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The 52 territories.

Perfect World International is broken up into 51 different territories that can be captured by factions. The 51 territories are broken up into three levels. There are two level 1 territories, six level 2 territories, and the rest are level 3.

Attacking a territory can be done though Territory Wars, an event open every week for factions to bid on territories and attempt to seize them. An attack on an empty territory results in a Territory War of 3 hours to kill 300 monsters, including bosses, while an attack on an already occupied territory results in a 3 hour war against the faction that owns it.

PvP Guide for Territory Wars

Territory War Scheduling

What do the Levels Mean?[edit | edit source]

The level represents the significance of the territory, the amount of gold required to declare war, the order in which your guild must conquer them, the number of catapults and towers available, and most importantly, the amount of coin gained for controlling it per week per territory.

Declaring War[edit | edit source]

In order to declare war on a territory, there are certain requirements that must be met by your guild.

Rules for Declaring War:

  1. Your guild can only attack one territory per week.
  2. If your guild currently does not own any territories, then you can only declare war on Tier 3 territories.
  3. If your guild already owns territories, then you can only declare war on territories that are adjacent to your existing territories.
  4. In order to declare war on a Tier 2 territory, you must already own at least two Tier 3 territories and at least one of your territories must be directly adjacent to it.
  5. In order to declare war on a Tier 1 territory, you must already own at least three territories and at least one of your territories must be directly adjacent to it.

Territories which are colored gray indicate that your guild does not meet the war declaration requirements for that given territory.

Bidding[edit | edit source]

Upon deciding which territory your guild has set it's eyes on, you must then bid for the right to fight for said territory. Speak with your local Battle Coordinator between Wednesday 7:00pm and Thursday 7:00pm (server time) to place a bid. You only get to bid once and you cannot see what other guilds have bid, so if you are unsure then it would be safest to bid high.

You will not receive a refund of your bid, no matter the circumstances. If you bid and your bid was not the highest and you do not gain the attack, there is no refund. If your bid is highest and you win the TW, there is no refund, if your bid is the highest and you lose, there is still no refund. This "might" change in the future.

Regardless of whether or not a territory is already owned, a minimum bid must be placed. This minimum bid is different for each tier:

  • Tier 3 Territory: 100,000 coins
  • Tier 2 Territory: 500,000 coins
  • Tier 1 Territory: 1,000,000 coins

Whichever guild has risked the most coins and bid the highest, will participate in the Territory War. Maximum bid is 200,000,000 coins. If a faction set a bid to this amount, other faction can't place a higher bid.

Official Territory War Bidding Rules[edit | edit source]

(from the "Official Territory War Bidding Rules" thread)

Here is a clarification of the Territory Wars rules in respect to what will get you banned. Just because the rewards and bidding announcements have changed, does not mean the fight has changed. Nor does this give you free reign on "fake bidding". Please be advised of these rules when participating in combat. Have fun and be safe!


Any willing and capable faction can bid on any opposing territory provided they have no affiliations with the current owners. The bids can only be made if the faction has a real intention of attacking and trying to win the territory. All bids must have a legitimate chance to win. This includes factions that are but is not limited to the following:

Training Wars

Practice or Training Wars are not allowed by the branch faction if the Territory is owned by an affiliated faction.

Small factions

Factions with too few members should not bid.

Factions with a low level average should not bid.


Alliances are allowed in Territory Wars provided they are not bidding on each other others Territories.

Alliances cannot fund directly or indirectly another faction to protect one of its own territories or that of their alliance members.

All factions must have independent leadership

Any collaboration before, during, or after a Territory War that tries to circumvent the fair play of the system is prohibited.

No faction may lose on purpose or decide the victor through non in game mechanics.

Factions that cannot abide by these rules or that of fair play should not bid as anything that constitutes fake bidding will have severe repercussions. Any user caught withholding information about possible Territory War violations will be punished along with the perpetrators. All bids will be thoroughly screened and researched by the GMs. Any behavior determined to be suspicious will require additional research were temporary bans maybe issued. Upon confirmation of the crime the faction leaders as well as the members involved will be banned at the discretion of the GM.


For further clarification, we are by no means discouraging factions from participating in TW. The fact of the matter is, there will be factions that try to cheat the system. Honestly, most of the players who are being so nit picky about the rules, are the ones who intend to abuse them. If you think your faction has a legitimate chance to win the TW, then by all means go for it.

We judge all TW wars on a case by case basis. Not just a concrete "If faction X has Y players, and they are attacking faction Z." Obviously a faction with less than 20 or so members with a low level average of say 30 is not going to win versus a big guild. But now what if that faction only has 20 members strong, but they're all level 60+ and are attacking a faction that has to defend a lot of territories. Maybe they think they can sneak in a win in against a weakly defended territory? We look at the data on our end and make the judgment call. This is where it becomes difficult for us to give hard numbers. The intention to win the war must always be there. It all comes to not having a built in system within the game to stop and discourage TW wars but rather monitored on the human side. As far as I know, we are the only version that polices these types of fake bids and we pride ourselves for not turning a blind eye to it.

Other related clarification (originally stated on 10-05-2010)

A: I guess I'll take this one. I feel that this was taken a bit out of proportion. This was not an attack on players asking for clarification on the rules. This was an attack on anyone or any faction that had the intention on getting the specifics of "how many members does a faction need" or "what is the average level of a faction" to use as their defense when their faction or faction leader gets banned for fake bids. (You know who you are).

For example, it's a lot like if there was a company picnic in the park, but you were told specifically that there is to be no alcohol on the premises. If I went up to the organizer of the event and asked "What exactly are boundaries of the picnic premise? Is being across the street considered being on the park premises?" What do you think I would be trying to get away with?

For this reason, we are unable to give these specifics and exactly why we look at TW bans and complaints on a case by case basis. There is no way we can set down a specific set of rules regarding this part of the TW bidding process.

I apologize to everyone if you felt that this was a direct attack on all players in general. But it simply was not meant to be that way. Hopefully this clears everything up.

The Battle[edit | edit source]

Territory wars are exciting and competitive, regardless of whether you're battling another guild for ownership of a territory, or even battling NPCs for a neutral territory. The following rules apply to all Territory Wars:

  1. Chi is set to zero once a user enters the battleground.
  2. The embrace function is disabled while in the battleground.
  3. You can jump, use riding mounts, and fly.
  4. There is no experience penalty from being killed by monsters in a Neutral Territory War.
  5. Anyone who quits or leaves their guild will be instantly ejected from the battleground.
  6. In order to participate in your guild's Territory War, you must be a member of your guild for at least 100 hours prior to the war.
  7. Factions are assigned either red or blue in a PvP Territory War.
  • Neutral Territory: If you are fighting for a neutral territory (a territory that is not yet owned by a guild) then the war itself is really quite simple. Kill all the monsters in the zone before the timer runs out.
  • Foreign Territory: If your guild is attacking a territory that is already owned by another guild, then a true battle takes place.

Two guilds are situated on map on opposite corners. The attacking guild wear the red color and the defending guild blue. Each guild has a crystal inside their base that can be destroyed. There are three routes between both bases.

Both the attacking and defending guilds can control catapults and build different types of towers for defense.

Depending on the Territory level, an increasing number of catapults are given to the attacking faction.

  • Level 1 Territory : Attacking Faction has 8 catapults to the defenders 4 catapults.
  • Level 2 Territory : Attacking Faction has 6 catapults to the defenders 4 catapults.
  • Level 3 Territory : Both attacking and defending factions have 4 catapults, giving no side an advantage.

The Territory War is over once the crystal inside one guild's base has been destroyed, or time has run out.

  • Level 3 Territory: 15,000,000 Coins
  • Level 2 Territory: 20,000,000 Coins
  • Level 1 Territory: 30,000,000 Coins

Owning a territory allows you to teleport to the city directly using the town portal skill for every guild member of the guild once per hour. The territory officers also offer services to guild members such as free healing and item identification. Some advanced apothecary recipes can only be made through an officer.

Attacking an Unoccupied Territory[edit | edit source]

Territory War Battle Map.png

When attacking an unoccupied territory you will take part in a PvE (Player vs. Environment) territory war. In this war the attacking faction will have 3 hours to defeat 300 monsters placed on the map, this will include bosses. The number of bosses varies depending on the type of territory. Click on the level of the territory to see in-depth guides of how to conqueror each type of territory.

  • Level 3 Territory: There are 43 level 3 territories in Perfect World. A level 3 territory consists of 299 elite monsters and 1 boss.
  • Level 2 Territory: There are 6 level 2 territories in Perfect World: Lost City, Etherblade, City of the Plume, City of Raging Tides, Tellus City, and Dreamweaver Port. A level 2 territory consists of 291 elite monsters and 9 bosses.
  • Level 1 Territory: There are 2 level 1 territories in Perfect World: Archosaur and Thousand Streams. A level 1 territory consists of 290 elite monsters and 10 bosses.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The reward for Territory Wars (aside from bragging rights) is a number of coins mailed to the faction leader (in the form of 10 Million Big Notes) every week on Friday.

For each territory owned, the faction leader receives:

  • Tier 3 Territory: 10 Million Big Note (1)
  • Tier 2 Territory: 10 Million Big Note (2)
  • Tier 1 Territory: 10 Million Big Note (3)

Also, the faction leader of one randomly selected territory per week will also receive a Medal of Glory, which can be used to create Rank IX gear.

Owning a territory also allows you to teleport to the city directly using the town portal skill for every guild member of the guild once per hour.

If you own a territory you can receive a free heal from your governor, and some governors allow you to manufacture special Apothecary items you cannot create anywhere else.