Returned Boss Event

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Returned Boss Event
Returned Boss Event.jpg
Location:South of Dawnglory
West of Tellus City
South of Etherblade City
South of City of the Lost
East of City of the Plume
South of City of Raging Tides
West of Archosaur (verify)

The Returned Boss Event is a boss kill event. It was originally designed to run for April Fool's Day (April 1st) with the claim of receiving a Harpy Wraith pet as a prize, though it sometimes occurs outside of April Fool's Day. The event involves killing returned versions of bosses from various dungeons for drops such as War Avatar Treasure Boxes. There is no level requirement for the event, nor does it require talking to NPCs.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

There are a total of seven bosses that can spawn during the event. When they appear, a system message will be broadcast across the server notifying players of the location of the boss.

  1. Returned Drake Fling: South of Dawnglory
  2. Returned Cenequus Polearm: West of Tellus City
  3. Returned Holeen: South of Etherblade City
  4. Returned Phlebo: South of City of the Lost
  5. Returned Burning Soul: East of City of the Plume
  6. Returned Damned Gaurnob: South of City of Raging Tides
  7. Returned Harpy Wraith: West of Archosaur (verify)

Boss Drops[edit | edit source]

Each boss drops the same set of items. All of the items cannot be traded. A total of 30 items will drop. Initially the event claimed to drop pet eggs as a gag, however none of the bosses drop eggs.

Item Chance
Fairy Box.png Fairy Box 50%
Dragon Orb (3 Star).png Dragon Orb (3 Star) 20%
War Avatar Pack S.png War Avatar Treasure Box 15%
Dragon Orb (4 Star).png Dragon Orb (4 Star) 10%
Dragon Orb (5 Star).png Dragon Orb (5 Star) 5%

The Dragon Orbs that drop can be used on gear up to grade 17.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The drops for each boss go to the player that has dealt the most damage to the boss. If players are in a squad, then all members of the squad can pick up the drops if they deal the most damage.