Theater of Blood

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Theater of Blood
Ashura's Hollow.png
Time:7:00PM - 7:15PM
Requirements:Level 50+
Received From:Herald of Blood
(Next to the Khatru Pup)

The Theater of Blood is a daily PvP event, occurring every day at 7:00PM server time. It is available for players level 50 and above. Players kill mobs in the instance to farm Hearts of Blood which they can trade for various items ranging from flyers to Perfect Chi. Players can also kill other players and force them to drop their bloods and take them for themselves.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Entering[edit | edit source]

The Theater of Blood can be entered between 6:25PM and 7:15PM server time each day, after which players will not be able to enter. Before entering players must have a Blood Token which can be acquired from the Herald of Blood, located in the following areas:

  • Next to the Khatru Pup in City of a Thousand Streams (124, 868)
  • Next to the Khatru Pup in Dreamweaver Port (657, 374)
  • Next to the Khatru Pup in the South-west district of Archosaur (529, 633)
  • Next to the Khatru Pup in the South-east district of Archosaur (577, 634)
  • North-west district of Archosaur (524, 677)
  • North-east district of Archosaur (584, 675)

Players can then use this token to enter the instance by talking to the Khatru Pup and selecting the "Enter Theater of Blood" option. The Khatru Pup is located in all major cities and is usually next to the Herald of Blood. After being teleported into a waiting room, the player will then be teleported into the instance itself.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

While in the Theater of Blood, the player can kill Atrium Cachehorders in order to gather Hearts of Blood. Cachehorders also drop Blood Totems which randomly buff or debuff the player upon picking them up.

Players will initially spawn in rooms with cache hoarders at the start of the event. After five minutes, the cache hoarders will disappear and players will need to kill other players in order to gather bloods. After another five minutes, the cache hoarders will return. This pattern will repeat until 7:25 PM when the event will end.

Ashura's Destroyer[edit | edit source]

At the center of the Theater of Blood map, there is a sword that players may dig named the Ashura's Destroyer. This sword has 99999-99999 physical attack and will essentially kill most opponents in one melee hit. However, there is a 20% chance to reflect damage onto yourself. The wielder's HP will also by reduced by 80% and they will take an extra 100% damage.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

After the event ends, players will be teleported into the waiting room and have the opportunity to talk to an NPC named Manes that is also located in the room. They can exchange their items for prizes at Manes.

Item Cost
Perfect Stone Heart of Blood x1
Dice Ticket Heart of Blood x10
Mysterious Chip Heart of Blood x15
Socket Stone Heart of Blood x20
Trophy Ticket Heart of Blood x180
Espionage Potion Heart of Blood x25

Players can also exchange their Heart of Blood with Manes through quests for various prizes:

Prize Cost
Ring of Blood Heart of Blood x1,500
COF Directorate Secret Letter Heart of Blood x1,000
120 Reputation Heart of Blood x800
Immortal Gift Pack Heart of Blood x500

Ring of Blood[edit | edit source]

Players can exchange the Ring of Blood for a 72 Hour timed flyer for their specific race. Nightshades cannot receive any flyers as the Theater of Blood was available prior to their race being released.

Immortal Gift Pack[edit | edit source]

The Immortal Gift Pack can be opened to receive one of the following rewards:

  • Mysterious Chip 10-Pack (18.7%)
  • Herb Yuanxiao x50 (20%)
  • Crab Meat Jiaozi x50 (20%)
  • Page of Fate (25%)
  • Orb of Doom·LV6 (1%)
  • Orb of Compassion·LV6 (1%)
  • Orb of Absolution·LV6 (1%)
  • Orb of Ether·LV6 (1%)
  • Orb of Doom·LV5 (3%)
  • Orb of Compassion·LV5 (3%)
  • Orb of Absolution·LV5 (3%)
  • Orb of Ether·LV5 (3%)
  • Pot-belly Bloodkin Baby Pet Egg (0.3%)