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Wine is used to automatically clear most enemies from a FB (dungeon). Two wines are usually needed per FB, and they are used by talking to the Old Swordsman NPC at the entrance of every dungeon.

Wine can either be bought at Mister Tso, an NPC in West Archosaur (528, 656), or made by taking the appropriate quest from him which requires using a number of specific materials.

Wines are also often sold by players in catshops (on the BH platform is one place) for about half of what it would cost at the NPC (Mister Tso).

Wine Name FB Level Qty Cost Material Requirements
Osmanthus 19 1 157,500 10 Logs, 10 Pig Iron, 10 Sandstone, 10 Coal Dust
Bamboo 29 1 157,500 2 Rough Lumber, 2 High-carbon Steel, 2 Gravel, 2 Coal
Daughter's 39 2 236,300 8 Rough Lumber, 8 High-carbon Steel, 8 Gravel, 8 Coal
Fragrant 51 2 315,000 8 Fine Lumber, 8 Refined Steel, 8 Rubstone, 8 Anthracite
Chiennan Spring 59 2 354,400 10 Fine Lumber, 10 Refined Steel, 10 Rubstone, 10 Anthracite
Ancientwell 69 2 393,800 10 High-grade Lumber, 10 Steel Alloy, 10 Corundum, 10 Charcoal
Afterglow 79 2 472,500 15 High-grade Lumber, 15 Steel Alloy, 15 Corundum, 15 Charcoal
Tukang's 89 2 551,300 15 Lumber Essence, 15 High Alloy Steel, 15 Granite, 15 Extruded Charcoal
Everlasting Sorrow[1] 99 2 630,000 20 Lumber Essence, 20 High Alloy Steel, 20 Granite, 20 Extruded Charcoal

The above wines may also be created at the Eldest Matchmaker (also in West Archosaur; 523, 656) from the "Wine" item. A "Wine" can be obtained by spending ten Perfect Tokens of Luck at any PW Boutique Agent or possibly gained from the Gift Pouches that you get when you get married.

The general opinion is that wines are unneeded for FB59 (Valley of Disaster) and below, but make FB69 (Wraithgate) and higher much easier. This is partially due to the fact that Darkness Stamps (a good way to get reputation) only drop in FBs 19 - 59 and also the higher dungeons take longer to do, with a higher number of mobs (monsters) in them.

1^ Note that since the revamps of Seat of Torment and Abaddon, these dungeons can no longer be wined, and thus the Everlasting Sorrow wine no longer has a use.