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A wardrobe, sorted by sets.

The wardrobe is a form of storage designed to hold fashion items. It also allows the player to build their own fashion sets and change the fashion set they are wearing with ease. It can be accessed through the inventory by pressing the B key and clicking on the Fashion tab just above the inventory slots.

The wardrobe can be sorted, similar to the inventory. It can be sorted either by fashion set or by components and shares a 10 second cooldown with other storage types.

Storage[edit | edit source]

A wardrobe can have a total of 200 pieces of fashion stored in them when fully upgraded. Wardrobes are not unlocked by default. Unlocking or upgrading a wardrobe requires a Wardrobe Stone. These can be purchased from the Boutique for 3 gold each or from other players. They can also be obtained by exchanging 40 Perfect·Token of Luck, which is a much cheaper option compared to the Boutique.

Once unlocked, the wardrobe will begin with 16 slots, and each upgrade will add an additional 16 slots with the exception of the final upgrade which adds 24 slots to bring the total item slots to 200. Unlocking the wardrobe will also unlock the Fashion Change feature.

Fashion pieces of both genders can be stored in the wardrobe, though fashion that is not of your gender or with a higher requisite level to wear will appear as red indicating it is not usable. Fashion packs cannot be stored within the wardrobe. Fashion Weapons can be stored in the wardrobe.

Filtering Fashion[edit | edit source]

It is somewhat possible to filter different types of fashion to make them easier to see within the wardrobe. At the top of the wardrobe are several buttons with letters on them, with a number alongside them. These buttons represent each type of fashion piece you own, along with the amount of each type that you own. The buttons are as follows:

  • H= Head
  • T= Top/Dress
  • B= Bottoms
  • G= Gloves
  • S= Shoes
  • W= Weapon
  • A= All

Clicking on each of these buttons will highlight that fashion type in the wardrobe so that they are easier to identify. Clicking the A or All button will unhighlight all fashion in the wardrobe.

Fashion Change Feature[edit | edit source]

The fashion change window, with preset fashion added to it.

When the wardrobe is unlocked, it will also unlock the Fashion Change feature. This can be accessed by clicking the button with a dress and an arrow on it within the wardrobe. This will bring up another window where you can drag fashion pieces into the Fashion Change window to create preset fashion sets. You must have these items in the wardrobe for it to work. Initially you will only be able to make a few different fashion sets, but as you unlock more wardrobe slots you will be able to make more different fashion sets, up to a maximum of 40.

To change into another fashion set you must have enough empty slots in your wardrobe for the fashion you are currently wearing, and then click on the icon to the left of the preset fashion set you have created. These preset fashion sets can also be assigned to your hotkey bars by dragging the icon to the left of the preset fashion set you have created, allowing the player to quickly swap fashion sets without opening their wardrobe. Changing into fashion sets in this manner has a 1 minute cooldown.

In addition, you can also set the Fashion Change feature to cycle through each fashion set you have created over a time interval. The time can be set manually to choose how often you would like your character's fashion set to be changed, though the minimum is 1 minute. Click the Start button and it will begin to automatically change your fashion, beginning from the first preset you have created, until you either click the Stop button or log off.