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The Wedding Chapel.

Wedding Chapel is the western style Wedding Ceremony.

The Wedding Usher[edit | edit source]

Bride and groom will be required to have their Banquet Reservation in their inventory. At the Eldest Matchmaker, enter the Wedding Waiting Room to speak to the Wedding Usher. Book your wedding and keep in mind that both the Wedding Chapel and the Phoenix Nest share the event planner, so make sure that the date and time is available in both instances. Have the bride and groom both confirm the date and time of your event. The groom will receive 5 free invitations and both the bride and groom will receive "Card of Marriage".

Additional invitations can be purchased from the Wedding Usher at a cost of 100,000 for one and 1,000,000 for ten. Prepare your invitations at the Usher very carefully making sure you have the exact spelling for the name of your guest. Please note you must have your "Card of Marriage" in your inventory in order to buy/prepare invitations.

Entering the instance[edit | edit source]

Enter the Wedding Waiting Room at the Eldest Matchmaker in West Archosaur. Right-click your Card of Marriage (or guest invitation) at your assigned event time.

The Ceremony[edit | edit source]

Wedding Chapel Wedding Fashion.

Once you enter, at the Wedding Planner the bride should take a quest for the Bride's Corsage, the groom should take the Groom's Corsage, and the guests take the Guest's Corsage. Keep in mind that everyone needs one of these in their inventory for the ceremony, they cost 20,000 coins each, and the bride and groom corsages are 67,000 coins each. The bride and groom will also receive a temporary set of wedding fashion.

There are decorations the groom can buy from the Wedding Planner, but they do nothing except make the Chapel look nicer. The costs of the decorations are as follows:

  • Choir: 6.88 mil
  • Corbeils: 6.88 mil
  • Guards: 6.88 mil
  • Lights: 3.88 mil
  • Wine: 18.88 mil
  • Cake: 18.88 mil
  • Roses: 1.88 mil
  • Petals: 6.88 mil
  • Arch: 6.88 mil

Oaths[edit | edit source]

At this point there should be a quest for the groom to take, it's called Service: Bless and Toss. After the groom has taken that quest everyone should receive a public quest on the right side of their screen. This is waiting time - 3 minutes until the oaths. After the 3 minutes are up, you should see some red text with the oaths, there will be two separate blocks of it.

Fighting[edit | edit source]

The Jealous Ex will be summoned automatically sometime after the Oaths. He will show up behind smaller mobs called Wedding Crashers. The Jealous Ex has 30 mil HP, which shouldn't take long to knock out if you have enough people. The groom and bride should not attack any of the monsters or the boss otherwise the quest might fail. This boss can be summoned multiple times for more contribution, but it costs 5.88 mil per summon. If no one wants to do this then the groom should continue the quest at the Wedding Planner.

Exchanging Rings[edit | edit source]

Two items will spawn at the front. The groom should dig the one labeled the bride's ring box and the bride should dig the one labeled the groom's ring box. After both have a ring in their inventory, they need to do a trade and trade them to each other.

Throwing the Bouquet[edit | edit source]

This is where the bride takes the bouquet quest from Father Derrial. Diggable bouquets will show up behind the seats. Everyone should try to get as many of these as possible since they give contribution. Each Real Bouquet is worth 500 points, the Bouquet Petals are worth 50, and the Bouquet Ribbons are worth 30. This can be continued as long as you'd like.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Everyone who participated and earned at least 100 contribution will receive a reward box at the end. The prizes are: Mirage Celestones, Socket Stones, Untradeable Random Pigments, and Untradeable Hyper Stones. Also to check your contribution, you can click the scroll icon next to your public quest on your screen.

The prizes for the groom and bride vary depending on the amount of total contribution. They are at 30,000, 60,000, and 100,000, and there will be some red text alerting you if the numbers are reached.

The prize for 30,000 contribution is a daily blessing ring that gives +2 attack and defense level, and the 60,000 prize is something similar. The prize for 100,000 contribution is a permanent set of wedding fashion for both partners.

Wedding Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Make sure no one leaves the wedding instance before the quest is over (or DC), because that can also result in failure.
  • Try to get everyone digging the bouquets throughout the entire ceremony to get the maximum contribution possible.
  • If you want go all out for your wedding with all decors and frills, bring about 20 mil.
  • If you want the 100k contribution for the fashion set, you'll also need extra coin to summon the ex a few more times. (Only the guests can do this, so be careful with who you trust with your money) You will probably need around 6 or 7 summons for the top prize of 100k contribution.

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