Twilight Temple Revisited

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Twilight Temple Revisited
(TT4), (TTR)
Twilight Temple Revisited.png
(North of Town of Arrivals)
Modes:Part 1, Part 2
Requirement(s):Level 100
Reawakening 2
Shifting Sky I
Player Limit:10

Twilight Temple Revisited is a dungeon located near the Town of Arrivals in the Midlands. It is available to level 100+ players who have reawakened twice with a boundary of Shifting Sky I or higher. It is the 4th chapter for Twilight Temple known as Rhapsody of the Revived, but is located in a separate dungeon; the location for Twilight Temple Revisited is opposite of the original Twilight Temple. Players can also teleport to Twilight Temple Revisited through the Illusion Stone in Archosaur for 20,000 Silver Coins. In this dungeon, players can obtain materials for Twilight Warsoul Gear and Twilight Souls.

There are two modes of Twilight Temple Revisited - Twilight Temple Revisited Part 1 and Twilight Temple Revisited Part 2. Both modes are required for Faction Goals for the Faction Base. Squads with 2 or more faction members can also earn Chivalry Points and Loyalty Funds when completing either part of the dungeon.

Story[edit | edit source]

A thousand years ago, the once-powerful Twilight Empire fell in the wake of destruction of an ancient demon released from imprisonment. The tragedy left only one survivor of the royal bloodline: The Moonlight Princess, who has recently returned from exile to oversee the ruins of the Twilight Temple. She now seeks out powerful warriors to aid her in fighting a new evil that threatens the last remnants of an era she once called home.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Part 1[edit | edit source]

The map for Twilight Temple Revisited is separated into 3 parts, though only 2 of these parts are currently accessible. The second part of the map is located east of Illusion Lord Armageddon's room.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

The map for Twilight Temple Revisited Part 2 is separated into 2 parts. The second part of the map is located to the east of the first map.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Concept art for Twilight Temple Revisited.

Players can enter the dungeon without the use of an item, however will need a Moon Ode Order to start the dungeon or teleport into the main part of the dungeon. A Moon Ode Order can be picked up once per day from the Streams Order Envoy inside the dungeon, or through the Faction Base if the Ticket Vendor Faction Talent has been activated. The order will last 24 hours from the time you pick it up.

You can get 5 Sealed Moon Ode Orders for free from the Expedition quest line that starts in Sundown Town. Sealed Moon Ode Orders do not have an expiry and can be used to redeem 24-hour Moon Ode Orders. Tradeable Sealed Moon Ode Orders can also be obtained through the Twilight Wraiths daily event that occurs from 4pm to 10pm server time.

The squad leader can activate the dungeon by talking to the pillar at the entrance and selecting "Activate Rhapsody of Revive I" for part 1 or "Activate Rhapsody of R. II" for part 2. Players can then enter the main part of the dungeon once it has been activated.

Squad Structure[edit | edit source]

The following classes are ideal for Twilight Temple Revisited, though not all are essential: