Spring Blessings

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Spring Blessings
Spring Blessings.png
Location:North Archosaur (574, 681)
Requirements:Level 20+
(Mirage Sky I for extra quest)
Received From:Blessing Envoy (574, 681)

Spring Blessings, also known as Blessings of New Year, is a daily event quest that occurs during the month of February or March. It is available to players that are level 20 and above.

There is an additional step to the event that is only available to players that have a boundary level of Mirage Sky I, meaning they must have also reawakened twice. The additional objective for the event is only available each day from 9PM-12AM server time.

Description[edit | edit source]

Pray under the Wish Tree, and make a wish for the the summer season!

Objectives[edit | edit source]

To begin the quest, go to the Blessing Envoy in North Archosaur, underneath the giant tree (574, 681). When taking the Blessings of New Year quest, you will have the choice of choosing a wish for the new year. Regardless of the choice you make, the steps to complete the event and the rewards are the same.

The different wishes you can choose from are:

  • May I become wealthy!
  • May fortune and luck favor us all!
  • May the world bring happiness to our friends and loved ones!
  • May all players enjoy Perfect World!
  • May all races unite as one, and bring justice to this world!
  • May this world continue to be filled with wonder!
  • May the world become a perfect world!
  • May we grow strong and wise!
  • May we destroy the evils of this world and attain peace!
  • May we grow more skilled in this coming year!

Once you have chosen a wish, the quest will appear in your quest log.

  1. Meditate underneath the Wish Tree, where the Blessing Envoy is. When you do so, a message will appear in chat that says what you have wished for. You will also receive your rewards.

Additional Objectives[edit | edit source]

If you have a boundary level of Mirage Sky I, you can choose to exchange your Blessing Token for a Mysterious Key. The Mysterious Key is timed and will expire after 24 hours. It can be used to open a Blessing Chest that appears around the Wish Tree every day from 9PM-12AM server time.

The reward you can receive from a Blessing Chest depends on the amount of wishes players have made to the Wish Tree in total, with the highest possible prize being obtainable after 8,000 wishes have been made. The tree will become more decorated, with the Blessing Chests also changing in size and appearance.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 420,000 EXP (at level 100)
    • Additional 1,200,000 EXP (at level 100) if exchanging Blessing Token for EXP and Spirit
  • 88,000 Spirit (at level 100)
    • Additional 240,000 Spirit (at level 100) if exchanging Blessing Token for EXP and Spirit
  • Blessing Token (Timed: 1 Hour)
  • Homestead Graph New Year Pack

If you have used a Mysterious Key to unlock a Blessing Chest, you can receive an Event Gold Pack depending on the amount of total wishes players have made to the Wish Tree.

  • Under 4,000 Wishes(verify): Event Gold 1-Pack (contains 1 Event Gold)
  • 4,000+ Wishes(verify): Event Gold 2-Pack (contains 2 Event Gold)
  • 8,000+ Wishes: Event Gold 3-Pack (contains 3 Event Gold)

Blessing Token[edit | edit source]

The Blessing Token is a timed item that will expire after 1 hour. It can be exchanged with the Blessing Envoy for:

  • 3 Radiant Shards plus 1,200,000 EXP and 240,000 Spirit (at level 100)
  • Mysterious Key (Timed: 24 Hours) - if you are Mirage Sky I or higher

Homestead Graph New Year Pack[edit | edit source]

The Homestead Graph New Year Pack contains a random Homestead recipe out of the following:

  • Gen.: Elegant Chinese Knot (20%)
  • Gen.: Yellow Luck Lantern (20%)
  • Gen.: Yellow Spring Lantern (20%)
  • Gen.: Firecracker of Joy (20%)
  • Gen.: Firecracker of Luck (20%)