Seat of Torment

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Seat of Torment
(FB99 Sage)
Seat of Torment.png
Recommended Level:Level 99+
Player Limit:10
Infernal Spikewing(pwdb)
Rancid Venerator(pwdb)
Torturess Venerator(pwdb)
Hellfire Abomination(pwdb)
Trap Master Fierce(pwdb)
Queen of Agony, Xipher(pwdb)
Lord of Captivation(pwdb)
Suicidal Mass(pwdb)
Demontorch Marauder(pwdb)
Boozy Instructor(pwdb)
Purgatory Demon - Surya(pwdb)

Location: Lothranis (Heaven)
Wine: Wine of Everlasting Sorrow x2

The Seat of Torment is the FB99 for Sage characters.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Bosses[edit | edit source]

There are nine bosses in the Seat of Torment.

Voidweaver[edit | edit source]


The Voidweaver is located on the platform in the northeastern most area of the dungeon.

The Battle

Immune to water damage.

He will use an AoE physical defense debuff as well as an AoE physical attack. Throughout the fight, he will bramble himself. This buff is only a few seconds long, but melee tanks should take care to not kill themselves on it.

Drops to Note:

  • Mold: Scribe's Shoes (~36%)

Suicidal Mass[edit | edit source]

Suicidal Mass.png


The Suicidal Mass is located among ruins in the northernmost part of the dungeon.

The Battle

Immune to fire damage.

He will use an AoE HP reduction debuff and a magical AoE. He explodes on death.

Drops to Note:

  • Mold: Boots of Soul Reaper (~36%)

Infernal Spikewing[edit | edit source]

Infernal Spikewing.png


The Infernal Spikewing is located on the northern most of the western cliffs.

The Battle

Immune to metal damage.

He has a long range AoE that can interrupt as well as an AoE metal/fire resistance debuff and a short range AoE.

Drops to Note:

  • Mold: Mystical Armor Seal (~46%)

Rancid Venerator[edit | edit source]

Rancid Venerator.png


The Rancid Venerator is located just southeast of the Infernal Spikewing.

The Battle

Immune to earth damage.

The Rancid Venerator uses a mid-range AoE that deals physical damage and an AoE stun.

Drops to Note:

  • Mold: Sleeves of Demon Sword (~46%)

Demontorch Marauder[edit | edit source]

Demontorch Marauder.png


The Demontorch Marauder is located in the center of the dungeon. He will only spawn if you kill the Decaying Defender guarding Infernal Spikewing within 60 minutes of killing Voidweaver.

The Battle

Immune to wood damage.

He uses an AoE fire resistance debuff and a magic AoE.

Drops to Note:

  • Mold: Cape of Underworld Slayer (~33%)
  • Mold: Burst of Vacuity (~18%)

Torturess Venerator[edit | edit source]

Torturess Venerator.png


The Torturess Venerator is located on the farthest southwest cliff of the dungeon.

The Battle

Immune to water damage.

The Torturess Venerator uses a short-range AoE water resistance debuff and a AoE magic that interrupts.

Drops to Note:

  • Mold: Anger of the Beast Soul (~46%)

Hellfire Abomination[edit | edit source]

Hellfire Abomination.png


The Hellfire Abomination is located on the southeastern cliff of the dungeon.

The Battle

He uses a magic AoE, an AoE that increases channeling speed, and random aggro. He will also buff his magic and physical attack.

Drops to Note:

  • Mold: Band from Heaven's Jail (~71%)
  • Mold: Plate of Endless Warden (~71%)
  • Mold: Dragon's Vibrancy (~48%)
  • Mold: Dragon's Bite (~43%)

Quests[edit | edit source]

The following quests can be completed inside the Seat of Torment:

  • Call to Duty: Purgatory
  • Bounty Hunter II (Level 100+)
  • Divine Order: Voidweaver
  • End the Scheme (quest to unlock Old Unicorn Forest)
  • Scarlet Death (quest to unlock Old Moonshade Desert)

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