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The Snake Isle Dungeon Race is a daily event that all players level 40 and up can participate in. It's just what it sounds like, a race around an island. The race itself runs twice a day however you can only enter in one race a day making it a daily type quest. This race is very fun and is an enjoyable and quick daily activity that can give you a bit of extra experience and spirit. Usually players do this race on mounts and if you want to be one of the top 5 winners you will need to have a speedy 11m/s mount. However if you don't have a mount you can still run the race on foot. All players that participate and finish the race within the designated time period get the same prize: a badge of speed, spirit and experience. The top racers also have a chance to win a monthly race qualifier.

How to Participate[edit | edit source]

The race begins in the afternoon at 12:30 PM and in the evening at 9:30 PM server time. However the portals to the race instance open 10 minutes prior to the start of the race and close 5 minutes after the race announcement. It's advisable to get into the race dungeon prior to the start announcement because the dungeon only has a 100 player capacity and most players will have a head start on you if you only port in just as the announcement appears. The portal to the race can be accessed by the Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup in any major city.

Adventure Assistant and Khatru Pup

The Adventure Assistant and Khatru Pup can be found in the following locations:

City Coordinates
City of the Plume (314 413)
Etherblade (451 874)
City of the Lost (245 644)
City of Raging Tides (666 135)
Archosaur North District (523 678)
Archosaur South District (530 634)
Archosaur South District (577 634)
Archosaur North District (584 675)
Dreamweaver Port (657 374)
Thousand Streams (124 867)

Once you're in the dungeon head towards the starting line. It will have several clickable flags and a racing judge NPC. This is where you must wait to start your race. There will usually be a large group of people who will come in to do the race but it is usually nowhere near full by the time the portals close.

Race Starting Line

Once the system announcement appears notifying players that the race has begun you will be able to accept a quest from either the NPC or one of the flags to do the race. Quickly accept the quest and begin the race.

Race Start NPCs

How to Start the Race

You will be required to complete 3 laps of the island and you must cross each of the 4 check points in consecutive order to complete one lap. The race island itself is fairly small and the course basically takes you around the perimeter of the island. There are pulsing arrows on the ground that show you which direction you should be traveling in. Apart from some water hazards and 2 hilly locations the race is fairly easy to complete.

Race Direction Arrow

Note: It's important to know there is a time restriction on this dungeon. Once you enter the dungeon you will automatically receive a quest called Take the Race. This quest is used to lock you out from participating in the race multiple times and to keep track of the time you have spent in the dungeon. Once it appears you will have 30 minutes to stay in the dungeon before you will be automatically ported out. When you accept the race quest from the start NPC you will also see a timer on it. This timer will also have a 30 minute count down but since you entered the dungeon earlier the Take the Race quest will run out before this one so it will port you out before this timer ever runs out.

Race Checkpoints[edit | edit source]

In order to complete a lap you will need to successfully reach each of the 4 checkpoints in consecutive order. Each checkpoint will be denoted by a large square of arrows pointing inwards towards a large checkpoint flag. You do not need to actually double click or “talk” to the flag, you just need to be within the square marked by the arrows and the four smaller flags and the checkpoint will trigger. Be careful when you get to checkpoints and pay attention to whether the checkpoint was successfully triggered. If you do not stay long enough in the checkpoint area the quest will not trigger and you will have missed that checkpoint. If you miss a checkpoint none of the other checkpoints will count until you usefully make the missed checkpoint.

Note that being closer to the center flag will not cause the checkpoint to trigger any faster. A good strategy, therefore, is to stand just inside the edge of a checkpoint, closest to the direction you wish to travel next, and then wait for the checkpoint to trigger. Using the edges in this way will typically give a skilled racer a significant lead over the majority of players who will run towards the large center flag.

Example Checkpoint Success Message

The first, third, and fourth checkpoints are easy to reach. The second checkpoint is a bit hard because it is located on a small island and you will need to time your jumps properly to get on and off of it. Getting on the island is usually not a problem; even if you jump too early you will still have a bit of land to make a successful jump. Getting off the island is tricky because the gap is wider and if you jump too early you will end up in the water and your mount will drop you. Below you can see what each checkpoint area looks like.

First Checkpoint

Second Checkpoint

Third Checkpoint

Fourth Checkpoint

Once you have successfully reached all the checkpoints make sure to head towards the starting line and pass one of the starting line flags to trigger the completion of a lap and the start of a new one. If you have finished all your laps head towards the starting line and hand in your race quest to the NPC. He will then give you a new quest which will activate your ability to dig up any of the Dungeon Chests found on the hill directly across from the judge.

Dungeon Race Chest

Be sure to do this fast and head for a free chest because everyone who finishes will get this quest and will be able to dig the chests so if you want to open one you will need to be quick. Usually the lower chests are always taken up by the first 3 players and the highest 2 chests are up for grabs for those that were close behind. Players usually have difficulty reaching these chests so be careful.

Location of the Chests

Buffs and Debuffs[edit | edit source]

Once you enter the dungeon you will notice that there are several glowing wisp-like objects that float around the area as well as several stationary rotating diamonds. The wisps and diamonds are buff and debuff agents and their color identifies the effect that they will cause. Most are debuffs however anything purple in color will give you a buff that increases your riding speed so those are ones you will definitely want to catch. The rest you will want to avoid as nothing good will come of them. Since the diamonds are stationary they're fairly straightforward to catch. You simply head towards them on your mount and make sure your body touches them. The purple diamonds are located in difficult areas to reach and will require you to time your jumps just right to catch them. The wisps have random travel paths on the dungeon course and spawn at random points after they have been caught by a player. You will notice that the wisps magnetic sort of travel effect. If they sense a player within their range they will be drawn towards that player and if you have a slow mount or draw their attention when they are really close to you they will easily catch up to you and cast their effect. You can out run them sometimes but it depends on when, where and how you drew the wisp's attention. The purple wisps seem to be the hardest to catch because they don't seem to be as drawn to players as the other ones. You have to get very close to this wisp to get its attention, unlike the others. Below you will find a table displaying the buff/debuff diamonds and wisps and their effect on you when it is cast.

Object Effect
White-wisp.jpg Freeze – will stop your running/riding motion for a short period of time
Blue-wisp.jpg Slow – will reduce your running/riding speed for a short period of time
Yellow-wisp.jpg Stun – will stop your running/riding speed for a short period of time and has a chance to cause you to fall off your mount
Purple-wisp.jpg Accelerate – will increase your riding speed for a short period of time
White-diamond.jpg Randomly causes a Freeze, Slow, Stun, or Accelerate effect for a short period of time
Purple-diamond.jpg Accelerate – will increase your riding speed for a short period of time

Finishing the Race[edit | edit source]

As long as you complete the race you will get 5,000 experience, 1,000 spirit and a badge of speed. The experience and spirit is obviously worth more to you at a lower level but even at level 80 it makes up about 0.1% and at those levels every little bit helps. If you manage to open one of the 5 Dragon Chests you will also receive a monthly race qualifier ticket. These tickets at one point were used to enter into the monthly races but those features do not exist in our version of the game. For now if you get a monthly race qualifier you can either hold on to it in hopes of the race being fixed and released or get rid of it. If you decide to keep your qualifier make sure to put it in your bank before the next race because if you go in and finish the race with a monthly qualifier in your inventory it will immediately teleport you out once you have finished. The badge of speed that you get can be turned in to the Messenger of the Sages to get 2,000 Spirit Points or you can trade in 10 badges of speed to get a Sign of Speed.

Messenger of the Sages NPC

The Messenger of the Sages NPC can be found at the following locations:

City Coordinates
Etherblade (441, 880)
City of the Lost (248, 640)
Archosaur (553, 645)
City of the Plume (332, 431)
City of Raging Tides (665, 126)

The signs of speed serve a few purposes. First, like the badges, they can be exchanged at the Messenger of the Sages for 22,000 spirit (note that handing in the Sign versus each Badge separately would give your more spirit), second if you are ever lucky enough to come across a light armor mold to create the Legion Shinguards you will need a sign of speed to craft them. Finally, if you collect one of each of the seven Badge types and get enough reputation to get Rank VI you will be able to trade them in for grade 13 "Sage" weapons.

Badge-speed.gif Badge of Speed
Monthly-qualifier.gif Monthly Dungeon Race Qualifier
Sign-speed.gif Sign of Speed

Exiting the Race[edit | edit source]

There are 2 ways to get yourself out of the race dungeon. The first is to use the exit portal. This portal is located on a separate island that you will need to swim to (see below for what it looks like). If you do decide to use the portal then you will end up exiting on Snake Island which is way out by the City of Misfortune. Not somewhere you want to end up, especially if you have slow aerogear. The best way to leave is to simply go to your quest log, click on the quest Take the Race and trash it. Once the quest is trashed you will end up back in Archosaur North District just behind the Khatru Pup, much better than being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Exit Portal