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Secret Passage (otherwise known to players as SP) is a level 29-35 dungeon where monsters prowl. These monsters are stronger than ordinary ones that you would encounter in the outside, with more health and much more strength. Secret Passage is known for its hordes of poisonous monsters, which include Tombseekers, Ancient Evils, and so on.

Players will be given quests around level 29 to enter the Secret Passage. From then on, it becomes frequently visited for Bounty Hunting missions, grinding, certain mob-elimination quests, and the weapon token quests for the Tideborn race. It is common ground area for Player Killers (PKers) and EXP/Spirit grinders.

Note: This is where you will find the entrance to kill Qingzi (BH/FB 29).

Map[edit | edit source]

Note: The entrance to FB29 is guarded by a number of ranged monsters. (Some Skelevizen and Tombstones in the room, and some of the Ghouls on the other side of the wall can shoot through it.) They can either be killed off before you enter, or you can distract them and just run past.

Note: This entrance can also be used as a shortcut out of the Secret Passage, since exiting from FB29 will deposit you back outside at Orchid Temple.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Dismal Shade[edit | edit source]

Dismal Shade.png
Dismal Shade: Dismal (as it's been called by players) is a strong monster located deep inside the Secret Passage. It is commonly surrounded by Skelevizen Warlords, who have a very powerful magical attack and a great deal of health. Take care to eliminate these monsters before going after Dismal.

PLEASE NOTE that Dismal Shade is one of the few boss monsters who can stack poison effects! This is particularly nasty, and one of the biggest problems when you're facing him, even with a cleric. It's also important not to take too long with this battle, since the Warlords have a short respawn time.

Example: Normal poison usually deals about 20 damage per second, give or take. Dismal Shade will take that number, cast poison again, and now your damage dealt is 40 per second.

It can be useful to lure him off to the left hand side of the map to avoid these guards. But be careful, since he will often yellow-bubble and reset if you try to move him too far.

Since he has an Area of Effect (AoE) attack, it is a bad idea to lure him anywhere else, as you will end up annoying other players considerably.

Killing Dismal Shade is a level 40-50 timed quest, named "Seal the Dismal Shade". Don't take that quest until you have your squad ready to go!

Shade Eido[edit | edit source]

Shade Eido.png
Shade Eido: A more forgiving boss, Shade Eido is located in a small room not far from the entrance of the Secret Passage. While he does have his AoE attack, it's not as harmful, and doesn't stack like Dismal Shade. Usually, a tank can handle Shade Eido without triggering it's AoE, if other ranged classes don't aggravate it. It's often confused with Dismal Shade because of the shared "Shade" in their names.

For the most part, there are only Skelevizen-type enemies (who deal long ranged magical damage and are aggressive) and some Tombseekers guarding the passage to Shade Eido. There is also a small room with two Skelevizen Warlords and a Guardian Tombstone. Most players tip-toe past them and take one Shade Eido.

In the room where Shade Eido is located, there are six Skelevizen Warlords (four where Eido is standing, and two by the door) and two Guardian Tombstones (by the stairs up on the way towards Shade Eido. Eliminate these for a smoother transition.

Eido is used for the level 32 quest-chain "Hero Spirit"

Silver Frost[edit | edit source]

Silver Frost.png
Silver Frost: One of the strongest and most well known bosses, Silver Frost packs a whalloping amount of health and physical damage. He is located in the same room as Dismal Shade, so in order to NOT trigger his poison stacking, you will have to eliminate him and his Skelevizen Warlords first, or sneak past quite carefully. Then, deal your hand to Silver Frost.

Since Silver Frost has no AoE he can be safely lured out into the corridor and fought there without causing trouble for other groups.

Silver Frost is needed for the "Unveiled Truth" quest-chain to unlock Old Heaven's Tear. This is a level 70 quest. Do not provoke the puppy!

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