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A Snowman

A Snowman is a festive type monster that usually appears during the month of December for Christmas. They appear in Etherblade City, City of the Plume, City of the Lost, and Archosaur. During their presence, snow will also fall in these cities. Snow also falls in City of the Raging Tides, Tellus City and Dawnglory, but they do not have snowmen.

Snowmen are stationary, are level 150, have only 1 health, and are immune to elemental attacks.

They are also the objective of a repeatable quest offered by the Snowman Tamer called Naughty Snowman.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Upon death, snowmen will usually drop a total of 3 items or more. These include most chi stones, dice tickets, and exclusive Christmas-themed fireworks.

Item Chance
Wuhsing Stone.png Wuhsing Stone 19.6218%
Merry Christmas.png Merry Christmas 9.6867%
Liuho Stone.png Liuho Stone 9.6867%
Chihsing Stone.png Chihsing Stone 3.6937%
Merry Christmas 2.png Merry Christmas 2.519%
Celestone of Human.png Celestone of Human 1.9107%
Celestone of Earth.png Celestone of Earth 1.9107%
Celestone of Heaven.png Celestone of Heaven 1.9107%
Pakua Stone.png Pakua Stone 1.2884%
Hsiaoko's Mantou.png Hsiaoko's Mantou 0.6515%
Dice Ticket.png Dice Ticket 0.5225%
Chiukung Stone.png Chiukung Stone 0.3927%
Perfect Stone.png Perfect Stone 0.1315%
Eye of Observation.png Eye of Observation 0.1315%

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Snowmen speak in normal chat when they are killed. There are a total of 50 different lines of dialogue that they can possibly say upon death. There is also a chance that snowmen will say nothing upon death.

You think that weapon is strong enough to defeat me? Ha!
Medic! Medic! I'm hit, I'm hit!
No, please! I'm an innocent pile of snow!
Hey! You hit me!!
Wait, what's that behind you?
Hit one of us again! I dare you!
We are the snowmen. Resistance is futile.
You dare challenge me? I will bring a blizzard down upon you!
I never had a chance to find my snow-woman!
Archosaur belongs to the snowmen!
Killing me will grant you nothing.
Enjoy life, because everything melts in the end.
One, two, five, six, seven... Lost count yet?
Whatever you do, don't eat my nose!
Either I live, or you die. Take your pick.
If I give you some ice cream, will you let me go?
I wasn't always evil. But, then I wizened up.
That really hurts!
Do you know how many bottles of Pure White Pigment I had to purchase to make this gear white?
So... cold...
Did you see Archosaur blanketed in snow? That's exactly what I want!!!
I'm not afraid of you!
What? Were you expecting me to drop good items?
Such a noisy silent night.
Hey... don't look at me that way! I'm not a pinata!
Ha ha! You missed!
I will freeze your bones!
Why don't you try a flame thrower? Don't you know that snow melts?
The north wind is blowing... calling me...
Please, let me go!
The end is near! Spring approaches!
This is the end of a proud lineage of snowmen...
You'll be sorry once I'm gone!
You are beneath me!
No matter how much you attack me, I'm still as white as snow.
Water to water, ice to ice.
You can kill me, but two more will take my place!
And I thought winter would last forever...
If I had arms, I'd hit you back!
I'm a snowman, not an ice guy.
Funny. This happens every year!
He who smashes snow is a flake, but he who smashes a refrigerator is ice cold.
We shall meet again... Next year.
I feel really stupid wearing this goofy smile while you're beating me up.
It was all a dream...
If you're really a hero, show me mercy!
Wow, so much for the money I saved to teleport home...
Please don't hit me! I'm just an innocent passerby!
Just because I'm white, round, and plump doesn't make me an egg. No Humpty Dumpty jokes, please.
My attack was flawless. How did I lose?!