Realm of Reflection

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Realm of Reflection

The Realm of Reflection is an instance that players who are over level 30 can enter to gain a small amount of EXP and spirit every minute, for up to twelve hours per day per character. The Realm can be accessed by talking to Mira Laedi in North Archosaur (555 673) or City of a Thousand Streams, and choosing to Enter.

Each of the many locations that players may be teleported to has a Peach Blossom Fairy NPC, who allows players to exit, Banker and Auctioneer NPCs, and a Mailbox. Players always exit Realm at North Archosaur, even if entering from A Thousand Streams. The instance is bathed in an ethereal white light; the maze of walkways and squares inside float in this vast, seemingly endless void of light. Mira explains that it is formed of chaos; and players' meditations within the Realm aid to keep the energies there focused enough to do no harm.

Each Reflective Shard grants one hour of reflection time. The daily limit of 12hrs reflection time resets at 12:00 noon server time. Both Mira Laedi and the Peach Blossom Fairy also offer crafting services; Reflective Shards can be crafted into more powerful Radiant Shards that give double the EXP and spirit in Deep Reflection.

Reflective Shard x 2 + Brilliant Essence x 2 = Radiant Shard x 4
Brilliant Essence x 6 = Radiant Shard x 4

The reflection interface can be open, or minimized to a friendly head icon on the top right of the screen. It shows the time remaining for the day's reflection maximum, and the amount of reflection time afforded by Reflective Shards or Radiant Shards. Up to 7 days of reflection time can be stored. Hyper EXP values do not affect Reflection EXP. Neither do +EXP items such as the Amulet of Blessing from the Dreamchaser Starter Kit. Genies do not gain experience in the Realm of Reflection.

Even though the amount of XP received during Reflection increases each level, that amount decreases with successive levels, relative to the amount of EXP required for the new level, just as monster kill EXP and quest EXP does. The net effect of this is that it takes longer to level up. The effect each level is fairly small; for example, at level 74, it takes 1,137 minutes to level up, and at level 75, it takes 1,256 minutes.

Cat Shops can be activated in the Realm; Starting and Stopping reflection can be done while in cat shop form, but consuming Reflective Shards to add hours cannot. Characters will of course level up while in Cat Shop form, but the level up animation does not occur until they return to normal. Riding Mounts can be equipped, but not Flying Mounts.

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