Tsuchun's Treasure

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Tsuchun's Treasure
Tsuchun's Treasure.png
Location:South Archosaur (Midlands)
Requirements:Level 60+
Received From:Twilight Survivor (547, 629)

Tsuchun's Treasure is a daily treasure hunt event. It is available to players that are level 60 and above. Players can complete up to 10 treasure maps per day.

Description[edit | edit source]

On April 29th, a woman calling herself a Twilight Survivor arrived in Archosaur City. She said that Twilight Minister Tsuchun buried many treasures in Perfect World for recruiting. But Twilight is ruined, and the Treasures are stranded in the mortal world.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

To begin the quests, go to the Twilight Survivor (547, 629), located in South Archosaur between the Tailor and Hsu Hsiaoko.

  1. Take the Tsuchun's Treasure quest. The player will receive a 24 hour timed Ancient Scroll: Tsu's Treasure. This quest can be taken up to 10 times per day for a total of 10 treasure maps.
  2. Use the Ancient Scroll: Tsu's Treasure by right-clicking it in the inventory. The player will then be able to find a treasure map in their quest log by pressing the Q key. Clicking the quest and then clicking on the green "Show Treasure Map" text will show hints as to where the treasure is located.
  3. Search for the treasure using the hints on the map. The treasure can be found around 5 different areas:
    1. North-east of Orchid Temple - around (608, 790)
    2. Hill of the Swarm, near Walled Stronghold - around (540, 841)
    3. North of Etherblade City - around (411, 917)
    4. Southern Outskirts, City of Raging Tides - around (673, 107)
    5. Corrupted Marshes, west of Tellus City - around (203, 253)
  4. Once the player has found the treasure, a treasure chest will spawn on the ground and a window will pop up informing them that they have 10 minutes to dig the chest.
    • The player will receive EXP, Spirit, and a Laborer's Insignia.
  5. Dig the chest to receive an additional reward.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The player can find out how close they are to the treasure spot by checking their minimap, located at the top-right corner of the screen. It will glow different colors depending on how close the player is to the correct spot. The color order from farthest to closest is blue, green, yellow, and red.
  • Other players cannot dig your treasure chest once it has spawned. Previously it was possible but has since been fixed.
  • A treasure chest will only be available for 10 minutes. It will disappear once the player has dug the chest or after 10 minutes has elapsed.
  • Sometimes treasure chests will spawn underground, meaning the player will not be able to reach it. This commonly happens north of Etherblade City.
  • Multiple treasure maps can be activated at once, however they cannot be used if the player already has a quest for a specific area.
  • The treasure maps can be used even the day after the player obtains them as long as they have not expired. This will not affect the maps the player receives the day after.

Images[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

For each individual map:

  • 240,000 EXP (at level 100)
  • 40,000 Spirit (at level 100)
  • 50 Reputation
  • Laborer's Insignia

Digging a treasure chest gives the chance of obtaining one of the following items, which can be exchanged with the Twilight Survivor:

  • Swirling Robes Brocade - 10%
  • Ruined Disguising Scroll - 5%
  • Essential Oil Vial - 20%
  • Teleport Totem Piece - 30%
  • Home Fragrance Powder - 35%

Twilight Survivor Exchange[edit | edit source]

Laborer's Insignias can be exchanged at the Twilight Survivor for several different types of items. Because the event is repeatable, some players may choose to save up their Laborer's Insignias for the next time the event is active. Players can also exchange items received from treasure chests with the Twilight Survivor.

All items are bound.

Item Quantity Cost
Teleport Stone.png Teleport Stone 2 Teleport Totem Piece.png Teleport Totem Piece
Teleport Incense.png Teleport Incense 4 Home Fragrance Powder.png Home Fragrance Powder
Makeover Scroll.png Makeover Scroll 1 Ruined Disguising Scroll.png Ruined Disguising Scroll
Random Pigment.png Random Pigment 1 Essential Oil Vial.png Essential Oil Vial
War Avatar Pack S.png War Avatar Treasure Box 5 Laborer's Insignia.png Laborer's Insignia x40
Barbaric Blood.png [Barbaric Blood] 1 Laborer's Insignia.png Laborer's Insignia x5
Primordial Blood.png [Primordial Blood] 1 Laborer's Insignia.png Laborer's Insignia x2
Hyper EXP Stone.png Hyper EXP Stone 1 Laborer's Insignia.png Laborer's Insignia x4
Sutra Power Orb.png Sutra Power Orb 3 Laborer's Insignia.png Laborer's Insignia x1

The Twilight Survivor also has quests available where the player can exchange their Laborer's Insignias or Swirling Robes Brocade for timed items.

Quest Item Time Limit Cost Notes
Chromatic Dignitary's Attire Monarchial Gown.png Monarchial Gown 24 Hours Swirling Robes Brocade.png Swirling Robes Brocade Only available for female characters
Chromatic Strider's Vestment Strider's Vestment.png Strider's Vestment 24 Hours Swirling Robes Brocade.png Swirling Robes Brocade Only available for male characters
Laborer's Insignia Ex. (15) Teleport Bell.png Teleport Bell 7 Days Laborer's Insignia.png Laborer's Insignia x15
Laborer's Insignia Ex. (15) Auto-Recovery Stone.png Auto-Recovery Stone 7 Days Laborer's Insignia.png Laborer's Insignia x15