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Weapon Token is a series of quests available exclusively to the Tideborn race from level 20 to 80. These quests give Tideborns a 50% chance at getting legendary weapons or Mirage Celestones every 10 levels. Each quest can be picked up at General Chugunov in Cloud Temple above City of Raging Tides at (665, 134 ↑41). The quest involves killing a boss from a certain dungeon to retrieve a weapon token stolen from the general. For most Weapon Token quests, the boss or bosses required to complete the quest are chosen at random.

Many of the legendary weapons available at lower levels are generally not stronger than weapons received from regular questing, which are also usually much easier to obtain. In addition, obtaining a mold from a Weapon Token quest is also not guaranteed, making them not as appealing especially during lower levels.

Quests[edit | edit source]

# Assassin Weapon Psychic Weapon Boss
I (Level 20+) Soulreaper Blade Lunarwave Soulsphere Qingzi (Hall of Deception)
II (Level 30+) Screamer Dual Thorns Snowflake Soulsphere Hercule Trioc (Gate of Delirium)
III (Level 40+) Dissector Dagger Bluemoon Souldrill Fushma (Secret Frostcover Grounds)

Myriadtail Wyvern (Secret Frostcover Grounds)

IV (Level 50+) Cloud Thorn Phoenix Soulsphere one random boss from Valley of Disaster
V (Level 60+) Evilstare Dual Daggers Radiant Souldrill Damned Gaurnob (Wraithgate)

Cenequus Polearm (Wraithgate)

VI (Level 70+) Shadow Legend Bloodpain Soulglaive Brigand Transient (Hallucinatory Trench)
VII (Level 80+) Glowfall Wings Skyshaker Soulglaive Phlebo (Eden)

Ethereal Abomination (Brimstone Pit)