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The PW School Teacher.

Roll Call was a daily quest available for characters level 31 and above. The quest would appear in the player's Quest Log automatically every day and could also be seen from the Unique Rewards window, which has since been replaced with the Growth Goal system. Players that still have the Roll Call quest will automatically receive their rewards for the final time when logging on after May 22nd, 2019. Attendance Sheets can still be exchanged through the PW School Teacher.

The quest involved staying online for 1 hour, after which the quest could be completed through the Unique Rewards window for prizes. The quest could be stacked, meaning that it could be completed the day after and another Roll Call quest would automatically begin. Previously the Roll Call quest was obtained and completed by talking with the PW School Teacher in central Archosaur (553, 652 ↑28), however this has since changed and the NPC's only purpose is to exchange rewards from the Roll Call quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completing the Roll Call quest will reward the player with the following:

  • Attendance Sheet
  • Mystical Pill x3
  • Reflective Shard x2
  • Advice Box

The Advice Box can be used to receive a bless box. To receive the bless box, use the Advice Box and either click on the Finished Button within the quest log, or click on the flashing quest scroll on-screen. The bless boxes that can be received are as follows:

  • Bless Box of Attack: Contains a 30 minute timed Stamp of Thunder. Increases Attack Level by 8.
  • Bless Box of Defense: Contains a 30 minute timed Gem of Fortress. Increases Defense Level by 8.
  • Bless Box of Both: Contains a 30 minute timed Statue of Snowsoul. Increases Attack Level by 5 and Defense Level by 5.

Advice Boxes can also be used in low level Transmutation for 20 Alchemy Credits.

Attendance Sheets[edit | edit source]

Attendance Sheets can also be used in low level Transmutation for 40 Alchemy Credits. They can be used to exchange for items at the PW School Teacher, located in central Archosaur (553, 652 ↑28).

Item Attendance Sheets Required Notes
Perfect Stone 1
Dark Abyss Mount Egg 400
Dragon Emperor Mogul 7 Human flyer, 1.5/3.5 speed
Night Owl Explorer 7 Untamed flyer, 1.5/3.5 speed
Trinity 7 Winged Elf flyer, 1.5/3.5 speed
Auspicious Light 7 Tideborn flyer, 1.5/3.5 speed
Steam Dream 7 Earthguard flyer, 1.5/3.5 speed
Grinning Devil 7 Nightshade flyer, 1.5/3.5 speed

Attendance Rings[edit | edit source]

Attendance Sheets can be used to exchange for Attendance Rings, which can be used from level 50. The rings can be upgraded a total of two times. They cannot be traded or Account Stashed. The player can choose to craft a physical attack or magic attack version of each ring. If the player chooses the wrong type of ring and it is an ☆☆Attendance Signet·Good or ☆☆Attendance Ring·Good, they can exchange it for the correct type at the PW School Teacher for a fee of 10,000 Silver Coins. While the Good Attendance rings cannot be refined, the other two versions, Exemplary and Perfect, can be refined.

Upgrading to a higher version of the Attendance ring requires 30 Attendance Sheets and the current Attendance ring that the player wishes to upgrade. This ring will be consumed to create the upgraded ring.

Ring Level Required Stats Ring Required
☆☆Attendance Ring·Good 50 Physical Attack +80
Critical Hit Rate +2%
☆☆☆Attendance Ring·Exemplary 70 Physical Attack +90
Def. Level +1
Critical Hit Rate +2%
☆☆Attendance Ring·Good
★Attendance Ring·Perfect 90 Physical Attack +100
Def. Level +1
HP: +80
Critical Hit Rate +3%
☆☆☆Attendance Ring·Exemplary
☆☆Attendance Signet·Good 50 Magic Attack +80
Critical Hit Rate +2%
☆☆☆Attendance Signet·Exemplary 70 Magic Attack +90
Def. Level +1
Critical Hit Rate +2%
☆☆Attendance Signet·Good
★Attendance Signet·Perfect 90 Magic Attack +100
Def. Level +1
HP: +80
Critical Hit Rate +3%
☆☆☆Attendance Signet·Exemplary