Sky Owls

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A male Sky Owl Shadowmage and a female Sky Owl Warlock.

The Sky Owls are an aggressive race that live in the Sky Owl Stronghold, northwest of Kirin Town in Primal World. Not much is known about the Sky Owls, but they are famous for their airships. Most male Sky Owls use daggers or fight barehanded. Female Sky Owls use magic, but there are some male Sky Owls capable of using magic as well.

The Sky Owls play a minor role in the quest line for Arcane Sky. Emperor Alexander seeks their help to fight against Lord Tyrant, but the Sky Owls refuse and do not hesitate to attack the player. After failed negotiations, Alexander's army eventually steals their airships to use them for the army's transport.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Sky Owls appear to be human, but it is unknown if they have hidden non-human traits or abilities. They wear typical human clothes, but female Sky Owls decorate themselves with feathers and real, living snakes.