and Soulburn, it cannot be purified.

Rush Burst Knowing how to play Rush Burst style is important for a Magical DDer in High Level PvP. To summarize, "rushing" an opponent means playing as aggressively as possible burning your cooldowns to drop an opponent as soon as possible while "burst" refers to the technique of doing a high amount of damage in a short period of time via high damage spells. Having an advantage in channeling, this style help dropping the target quick but also put your life on the line. Though it is not advisable in solo PvP, it is highly rated in group PvP while the target focuses on your teammates.

Start by DOTs and Diminished Vigor and coupled with light poke skills till near 50%,

DOTs again then rush damage. Best Burst come from Frenzy (or Extreme Poison) Triple Spark Red

Tide -> Aqua Cannon/Sandburst.

Kiting-- While kiting in PvE is easy with Aqua Impact and Landslide for knockback, Kiting for psychic in PvP is difficult and most prefer to stall their enemy over kiting them. That doesn't mean it's impossible. With Holy Path from Genie, Glacial Shards and Earth Vector, Barbarians have a hard time pursuing you. Also don't forget to put on Soul of Retaliation if they are close (Mighty Swing?) unless they using normal attack to break Soul of Retaliation (pfft I doubt any of you half-wits can get your thoughts that far before you faint due to lack of IQ); use Soul of Stunning if that's the case. Against BM, if you got stunned right off the bat, spam the Soul of Stunning button and pray for the Soul of Silence to occur and they don't chain stun well. If you get chain stunned, well, better luck next time.

Stalling A simple tactic but crucial for Psychic. Put on White Voodoo, Use DOTs and spam some skills on them, use Bubble of Life, Soul of Retaliation from times to times and don't forget to eat food and always have Empowered Vigor on. Good way to safely gain back your chi while slowly killing your opponent charm. Of course you need a solid amount of HP to pull this off those GX.

Soul of Stunning vs Soul of Retaliation: While Soul of Stunning is pretty handy because you don't need to think much while using it other than spam the button, Soul of Retaliation on the other hand is situational. The obvious: use it's when you need to absorb damage to save you from death and when your opponent is an Assassin. The less obvious: asking you to use your brain rather than roll your face on the keyboard is probably quite... hard but there are skills that you should aim for:

Wizard Undine Strike

Archer Aim Low and Stunning Arrow

Barbarian Mighty Swing

Phoenix Flesh Ream

Soulburn and Tide Spirit combo: Soulburn is a good skill and deal some nasty damage if use right. The problem is the obviously slow and showy channeling shout out for "stun me before you die". The catch? Use it with Tide Spirit and follow by Aqua Canon/nuke and Bubble of Life. There are also situation that you don't need Tide Spirit which is a DEMON SPARKING FIST BM. Psychic Will if they choose to attack you, otherwise Rush Burst to death while they passively stand there wait for the effect wearing off.

General PvP guide[edit | edit source]

Step 1. Lead with a "poke" skill. (Aqua Impact, Spirit Blast) Find out how much HP that BM has and just how hard you'll have to hit it. If you somehow tap Spirit Blast and their HP drops 85%, laugh.

Step 2. Try to get their HP as close to 50% as possible but not below. Below ticks their guardian charm and they will heal to full. Stalling or Kiting.

Step 3. Diminished Vigor -> Soul of Stunning -> Rush Burst

Step 4. Judge (if they're still alive). If their HP is too high for you to take down even with diminished vigor, use slower strong skills like Aqua Canon and keep trying. Make sure your party is helping and spam Soul of Stunning to stun anyone attacking you. If they are taking to the skies and running, use Earth Vector if you have a spark, otherwise Glacial Shards and pray.

Territory Wars[edit | edit source]

Equipped with 3 AoEs don't require spark, the psychic in TW is a force to reckon with, especially when 2/5 of their AoEs are crowd control skills. Keywords: Crowd Control

Cata supporter should cast Soul of Silence and Empowered Vigor on cata barb due to it cannot be purge by veno, it's the best thing a cata barb can wish for (don't cast Soul of Vengeance on them).

Use Earth Vector and Glacial Shard for crowd control on anyone approaching the cata and hold em away from barb, disturb soul on opponent wizard to slow their casting. Use Soulburn on cata cleric/attacking archer/demon sparked BM only to save spark for Earth Vector and Psychic Will.

Cata killer (vs barbarians) you hit some decent damage on them because they have pretty crappy MRes. The problem? They have too much HP for you to solo, and combined with a guardian charm they're next to impossible to take down for a psychic low damage per skill. The catch? You don't solo. Your job is not to go out and be a wizard wannabe. Your job is to hex and slow your opponent advancing and pray that your squad is smart enough to attack the same person.

Now that you built all your Chi by killing people, what do you do with it? Do not, I repeat do not waste it on Advanced Spark Eruption (Demonic Spark Eruption is fine). It's slow, its flashy, and it gets you killed. Use it on...

Earth Vector - AoE with 85% stun and medium damage, though not much but this is a good crowd control skill along with Glacial Shard.

Tide Spirit - This is your 2 sparks Sutra. Use it with Bubble of Life, Soulburn, and Aqua Cannon combo.

Staying Alive:

1. Always play with a cleric's buffs. BM and barbarian don't always seem to want to buff you, but there are always plenty of clerics to annoy to ask for buffs.

2. Don't forget to put on Soul of Silence and Soul of Vengeance, also Psychic Will to remove negative debuff + immune to physical damage.

3. If you are getting hit excessively, you are probably too close to the action. Pause and Holy Path backward.

4. Soul of Stunning is your friend. Spam it! Use it when your HP is running low and your charm is in cooldown. Use it when you see an archer channeling Arrow Barrage. This skill stun your enemy immediately after the first hit land, and interrupts their attack. Soul of Retaliation on the other hand work well only if you kinda guess which skill your opponent gonna cast and reflect the negative effect back to them (can only reflect effect from skill that deal damage). i.e.: Undine Strike, Mighty Swing, Aim Low, and most of the assassin's skills.

5. If a veno's pet is hitting you, knock it back with Landslide, if it's a nix, use Soul of Retaliation to reflect bleed on them or, if you already got bleed, Psychic Will and throw a Soulburn on them. It should be dead in 1...0.

6. Stay alert. Remember TW is 3D. The enemy is not always directly in front. Stay off the main path, and move along the banks of the path. Watch for attackers in the air (usually venos with flying pets).