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There are a variety of possible builds for seekers, so you should choose depending on what strengths you prefer and what weaknesses you can tolerate. Note that no points should be put in the mag stat, as gear and pots do better at adding and recovering MP than points in mag.

Light Armor note: Because of the high Dex requirement for swords and dual blades, all builds will allow the use of Light Armor, however Heavy Armor is normally preferred due to the majority of the damage seekers take being physical damage. Light Armor is only recommended if you expect mostly magic damage in some situation, until after level 74, when the defense level buff maxes which helps make up for the lost physical defense.

Standard Heavy Armor Build[edit | edit source]

The standard Heavy Armor build is:

5 Str and 3 Dex every two levels, with an extra 2 points left over for Vit, Dex, or Str, depending on your preference or needs, though Vit is generally preferred until endgame gear is available, at which point the points can be transferred to Str for damage.

That gives you enough strength for your armor and enough dexterity for your weapons, plus enough HP that you can handle tanking well.

The simple method to do the standard build is:

On even levels add 5 Str.
On odd levels add 3 Dex, and 2 Vit.

Seekers get 15 HP for each Vit point.

Heavy Armor Build for Damage Dealing[edit | edit source]

On this build no or very little Vit would be added (e.g. capped at 20 Vit). This it means that you're more easily killed and less able to tank, however you will do a lot more damage than the standard build.

The simple method to do the high damage build is:

On even levels add 3 Str and 2 Dex.
On odd levels add 4 Str and 1 Dex.

This build generally requires refining the equipment for extra HP.

Other Possible Builds[edit | edit source]

A slightly altered Standard Heavy Armor Build: same as above, but capping Vit at 50 then 3 Str and 2 Dex every level.

6 Str and 4 Dex per 2 levels: HA/LA, kinda squishy with decent accuracy and crit and high damage.

5 Str and 5 Dex per 2 levels: HA/LA, kinda squishy with high accuracy and crit.

5 Str, 4 Dex, and 1 Vit per 2 levels: HA/LA, less squishy with good crit and high accuracy.

5 Str, 3 Dex, and 2 Vit per 2 levels: HA/LA, good HP, OK crit, good accuracy.

4 Str, 4 Dex, and 2 Vit per 2 levels: Light Armor only, good HP, good crit, high accuracy.

4 Str, 5 Dex, and 1 Vit per 2 levels: Light Armor only, decent HP, great crit, great accuracy.

4 Str and 6 Dex per 2 levels: Light Armor only, very squishy, low HP, even greater crit, awesome accuracy.