Snake Isle Dungeon Race

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The race, with a check point and many obstacles present.

The Snake Isle Dungeon Race was a daily event that was available for players level 40 and above. The event has since been deactivated due to several issues regarding the monthly portion of the race, but has since been replaced with another event, You want a Zongzi, don't you?, which occurs in the same location and uses most of the mechanics of the original event. Although the event has been deactivated, players can still enter Snake Isle at the times the event would used to run.

The event itself was a race around a small island. It is available to enter between 12:20-12:25PM and 9:20-9:35PM server time each day, though players can only enter and attempt the race only once regardless of which time they enter. Players can enter Snake Isle through the Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup, located in major cities such as Archosaur. The race would offer EXP, Spirit, and a Badge of Speed for participating, with a chance of winning a Monthly Race Qualifier if the player finished in one of the top 5 places.

Map[edit | edit source]

The map for the Snake Isle Dungeon Race is unique due to its age, where players will not be able to see their location on the map, making it challenging for them to use it to navigate through the race.

How to Participate[edit | edit source]

The race is available at 12:30PM and 9:30PM server time. The race area opens 10 minutes prior to the race, and closes 5 minutes after the race begins. The event has a capacity of 100 players, after which players will not be able to enter.

Previously there was a system announcement that would announce the beginning of the race, however it is no longer broadcast. Players can still teleport into the race area through the Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup located in any major city, by taking the quest named Take the Race.

Once inside the player will be located near the start of the race. A Chief Referee will be at the beginning of the race along with several blue Starting Line flags, which serve as both the start and finish lines. Players must wait at this area until the beginning of the race, either at 12:30PM or 9:30PM. They will then have 5 minutes to take the starting quest from either the Chief Referee or one of the Starting Line flags.

Note that once the player has entered the dungeon they will only be able to stay inside for up to 30 minutes. If the player stays inside for longer than 30 minutes then they will be teleported out. This timer starts as soon as the player enters, meaning that they can still potentially fail the race even if they begin it within 30 minutes.

The Race[edit | edit source]

Players will be required to complete 3 laps of the island within 30 minutes, crossing each of the 4 check points in consecutive order to complete 1 lap. You do not need to take a quest from each check point but instead be near them until a quest has been completed. The race itself will take the player around the perimeter of the small island. There are large arrows on the ground to guide the player through the race.

Race Check Points[edit | edit source]

One of the Check Points.

In order to complete a lap the player will need to successfully reach each of the 4 check points in consecutive order. Each check point will be denoted by a large square of arrows pointing inwards towards a large red check point flag. Each check point flag is numbered. Players are not required to interact with the flag, but simply be in the square area for the quest to trigger. You must wait in the check point area long enough to ensure the quest will trigger. If the player misses a check point, then they will not be able to go through further check points until they go back to the missed check point.

Being closer to the red check point flag will not affect how quickly the quest triggers, therefore a good strategy is to stand at the edge of a check point area until the quest triggers, saving a few seconds of time if you are facing in the direction of the next check point flag.

The first, third, and fourth check points are easy to reach, while the second check point is located on a small island. It is still easy to reach through jumping with good timing, especially when riding a mount. Mistiming the jump can lead to the player falling in the water and being dismounted as a result, causing them to lose time to complete the race.

Once the player has successfully reached all 4 check points they must head towards the starting line and then pass through one of the Starting Line flags to trigger the completion of the lap and the start of a new one. Once the player has finished all 3 laps they must head back to the starting line and hand in their race quest to the Chief Referee. He will then give another quest to dig a Dungeon Chest, located on the hill where he is facing. All players that finish the race will be able to dig a Dungeon Chest, so it is recommended to dig a chest as soon as possible. There are a total of 5 Dungeon Chests, meaning that the first 5 players to finish the race have the best chance to dig one of these chests.

Buffs and Debuffs[edit | edit source]

Throughout the race there are several different objects. There will be colored wisps floating around along with colored diamonds that are stationary. Each object will grant the player a buff or debuff depending on their type and color. Most of these objects cause debuffs. The only two objects that are guaranteed to give buffs are the purple wisps and the purple diamonds, which will increase your riding speed for a short amount of time. These buffs make it heavily recommended for players to participate in the race riding a mount rather than running on foot.

To activate a wisp or diamond the player needs to come in direct contact with them. Some wisps or diamonds will not activate unless the player stays on them for a short time, or might not activate at all. Wisps will randomly move throughout the race and also spawn in random areas after being activated, so there is no real strategy to avoid them. If you are within a short range of them, you will aggro them and they will begin to chase you, though they will give up if you have moved far enough. Purple diamonds are usually located in the air so that they are more challenging to reach.

The types of buffs or debuffs each object gives is described below.

Object Effect Description
White Wisp Freeze Prevents you from moving for a short period of time.
Blue Wisp Slow Reduces your movement speed for a short period of time.
Yellow Wisp Stun Prevents you from moving or using skills for a short period of time. Also has a chance to knock you off your mount.
Purple Wisp Accelerate Increases mount speed for a short period of time.
White Diamond Random Effect Randomly grants the player a freeze, slow, stun, or accelerate effect for a short period of time.
Purple Diamond Accelerate Increases mount speed for a short period of time.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Upon completing the race the player will receive 5,000 Experience, 1,000 Spirit, and a Badge of Speed. If the player also opens a Dungeon Race Chest they will receive a Monthly Dungeon Race Qualifier, however this item cannot be used as the monthly dungeon race is bugged and was removed from the game as a result. The ticket can either be kept as a memento or discarded.

If the player were to fail the race then they would receive no Experience or Spirit, but would have a chance at winning apothecary items:

  • Moon Chaser Powder x2 (80%)
  • Stream Powder x1 (20%)

The Badge of Speed acquired from the race can be used at a Messenger of the Sages, located in major cities. The player can either use the badge to get 2,000 Spirit, or trade in 10 Badges of Speed to get a Sign of Speed. A Sign of Speed can be turned in for 22,000 Spirit, or saved to exchange it along with other types of signs for a grade 13 weapon once the player has 35,000 reputation.

Exiting the Race[edit | edit source]

There are multiple ways to leave the dungeon. The first way is to use the blue exit portal, located on a separate island that can be seen from the 3rd check point flag. The portal will take the player to Dawn's Cry Isle on the main map, located near both Dawnglory and the City of Misfortune. The player can also trash their Take the Race quest or wait for it to expire, which will take them back to North Archosaur. Another way is to speak with the Chief Referee NPC and take the Back to Archosaur quest which will take the player back to South Archosaur.