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Reawakening is a feature introduced in the PWI New Horizons expansion. Once your character has reached level 100, you will receive a Reawakening quest from General Summer in Archosaur. Reawakening (often called "rebirth" or "RB" by players) brings your character back to level 1, but grants additional attribute points, access to the Primal World, access to Boundary quests and more. Players can Reawaken two times.

Process and Requirements[edit | edit source]

In order to reawaken, your character has to be level 100 and have completed their level 89 Spiritual Cultivation quest (Aware of the Myriad or Aware of the Void). Follow the Reawakening quest from General Summer in southwest Archosaur. The quest will give you the item "Stone of Love·Restoration" to reawaken. The second Reawakening requires the Boundary of Arcane Sky VI to craft the item "Stone of Love·Recreation".

You will not lose your gear, skills, Cultivation or anything else. Quests will not reset, therefore any quests you have completed will not be available again. After reawakening you will receive a x4 EXP (first Reawakening) and x3.5 EXP (second Reawakening) multiplier for quests, EXP pills and monster kills. The Reawakening multiplier stacks with Hyper EXP Stones and x2 EXP events. The multiplier ends once your character is level 100 again.

Upon reawakening, your stats will reset but additional stats will be granted based on the level you were before. The levels of your past lives are commonly referred to as "historical levels". You can retroactively level your past lives through the Ancient Tome.

Attribute points given per historical level:

  • 100 = 20
  • 101 = 25
  • 102 = 32
  • 103 = 42
  • 104 = 56
  • 105 = 76

You can equip your gear as long as you meet the stat requirements, but a free set of starter gear will be given to you until you can equip your own. Ornaments and Rank gear with no stat requirements can be equipped from level 1. The gear's level requirements will be bypassed by your historical level. Venomancers can use their level 100 pets at level 60-65.

Preparations[edit | edit source]

  • Turn any Bounty Hunter or other quests you have as they will just take up space in your quest log until you hit 100 again.
  • Once you are reawakened you will not be able to wear high level helmet, cape, chest, leggings, wrists and boots but you can wear high level necklaces, belts and rings.
  • Take a few days to stock up on any EXP items that you can use right at level 1 such as Tiger Event rewards, and Fantasy Fruits as it will help you level quickly early on so you can wear your level 100 gear sooner.
  • Venomancers will not be able to use their leveled pets until level 60-65 so so tame a temporary low level pet.
  • All players who want to level faster after Reawakening should make a habit of doing the lucid Silver/Gold quest. Stock pile the Fantasy Bags received as your reward for the beginning of each reawakening. The more you have the higher level you can become immediately after rebirth.

Earning EXP After Reawakening[edit | edit source]

Starting your Reawakening[edit | edit source]

First Reawakening[edit | edit source]

Here are some basic steps that will start you on your first Reawakening or Rebirth (RB).

  • Talk to General Summer in Archosaur (521 629). Take the purple quest "New Horizons – Summer Reawakened".
  • Talk to the Primal Messenger in North Archosaur (564 675). Choose the first option in the list to answer correctly.
  • Talk to the Messenger of Time on the platform above the middle of Archosaur (552 654).
  • Go to the Worldspire in the City of a Thousand Streams (123 856) up to a height of 46. You should get a popup on the platform.
  • Talk to the Archosaur Student twice in North Archosaur (564 673), and then talk to the Master of Cycles next to him to receive Stone of Love·Restoration.
  • Talk to the Master of Cycles and select the Reawakening option to perform your first reawakening.
  • Talk to the Messenger of Time on the platform above the middle of Archosaur (552 654).
  • Talk to the Messenger of Time on the platform above the middle of Archosaur (552 654) again to enter the Primal World. Select "Door to the Primal World".

Second Reawakening[edit | edit source]

In addition to your first Reawakening comes your second. In order to advance to RB2 some requirements must be met:

  • Player has achieved level 100 a second time.
  • Player has reached Arcane Sky 6 or higher.
  • Player has a Stone of Love·Recreation in their inventory. This item can be crafted at the Sacred Cauldron in Kirin Town using 6 Primordial Blood.png [Primordial Blood] and 1 Adv. Arcane Sky Page.
    • Adv. Arcane Sky Pages can be crafted using an Old Book Page at the Sacred Cauldron.

To craft the Stone of Love·Recreation required for reawakening a second time, enter the Primal World by going to any of the World Guides in major cities (548 668). Go to the Sacred Cauldron in Kirin Town (370 464) and take the quest for an Adv. Arcane Sky Page, which will consume 1 Old Book Page. Use this along with 6 Primordial Blood.png [Primordial Blood] to craft the stone in the first crafting tab at the Sacred Cauldron.

Once the stone has been crafted, the player can talk to the Master of Cycles located in South Archosaur (547 626) and select the Reawakening option to begin the second reawakening process.

Ancient Tome[edit | edit source]

Ancient Tome interface.

The Ancient Tome can be accessed from your character's stat window (press C in game) and it allows you to stash any EXP you gain into storage to retroactively level your past lives and receive your missing bonus attribute points.

Open your Ancient Tome. Awaken the Book Demon. When the Book holds enough EXP for your past life to advance a level, you click the brush stroke icon in the Ancient Tome next to the life record you wish to edit, and the Edit button will be available. After you've clicked Edit, the appropriate amount of EXP will be removed from the Book Demon's holding, and your past life will be leveled.

If you do not want your EXP stored in the Ancient Tome then make sure this is inactive. The character image in the Ancient Tome book will appear to be sleeping if it's inactive and your EXP will go toward leveling your character in the normal way.

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