Siamese Fruit

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Cosmetic Master Illian.

The Siamese Fruit is an item that allows players to change their character's gender. Players can change gender by taking this item to the Cosmetic Master Illian in northeast Archosaur (575 686). The Siamese Fruit can be bought from the Boutique.

Gender Change Condition[edit | edit source]

  • There is no limit to how many times the player can change their character's gender.
  • Untamed characters cannot change gender due to their classes being gender-locked.
  • Characters with spouses cannot change gender. The player has to divorce first.
  • If the character has accepted a gender-specific quest, they cannot change gender.
  • If the character has currently equipped Fashion items or Fashion Weapons, they will have to remove them or they cannot change gender.
  • If the character is currently engaged in the matchmaking mode in the Matchmaking System, they cannot change gender.

Gender Change Process[edit | edit source]

Siamese Fruit window.

After obtaining a Siamese Fruit, the player has to talk to Cosmetic Master Illian in northest Archosaur (575 686). Upon a successful gender change, the character will disconnect from the server. Next time the player logs in, the character will have the opposite gender.

Fashion items and Fashion Weapons will become unavailable after the character has changed their gender. Equipment will not be affected by the gender change.

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