Royal Sakura

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Royal Sakura Icon.png Royal Sakura
Royal Sakura.png
Required RaceHuman
Required ClassBlademaster, Wizard, Technician
Required Level10
Normal Speed3.3 m/s
Fast Speed6.3 m/s
Max. Duration900 Seconds
Max. Enhancements2
Price10,000 Silver Coins (Sell)
Item Properties
Drops on Death?Yes
Can be Discarded?Yes
Can be Sold?Yes
Can be Traded?Yes
Can be Account Stashed?Yes
Boutique Details
In Boutique?Sometimes
Boutique PriceUnknown
In Event Boutique?No

Royal Sakura is a type of Human flyer that can be used by blademasters, wizards, and technicians. It has a normal flying speed of 3.3m/s and a fast flying speed of 6.3m/s.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Royal Sakura can be acquired from Skysoar Flight Tokens which are a reward from the Snowdance Chest, Dark Cloud Pearl, and Petaldream Crystal packs. The Snowdance Chest and Dark Cloud Pearl are occasionally on sale in the Boutique, while the Petaldream Crystal has been available as a charge and spend promotion reward.

On occasion the Royal Sakura flyer itself is available in the Boutique temporarily, however its price is unknown.

Royal Sakura or the Skysoar Flight Token can be purchased from other players using gold coins as both items can be traded.

Shatter[edit | edit source]

Main article: Shattered Gear

Royal Sakura is prone to shattering like other pieces of equipment. It will drop 16 Mirage Celestones upon shattering and require 20(verify) Mirage Celestones to repair.

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

Royal Sakura can be enhanced up to two times using Fuhsi Pearls to a maximum speed of 3.5m/s normal speed and 6.5m/s fast speed. The first upgrade costs 80 Fuhsi Pearls and will increase normal flying speed to 3.4m/s and fast flying speed to 6.4m/s. The second upgrade costs 120 Fuhsi Pearls and will increase normal flying speed to 3.5m/s and fast flying speed to 6.5m/s.

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