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This page will help you build a support and high damage cleric.

Support/Balanced Built Cleric[edit | edit source]

This cleric has a lot of MP, very high damage and greater healing ranges.

Most people prefer having "balanced" clerics in their squad as opposed to any other type of build. The "balanced" build is made up mostly of MAG and STR mainly for it's healing and buffing capabilities as well as it's Arcane Armor capacity.

  • Positives of this build:
    • Tremendous amounts of MP.
    • Upper column of damage and in heals.
    • Very easy to get into squad for BH, TT, FB and so on.
  • Negatives:
    • Expensive build.
    • Not very much HP to live by unless you raise your vit (highly unrecommended).
    • Does not deal as much damage as most clerics would hope to.

Stats[edit | edit source]

  • VIT
    • Use 1 point per level on Vit. from level 1-6 since these are the easy levels to gain and will give you some Vit. Once you have hit level 6 you will no longer need to distribute any of your points into VIT.
  • STR
    • Use 1 of your total points received per level from level 1 to 6, since your VIT and your STR will be sharing points till level 6. After level 6 spend 2 points per level on STR from level 7-20. From level 21 on only put in enough STR for your weapons and gear.
  • MAG
    • Use 3 points per level on your Magic from level 1 to 20. As soon as you have hit 21 you should start focusing all of your points onto your MAG to improve your Mana, Magic damage, and so on.
  • DEX
    • None

Skills[edit | edit source]

IH (Ironheart Blessing), all buffs, Metal Mastery, Revive highly preferred too, from attacks Plume Shot and Great Cyclone has to be maxed as soon as possible to your level. (Personally, I was using just Plume Shot and Great Cyclone only for single mobs till level 80 and Tempest with Razor Feathers for AoE.)

RB (Heaven's Wrath) and BB (Regeneration Aura) are skills you must have. BB will cut all damage squad is getting by 50% and heal all squad members in effect range. RB will raise squad members attack rating, channeling speed and dealing damage, very good when you have 4+ DDs in squad to kill boss faster. Both skills range is 15 meters.

Tempest prefer to level max too. And on tempest level 1 max as you can Razor Feathers also (should be till level 8), and at this point you can start learning and using solo AoE grinding. Best coins and exp making as far as I know, basically same or better than AoE grinding with BM, and far more better than zhen.

Purify is a skill you must have at least level 1, and preferred to raise level at least to level 5 as fast as u can from extra spirit points. Essential for some bosses, also very usable in solo AoE against wood mobs which uses position, these mobs will be best your friends, at least they are for most of clerics.

Chromatic Healing Beam (AoE heal) also usable quite often in squads, but if don't have extra coins/Spirit points can leave it at level 1.

Wellspring Surge is the fastest instant heal spell. Will save you and other low-HP players.

Stream of Rejuvenation, used to heal large chunks of barb's HP.

Plume Shell, a nice physical defense skill.

All other skills are up to you and your free spirit points. Some other info can be found here: Full Support Cleric Guide and Cleric Skills.

Gear Adds/Bonuses[edit | edit source]

HP / Vitality - since you wont have too much HP then it's good to get some more.

Phys. Res. - always good to have more.

Magic Attack / Magic - increases healing and damage power.

Channeling -x% - since most cleric skills have short channeling time you will need to stack many gear parts with this stat to get satisfactory results.
For example:
-15% channel will shorten total cast time of Chromatic Healing Beam from 4.5s to 3.975s (half of second difference)
-20% Stream of Rejuvenation from 3.5s to 3s
-30% Tempest 5.5s -> 4.3s (1.2s difference)
-40% Ironheart Blessing 2s -> 1.6s

Critical Hit Rate - for PvP purposes, but again you will need to get many gear parts since clerics don't have any crit-increase skills or Dex build (except the LA build).

MP+ - for saving MP charm (don't bother above level 75).

Don't try to get items with all of them. Focus on 3-4 and build them up.

Shards and Refine[edit | edit source]

Shards citrines if you have low HP. Then with with gems increasing defense level. A few garnets in cases where HP is very high compared to PDef.

In weapons sapphires only (+magic attack) and refine.

Note: elemental shards affect only melee-type attacks, so sharding with +metal gems is pointless!

Few More Hints[edit | edit source]

On genies for support clerics Chi Siphon is a useful skill. At level 10 this skill will give you 2+ sparks, and if you need to cast BB suddenly, or other situation when you need more chi fast but don't have enough sparks, it is very, very handy.

Use Advanced Spark Eruption when you can and know you won't need 2 sparks fast. Helps attacking and healing also recovers 10% your max MP so you do what you do better and can do it longer without using MP pots or ticking charm.

Also, since clerics are very slow, and the tanks are often much faster runners, it is important to have the Holy Path genie skill. This will let you quickly get to those who need your help.